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Author Topic: Out of nowhere {SleepyFanO-Alice the mad}  (Read 662 times)

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Offline Alice the madTopic starter

Out of nowhere {SleepyFanO-Alice the mad}
« on: September 26, 2010, 09:48:07 PM »
The year is 2354.  Everyone has a different relationship with this city and her overbearing corpulence.  The ones that live out in the open every day, the painters of the scenery with their fiercely individual styles and customs, make the streets into a moving mosaic art piece put together by a schizophrenic. Over the dense cloud of chatter from the city's inhabitants, you can hear the dull hum of technology, its presence in almost everything living and otherwise. 

The crowd parts going down Roosevelt Avenue, stepping aside as a trio of hulking males makes its way through.  A bit ahead of them is a thin framed girl with shocking white har, moving through the hesitant crowd as a ball through a pachinko machine.  She risks a glance over her shoulder to see three rather large thugs still in hot pursuit, the clinking of the chains hanging from them making their presence seem all the more closer.  Her boots pound the pavement faster, barely widening the gap between her and the whooping masses of muscle and spikes following.  Her crackled emerald eyes thin to slits as a gap in the buildings to her right appears.  Her frame folds down, making her disappear into the crowd around her.  A sudden break to the right and she ducks into the alley, pressing herself against the wall.  She tries to quiet the pounding of her heart in her ears and her eyes dart around, seeking a way out. 

Offline SleepyFanO

Re: Out of nowhere {SleepyFanO-Alice the mad}
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2010, 11:19:13 PM »
It was 8:00.Did he miss his alarm again?Fifth time this week,maybe he was trying to go for a weekly record?With a light groan of disgust the only thing drowning out his own displeasures of waking up was the mass amount of noise he tried to ignore.Oh,but it was busy,and sounded hectic.

"It's not even my problem.."He kept telling himself before sitting up.He had been wearing nothing but his white and blue striped boxers.His built was fair,but not enough to be considered "above average".Within a few steps he made his way to the mirror,before grabbing his Colgate and toothbrush.
With dulled out blue eyes and messy black hair he stared at his reflective other in the mirror,before going back to his daily grind,brushing his teeth.

"Wonder what all the noise was about.."

Offline Alice the madTopic starter

Re: Out of nowhere {SleepyFanO-Alice the mad}
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2010, 12:25:14 AM »
Two thugs barrel past the alley, letting loose with almost barbaric taunts to their prey.  The third thug trails behind a bit...and unfortunately is not so oblivious.  He catches a glimpse of a streak of white in his peripheral vision, causing him to do a double take.  The vision enhancement prosthetic implanted in his eye reveals the last two seconds of footage and a sinister smile creeps across his haggard features. 

Behind the dumpster, she tries to keep her breaths light and quiet, listening for the oncoming footsteps.  Her mind races as she scans the alley for any possible weapons.  Her ears tune out the dull roar of the background city noise and she can hear the deep, rough voice of the mass of muscle and leather heading towards her. 

"She's here...yeah..the her hidin behind the..."

She shoves the dumpster forwards, knocking her pursuer back into the brick wall behind him.  A quick scan of the alley provides her with one route of escape, a single line of fire escapes, some missing, going all the way up the building at the end of the alley.