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Author Topic: - Facade of Innocence - M x M wanted :3  (Read 329 times)

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- Facade of Innocence - M x M wanted :3
« on: September 24, 2010, 04:29:28 PM »

Vin is here on a special request. She wants to explore a character she has had, that has had many different names and backgrounds...but the personality all the same. I haven't really gotten the chance to play him the way I wanted except for this one RP I had with this person through e-mails... I reckon it was quite fun and I would like to try it again with his personalities and background a little more refined and organized.

This RP I want to do will have bloodplay, gore, and possibly rape--maybe incest. No, I won't be chopping off your character's limbs...but don't be surprised if that is what you find. The bloodplay will consist of my character doing a tad bit of cutting here and there to yours~ Nothing too serious. :3 Unless you want a little more.

This is an RP that won't be all smut, but will definitely have some sexual scenes in it. It is however more plot, as the plot focuses around a detective who's trying to solve a crime, and the mystery of it that surrounds my character.

I am looking for this to be quite descriptive. Literacy is a must. Sixteen pages of writing is definitely not a must, but three paragraphs and more is much appreciated. I'm looking for this to be long-term as I am horrible with making anything last and wish to work on that.


Twisted emotions... Conflicting personalities... Trapped in his own little world of truth or dare, Alexander struggles to keep his sanity while on the trail of his mother's killer.

...Scattered memories, missing clues, and trails of blood leads a detective to the distraught Alexander to investigate his case. Things get troublesome however, when the blood trails draw closer to the suspected murderer of Alexander's mother....and Alexander is often found close to the scenes of the crime passed out with no memory of what has come to past.

Turning his full attention upon Alexander now, the detective prepares to delve deep into the mind of his new suspected killer...hoping to put an end to the mysterious disappearance of the gorgeous Anneliese DeGrant.

.:: Characters ::.
Alexander N. DeGrant
Sister~[Not accepting applicants for her...until I want 1x1 incest.]

.:: Slight Character Description ::.
Name: Alexander Nathaniel DeGrant
Age: 22

Alexander has Dissociative identity disorder. He often switches from one personality to another.

Alex is like an angel. He is simply the pinnacle of innocence and is almost creepy to anyone who stumbles across him how he can be so polite and caring to anything and everyone around him. This mode comes off to people as delusional. It is as if he is stuck in a fairytale world where nothing can go wrong. He is surrounded by constant denial... He enjoys talking to himself as well as random objects. He often goes on and on about the beauty in life and how one should treasure it. His favorite places to rant about such is on very high rooftops.

Xander, one of his alter egos, is the complete opposite. He is a built up darkness rooted deep within Alexander's mind created from the conflicted feelings his mother held for him as her son. He constantly shows pure resentment and apathy for those around him. He's quite the sadist and finds immense pleasure in the pain and suffering of anything.

Nathan, is another of Alexander's alternative personalities. His personality consists of depression, paranoia, and OCD. He's like an abandoned child looking for a replacement for the empty void that is the disappearance of his mother and her feelings toward him. He constantly seeks affection....any kind will do to soothe his craving. He often tries to get this affection by doing whatever he can to please whomever he's seeking it from. He is quite emotional and will do anything to keep someone around to not be alone....isolation is Nathan's biggest fear.

Alexander is the general personality people run into. He is the more stable personality compared to the others---let's say normal. He desplays such characteristics such as: sarcasm, kindness, self-confidence, and he just so happens to have a mild short temper.

Habits: Alexander as a whole, is prone to having random one-sided conversations, sudden outbursts, delusions, blackouts, random memory recovery, and sudden switches in personalities.[/color]

Appearance: He has long wavy light brown hair, large almond-shaped turquoise eyes, and his skin like creme. He is a tall 6'3" with a lithe build.


The Role-play will begin with the detective and Alexander's first meeting with one another. The detective, mind you, has decided to take on Alexander's case. Because of such, the detective will be crashing at Alexander's place, to cut out the time factor.

The murders haven't started yet, and Alexander doesn't start to go through any serious phases until then. So at the beginning the two have a pretty business type relationship. If you need anymore clarification pm'ming shall suffice.


Now since I am only accepting one person for this I will be picky, and baground checks are a must. I don't want this to be ruined by anything, and if your writing style doens't intriuge me, don't be offended, you just aren't what I'm looking for, for this RP in particular. And to show that you have read this all, when you pm me....title it .::F.O.I::.
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