A New Idea... Looking for the Male Character :)

Started by CriminalMinds, September 25, 2010, 07:00:54 PM

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So, I have a new idea that I want to try out that might be a little different. Here goes me trying to explain it.

Girl is kidnapped when young by drug lords that her father pissed off and owed money to. No matter what was done the girl wasn't found and in the end she was assumed dead even though a body was never found. Years later, on a drug bust, the girl is found in a room to an abandoned warehouse, everyone having escaped. The person to find her is a young detective around the age of 25. Her mother died not long after her disappearance and her father is in prison for drug related offenses leaving her with nothing and no one. So the detective that finds her decides to take her in and look after her, hoping to help her get over the trauma that she's gone through for the last few years. Though it's difficult when she's scared of everyone and everything.

So that's the general idea I'd like to try. Eventually they fall in love and she learns to trust him etc. I'm open to ideas and other plots though I'm not looking for this to be forced or anything. Maybe the guys that took her are looking to get her/kill her to keep her quiet as she knows a lot. Another reason why she may be with the detective - so he can find more out. Anyway, we can discuss this more when I get interest so PM me :)