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Started by Azumi, September 18, 2010, 11:10:18 PM

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I usually like to play naive, innocent, some of them overconfident or characters who are comfortable with their regular lives, but has it twisted by surprisingly events.

Note: I am considering playing others characters, like a bitchy boss, or a gender transformation (male transformed into a woman), but the plot has to tingle me.

Yes, I want powerful partners, twisted minds, sexually creative characters (situations, clothes, scenarios, toys, tasks) Sex in the play is good, but I tend to interest more on the situations first. And those tactics to break me down and turn me into what you want.

All stories aren't set in stone, so I am willing to discuss and change it so we all can enjoy the story.

Anyway, here are some ideas, feel free to discuss them with me.  ;)

Would you be my house bunny?TAKEN

Working for one of the best executives in the world, a young PA is his right arm. Always by his side, she never let him miss any appointments, sign any suspicious contracts and most of it, she always makes his schedule flows smoothly. He is labelled as a John Stark among his colleagues and she couldn't deny he lived like the Iron Man. Of course, he wasn't some kind of hero, but his social life was exactly like his. Exhibitionist, flashy, powerful, resourceless, smart, funny, he had the world spinning around him. Parties almost every night, expensive cars, countless women around him, all of them paid. He is somewhat extravagant but classy at same time. How he didn't miss any business deal? How he can make so much money? Of course, only he knew the answer. He had a brilliant mind, though, but if she wasn't there, he wouldn't be so successful as he was now. But people started to ask what if she wasn't there. People started to have doubts about his capacity to do anything by himself. Could he be successful alone?

He was beginning to become tired of those questions. Also, all those prostitutes weren't satisfying him anymore. Those parties were getting bored as they were all the same. That was the price to be able to have everything. He needed some new challenge. That's when he checked his personal assistant. He remembered when he hired her. Yes, her curriculum was awesome, but he hired her because of her cute face. Her sweetness contrasting with her efficiency. Despite she wasn't a model, he remember when he changed her attires. Skirt instead of pants. High heels instead of 2 inches heels. She was clumsy at first, but she quickly got used to it. What is he pushes a little more? It was settled. His next challenge was to turn her PA into a bimbo.


I am not looking to be a dumb bimbo. I was thinking more about the bimbo lifestyle. Skimpy clothes, slutty attitude, sex over business. I wanna someone to change her into his plaything, his arm candy. To show the others that she is just like one of his women, not the brains behind him. But of course, he depends on her, so once he changes her mind, changes her convictions, he begins the real fun with her.

How much does your boyfriend's life cost?TAKEN

A young girl was in love. Many relationships she had and this time she knew he was the man. Handsome, kind, he always had been so patient with her. He caught her heart and she was feeling she was in love with him forever. But one day, he didn't return home. She dialed his number but nothing. She went to the police that night and they couldn't give a search because he hadn't been missing for 24 hours. But she knew something had happened to him.

Back to their apartment, it didn't took long and her phone rang. It was from his cell phone. To her surprise, a modified low voice told her he got her boyfriend and he had to pay him for something he did. However, he wasn't cooperating, and he hadn't the money. He asked if she had and after he told the amount, she began to cry because she didn't had it too. Before he could tell or do something, she said she would do anything to pay for his ransom. And finally came the answer: She had to do what he will tell her in order to pay her boyfriend's debt or he was gonna kill him.

She didn't think twice and she asked what he wanted. She was been told to go to a sex shop and buy a list of items. Later then, a message came telling her to go into some hotel room. Once she got in there, there was a camera in front of a bed. She was been ordered to perform a strip and pleasure herself with some of the items he made her bought.

She did it well and when she was still in the bed, another message came. She thought it was the end, but there were more orders to be followed and more things to do...


A silly story about a series of tasks being throw specially for her, in order to slowly push her down into the world of debauchery. Many possibilities here such as go to a hooker alley, a strip club, inside some John Doe's car, everything taped or recorded. Be told to wear outfits, wigs, heels, accessories. A toy to be played with, slowly taking her to a point of no return.

Rich girl gone wrongTAKEN

Michelle was a girl who had tried many things in sex. Some of them she didn't enjoyed, some of them she loved. However, regular sex wasn't satisfying her anymore and lately the urge for something more wild was taking over her mind. Those guys from her college wasn't enough and this particular dream was annoying her. The dream was about turning into a prostitute for one night. Being paid for sex.

The problem is, Michelle didn't need money. Thanks to her father, a CEO from an well-known company, she had the best education and consequently, everything a girl at her age wanted. A nice car, a fancy apartment, a college she just attended to fill her day, any clothes and accessories she needed or didn't need. Besides that, she had her reputation, being a prostitute could make her get caught by someone from the college or some friend or associate of her father. Being caught by the police too, it could devastate her father and it was the last thing she wanted.

But as her urges were stronger, she planned for weeks what she would do. Then the day came and she drove her fast car to a neighbourhood in the opposite side of the metropolis. A place she knew none of her social class would have the courage to step in. An area ruled by pimps and drug dealers that even cops wouldn't mess up with. Parking her car into a garage she rented a month ago, she locked it safely as she went to the street dressed as a prostitute. None could recognize her as she was wearing a wig and clothes she bought from a cheap store. Going to a corner she chose carefully, it didn't take long as a car parked next to her asking for a service. The first one always is the most difficult and she didn't know how much to charge. After stating a price of 20 for a blowjob, she entered into his car and as they parked into an alley, she made it quickly and fast. It didn't take more than 20 minutes and she was back to her corner with the money into her purse. But as the feeling of being paid for it was priceless, she didn't care when another car came and asked her for another service. Michelle received 50 bucks for humping the fat guy into his car and she was ecstatic as it felt so good.

However, she didn't count with other hookers noticing the new girl. Soon one of them called her pimp and told him there was a new chick stealing her clients. The man watched the stranger for a few moments and realized he needed to show her every street from that area had an owner. And she had to pay for that or he would take anything she could give to him.


It's basically a pimp who teaches the girl a lesson she won't forget. It can go from a simple lesson and then she will never go back, or it can go to turn her into one of his whores.

Money can't buy it allTAKEN

A young woman parks her sporty car in front of an old house. She didn't bother since all houses in that poor neighbourhood looked like that. She was hating to go into that place. Despite she loved the hip hop songs, she just heard them when she goes to the clubs. Not in the street in the daylight, with dirty streets, broken cars, walls with posters and words she didn't know written with graffiti. Things she only knew by MTV. However, she wasn't there to dance or have fun. She was there to help her boyfriend. She didn't know he was a delivering drugs in those parties they've always hang out. During one of those deliveries, he lost all his drugs and had to pay the drugdealer. Without money, he asked her for help telling everything he was doing. She thought about letting him deal with them all by himself, but after he told her they could kill him, she decided to help him. The amount was another reason to let him suffer, but showing she was really over him, she decided to pay it.

The drugdealer was a powerful man in that region. Even cops didn't walk around that neighbourhood. The few cops allowed were just those ones who were under his payroll. He could live in some mansion in Malibu, Miami or a penthouse in downtown. But "there was no place like home," he always says. Besides, he really liked to take care of his business personally. He had to deal sometimes with some stupid junkies trying to steal his drug. He knew it was part of the job. What he didn't like was feeling to be fooled around.

And he was angry of that stupid playboy. The money wasn't the problem. The problem was if anyone could think they could disappear with his products. He had to give an example. To teach a lesson for everyone to take his business seriously. And he was more pissed off when he sent his girlfriend to pay his bills. He thought killing her and then killing that jock after. However, watching her beauty and her qualities, he decided to make something different. He decided to turn her into his private whore. But her witty attitude and snotty pose were a problem. Nothing that he couldn't deal with.


Yeah, call me a cliche girl. Here a drugdealer will listen to her about the payment, but he wants more. He wants her. Keeping her into the house, he will break her, the options are many: drugs, threat, ropes, toys, gangbang. Anything of these will work. Once he got her under his wing, he could use her to make more profitable deals with some rich clients. It would be non-con at first, but after he breaks her, she would do anything for him. For drugs maybe, for her own life. Maybe she just ends enjoying, he brings out her slutty side. Oh, and her loser boyfriend... He could be forced to watch her.

Roommate Secrets [BON, Humilliation, Toys]
Jessica is looking for proves of her boyfriend cheating on her. In fact, she just knew it by some girl who study with her but Jessica is so angry that she didn't realize the girl was lying. She took her boyfriend's keys and entered his apartment. After a huge search on his bedroom she is frustrated because she found nothing. So she decides to take a look on his roommate's bedroom. It didn't take long and she found a woman's knickers. It was stained with something and she realized it was cum. Below of the knickers were a pile of DVDs. She picked them and realized they were about BDSM stories. A girl in a cage, a woman in a leash, other blindfolded, gagged and with toys in her holes. Guided by her curiosity, Jessica play them on the DVD player and finds strangely aroused by watching it. What she didn't know is the roommate coming home earlier and catching her watching his DVDs. What happens there is her punishment for being too curious.

Searching: The roommate. He catches her and takes the opportunity to realize his fantasies. He can blackmail her, tape her, anything to drag her into his world of debauchery. She will perform what he wants just to not let him tell her boyfriend or show her mistake to the college.

Degrading a housewife [NC, BON, Humilliation, Rape]
Midori is a 20 years old newlywed housewife. Still young, she fell in love with a promising showbiz manager and had a quick marriage. She had the life she wanted. No need to work, she just has to take care of her looks. One day, her husband invited one of his potential clients (a hip-hop singer, a football player, a film director) to dinner at his house but as soon as the artist met his wife, he wants to have fun with this girl. His reputation isn't so good, but his polemic life is what brings money. She doesn't want to ruin her husband's business, but how far can she go into his humiliation?
Searching: The husband's client. Can be black, white, Asian, I don't mind races. The only request is to have him pushing her to the edge of her humiliation (Just remembering to respect my limits). Seducing/raping her, he can use this as a blackmail later and then breaks the young wife, ordering her to perform tasks, pleasure his fellows, sending her deeply into submission and humiliation.

Exchange student [NC]
Sayuri is a 19 years old Japanese girl who was sent by her father to learn about other countries. She spent a year in Portugal and now she was transferred to US. Her roommate was a friendly but mean called Monique. She wasn't a Domme, but she was bored with her sex life with her boyfriend and at same time too afraid to try new things. So she saw in Sayuri her chance to give a try without risks to herself. Monique sends her to a blind date and she give tips/orders to how to act with him. After a successful date, Monique decides to put Sayuri deeper and deeper into her curiosities and fantasies. And Sayuri follows her since she doesn't want to go back to her country and disappoint her father.
Searching: Monique (It could be another person, it isn't necessary to be woman).

Lost bet [NC]
Every week, Michelle's friends gather to have some fun. SuperBowl Game, happy hour, birthday, every single week had an subject to reunite. And lately poker night was what motivate them to spend a night of fun. But one night, things got pretty serious and Michelle lost a pretty amount of money. Desperate because she was still paying her studies, her friends decide to have some fun and make an uncommon bet. If she wins, she get all her money back. If she loses, she would be their slave for a week for each one of the members. Or course, she loses it and has to pay. Being used by her friends, she has to accept to do their desires even when she doesn't want to (Respecting site rules and my limits).
Searching: Her friends. I don't have a specific number or gender. So they could be 2, 3 even 4 friends. If one single partner could perform the others, it will be fine for me.

Batgirl vs Joker [NC, BON]
Batman, in his last attempt to bring down Joker, went into a deadly trap. Batman almost died, ending in a coma, being treated by Alfred. However, the same trap killed Harley Quinn. Going insane and blaming the Dark Knight for the death of his loyal girlfriend, the Joker decides to take Batgirl and turns her a new Harley Quinn. But how he's gonna bring her? How he will break her? What evil plans he has into his creepy mind?
Searching: The Joker. This one doesn't require to be exactly the same to DC Comics. Of course, a Heath Ledger's Joker would be awesome. (Yes, I know, who doesn't love him? Damn you Nolan ;) )

Harley Quinn vs Batman [NC, BON]
In their last battle, Batman killed Joker. His loyal and devoted partner, Harley Quinn decides to take the revenge against the Dark Knight. Although she was insane with her lost, Harley planned his capture and death. But Batman was ready for her, and after escaping from her trap, the hero arrests her and decides to rehab her using his own and unique techniques to make her fight at side his of law. Can she resist to his training? Which methods does he use on her? Can she get cured of her Joker's addiction?
Searching: Batman, always using his intelligence to get the villains but found on her, the perfect person to reveal his dark secrets.
Note: It doesn't have to be exactly as DC Comics story. Of course I would love a Christian Bale's Batman (Who doesn't?), but it could be a darker one.


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