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Author Topic: DD's Dreams  (Read 721 times)

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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

DD's Dreams
« on: September 24, 2010, 02:57:54 PM »
My Dreams

I often tell my friends dreams that I have, and they're always crazy and bizarre but they can also seem like a movie or story almost all the time. I'll say that about 85% of the dreams I have are pretty epic in the most insane and random but carry a plot way possible. So, I decided to record them in this thread. Whenever I wake up after one of these crazy dreams, I'll sit here and try to write it down before I forget. Those who read this thread can find amusement in seeing what actually is created in my mind as I sleep.

I may not update this too frequently because yeah, I never know when I'll have a crazy dream, but it is a frequent thing.
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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: DD's Dreams
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2010, 02:52:28 PM »
Dream #1

I had two separate dreams today in one night, but I couldn't remember them. One had some evil clown in it that didn't exactly look like a clown. It looked more like an orange devil or something, but because I don't remember it, I won't be writing about it. What I will be writing up is the dream I had while taking a three-hour nap.

I was seated in my History of the Modern World class, and my roommate was in that class for some unknown reason since we're in two entirely different majors. The class was very boring, and so I cut on my laptop to play League of Legends, but it turned out to be Runes of Magic instead. Suddenly, the professor fell asleep and my roommmate and I glanced up at the front and then back at each other...we had the exact same idea. We both bailed.

We walked out to the car and got in, drove up to the Subway, and then I remembered leaving my free 6-inch Subway coupon back at the dorm. Like I carry that with me? So, he wound up getting his sandwich since he's selfish like that and just ate it in front of me in the car. We wound up driving up to this strange, fat man's house. In his house were wardrobes full of diamonds. He had a huge diamond collection and also a precious rock collection. There were emeralds, sapphires, and more. I thought that he would be a millionaire by now, but he showed me the pattern of all his diamonds. He said because the pattern looks funky that no jeweler believes that his diamonds are real and that is why he could never get rich.

Any who, we leave his house, heading back to the car, but then the world seemed to warp and it was night time, and I was standing before a mansion with a girl. I don't know who she is, and she's no one I don't think I know personally, but any who we go in. The whole house is dimly lit with candles. I can't remember if they were black or white, but I think black candles. We explored it for a moment until vampires entered the mansion. I hid in the bathroom and locked it as they had managed to get to the mysterious girl that I thought had stayed next to me. I was crouched low by the sink, and I noticed that in this bathroom there were several mirrors, and the vampires were in the mirrors, trying to look for me. So, I carefully slid my hand behind each mirror and took them down and turned them flat against the wall. Once all the mirrors were covered up, I found a vent above me, and thought about using it to explore the castle and find that girl so that maybe her and I could escape it together.

In the end, I woke up, after supposedly trying to write a paper on War. I guess that just shows how eventful my assignment was.
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