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Started by RubySlippers, January 04, 2007, 06:23:31 AM

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I was thinking if I can get the players of running a basic core books only D&D game with deities and cleric faith rules from the Players Handbook (yes the first one) and set in a homebrew world. No other books there is nothing wrong with a plain old elf or plain old human and plain old classes. NO PRESTIGE CLASSES, NO PSIONICS, NO STRANGE RACES

Players will roll dice in order rolling 4d6, switch out any set and place a 15 in one stat before rolling but must keep that stat if you do its their choice. Hit points will be rolled. Otherwise if its not in the core books you don't get it for races, classes or gear. And you get to start at Level 1. oooooooooooooo But you get maximum hit points at Level 1. And sorry no evil alignments you may not be heroic heroes but must be doing this for reasons that are not evil like money. Crass but for a rogue a fine motivator.

You will start in the town of Harrows Dale near the Thunderspire Mountain range and producers of fine ore, gemstones and crafted metal items anywhere and so happens sports a Dwarven Hold called Ironforge, a halfling and gnome community nearby and just south the Isle of Whispertree in the great lake home to some elves. In the town half-orcs live with the majority of folk being humans. So no matter what core race your around. Barbarians are not unknown having tribes and clans in the mountains and along the coast of the great lake of Mistywater.

The main faith is Obed-Hai but any non-evil a racial diety can be found in the area. And for mages there is a small guild the ARCANE HAND to teach you your craft using traditional apprenticeships. Sorcerors can be members as well and get tutoring.

Right now the Dale is sending a group of recruits to annual training for the King's Army to the East and able bodied folks have been rounded up to go. Rumors are the Orcs and fell creatures of the Empire of Evil across the mountains on the other side stir. Just rumors....


No do not ask for exception I mean core books I'm using the core books and no bitching.  :P


Do we get to roll stats before we figure out what class we'll play?

Also, by what means do you want us to roll the dice?


Yes you roll the dice first BUT can opt for a 15 in a stat so you can qualify functionally for a basic character class if you want and you may switch two dice around but otherwise are roled in order. The four dice for each usually edges the odds of rolls higher anyway. But if you WANT to be a mage just stick the 15 in Int, if a Rogue the 15 in Dex and the like it pretty well locks in the class. You can roll them all if you want. But the stat with the 15 MUST be declared and known to me first and that stat is fixed otherwise.

You will use the Invisible Castle dice roller when we start just interested in getting a head count now.

Yes I was not all that creative all the evil creatures are in the nearby Empire of Evil ooooooooooooooo, pretty much.


Actually, I was thinking I'd put the 15 in Constitution, and then just pick a class based on the rolls that come up.