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Author Topic: Salamander's ideas: Sub Fs wanted  (Read 816 times)

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Salamander's ideas: Sub Fs wanted
« on: September 18, 2010, 05:04:28 pm »
Hi everyone and many thanks for taking the time to read this.

I'm extremely new to Elliquiy (was approved earlier this week), and I'm looking to get involved in my first on-line adult role-play. I haven't sorted out a profile for myself yet, but if you want to know more about me then my introduction thread is here:

I've come up with a couple of ideas for role plays. Both of them are non-consensual and have BDSM elements. If this isn't your thing, then you might as well stop reading now. The first idea isn't extreme and also has a strong romance element. The second idea is extreme, and doesn't include any romance at all.

Both ideas now taken.


Setting: This one involves magic in a semi-historical earth setting. The date is up for negotiation- I'd be happy with anything from Victorian to near-future. Geographical setting is a large city- e.g. New York or London.

Background: Since the rise of Science, the practice of true Magic has been in steady decline. Most of the great mages have left the Earth for other realms. A few remain- old, secretive and very powerful individuals.

One of these is Michael Quinlay (my character). Michael was born in fifteenth century England, but through the power of his magic has become immortal. He appears to be in his late 30s, tall (6' 2" or so), with black hair and a small goatee. He is definitely handsome; he is always very well-dressed; his eyes smoulder with supernatural force. Michael lives in an opulent townhouse, furnished with incredibly valuable antiques. On the walls are paintings by old masters- some of them priceless. He is attended to by a group of mind-controlled servants, who carry out their duties and speak very little. Although he is in frequent contact with various supernatural entities and occasional contact with his sorcerous colleagues, he has nothing like a social life. Or, for that matter a sex life- Michael last got laid when Massachusetts was still an English colony.

His main interests are occult, although Michael does have a number of 'puppets' (as he calls them) in positions of influence in his home city- they're there purely and simply to prevent him being bothered by the mundane authorities. He also attends the opera and ballet infrequently, and on occasion goes to art exhibits. Nothing recent though- Michael is a man of deeply conservative tastes, and for him anything post-1800 is excessively modern. His life is governed by a rigid self-imposed routine. He is unsettled by change.

For Michael, the world is like a game of chess and people (and other entities) are like chess-pieces. He is an extreme control freak, and because he is also an immensely powerful sorcerer he is generally able to impose his will on whoever and whatever he wishes. He is cold, icy cold, he places no value on human relationships or human emotions- and he's been like this for a very long time indeed. Having feelings, especially passionate feelings for another person, is something that he will find difficult to come to terms with.

Plot: But then something happens...he rescues a damsel in distress (your character, who'll I'll call X). He doesn't know why he does this- normally he wouldn't even consider getting involved in mortal affairs like that. Curious as to his own motivation, he decides to take her back to his home, and perhaps keep her as a servant. He uses magic to control her- she has no choice but to obey.

Days pass. X makes an excellent servant, but she's a lot more talkative than his other mind-controlled slaves. Then things start getting complicated. Michael is spending more and more time with X and he doesn't know why. For him, its inconceivable that he could fall in love, but thats exactly whats occurring, and he has no insight into it whatsoever. As it happens, one of the laws of magic is that you can't use domination spells on someone if you're in love with them- the sorcery is simply ineffective. So as Michael falls increasingly in love with X, so X becomes increasingly free of Michael's magical control. He notices this of course, and is surprised and concerned. He rejects out of hand the idea that his spells aren't working because he loves her. There must be another reason, and he must find out what it is. And in the meantime he must control her by other, mundane means. Like tying her up and whipping her, for example....

The over-arching plot is a kind of twisted romance. Michael protects X but also tries to control her, to break her spirit. In doing so he finally accepts that he loves her and wants her, and over time she also comes to love him. Through X, and his physical/ sexual abuse of her, Michael (re)discovers his sexuality, passion and the value of emotions. She becomes his willing sex slave; he becomes a feeling person.

X- The Damsel in Distress: X should be strong-willed, feisty and resourceful, other than that X's background and character would be entirely up to you. The question of why she's in distress would be something that we could negotiate, but it would be largely your call. I'm inclined to think that whatever-it-is that Michael rescued her from should be pretty serious- maybe the government or a major criminal organization wants her dead. The advantage of this is that it makes Michael her main shot at staying alive- he'll have no problem protecting her from whatever, but if she runs away or he lets her go, then she'll find that she needs to go back (or perhaps she'll get rescued again). Michael may beat her and rape her, but he isn't going to kill her.

One interesting possibility is that X herself has 'the talent'- she's one of those ultra-rare individuals who can potentially learn to use true magic. This could be the reason for Michael's initial interest in her. In time, Michael could teach her to become a sorceress, which could lead to a much more equal relationship.

Elements: Romance and non-consensual -> consensual would be major themes. Another major theme is BDSM, possibly (though not necessarily) shading into light torture. There will also possibly be mental torture involved- for example, Michael might summon an eldritch horror from the outer abyss and order it to rape X, and then back off at the last minute and dismiss the demon. He might also humiliate her in various ways, e.g. public exhibition. But he won't do anything to seriously injure X, so stuff like broken bones and mutilation are out. He is trying to break her spirit; her body he wants to keep intact. And anyway, underneath it all he's in love with the woman.


Setting: I've written it up below as being in 14th century Italy, but the scenario could equally work in any number of pre-modern historical settings. If you have a preference, please say.

Background: Italy c. 1335, Autumn. Europe is devastated by plague and warfare. The church is split into rival factions, each claiming the papacy. Fields where wheat once grew in abundance are covered in weeds. Villages lay abandoned; once-great manors lie in ruins; bandits and wolves roam the countryside. And yet the lords and their armies fight on, and where there is war there is money to be made. In Italy, the condottieri (mercenary warlords) sell their services to the highest bidder. They are ruthless men, as they have to be.

Lorenzo della Rovere (my character) is a prominent condottiero. He is known as a skilled military strategist, an able diplomat, a man of extraordinary cunning and personal bravery, and a patron of the arts and culture. However, in the public eye these positive qualities are entirely eclipsed by his legendary depravity. Throughout Italy, his name is a byword for cruelty and moral corruption. He is said to take great pleasure in torture, to commit grossly blasphemous acts at every opportunity, to engage in numerous sexual perversions...and so on. Many claim that he is in league with the devil; others say that he is the devil himself.

Sister Teresa Mantelliardo (your character) was born into a family of minor nobility. She joined the Order of St Clare at a young age- and prospered. Sister Teresa is a deeply religious woman, and she has dedicated her life to serving God. She honestly does love being a nun and a virgin. She is an intelligent and strong-willed young woman, but has had a sheltered life. Teresa is a real innocent- a naif. She is aged 21, and exceedingly beautiful.

Plot: The plague comes to Teresa's convent. Most of the nuns die. Teresa herself is one of the few survivors. Then the bandits arrive to loot the convent, and Teresa flees. For days, she travels alone through the countryside, terrified and increasingly hungry- it is a nightmare journey for poor Sister Teresa. Finally, she arrives at a village which seems relatively prosperous. Above it is a formidable castle, which is also clearly occupied. Teresa learns from the villagers that it is the castle of the imfamous Lorenzo della Rovere. They live in fear of the great condottiero, and are unwilling to help her- all strangers must go to the castle. That is the law- della Rovere's law.

The sister knows that she cannot survive in the countryside alone, without protection. She feels that she has no choice but to throw herself on Lorenzo's mercy. And she is optimistic that mercy is what she will get. She's heard that he has fought for the pope on more than one occasion. Surely the holy father would never hire a true evil-doer! (yes, she really is naive). The stories that she's heard must be exaggerated. And in any case, her own faith is strong and God and His angels will protect her virtue. Perhaps she will even be able to turn della Rovere away from the path of sin. Perhaps he will be redeemed.

Or...perhaps not. The stories that Teresa has heard are all true. Lorenzo really is the monster that he is made out to be- if anything he's worse than is generally believed. There will, in short, be no redemption. Indeed, Lorenzo can hardly believe his luck when the gorgeous young nun appears on his doorstep. The campaigning season is over, and he'd been looking forward to a dull, monotonous winter. But now he has Teresa to play with. And Lorenzo just loves playing with nuns....

Elements: Bad, bad things are going to happen to Sister Teresa. She will certainly be raped, and if it amuses Lorenzo to hand her over to his troops for a while (very plausible) then she will be gang-raped. She will also be tortured. Exactly what Lorenzo does to her is obviously a matter of negotiation, but it seems to me that this scenario lends itself well to extreme torture. After all, Lorenzo is a mediaeval warlord living in a castle with a well-equipped torture chamber, and he is a truly evil and depraved man. Broken bones, crushed limbs, branding and mutilation are all very likely. However, since it is now September and the campaigning season does not begin until March, he will wish to eke out his pleasure over a period of months. There is going to be a lot of pain for the pious Sister Teresa.


If either of these ideas interests you, please read on, and then pm me.

The important thing is for us to arrive at a scenario that will suit both my kinks and your kinks. So....if theres anything that you want to add, subtract or change, then please say so. I like to think that I'm a flexible and laid-back sort of guy, and whatever you say isn't going to offend or shock me. What I suggest is that we get an agreed background and ground rules (basically what my sadist character must, can and can't do to your masochist character) sorted out via PMs, and then do the rp as a forum thread. I would envisage writing in the third person, and RL permitting will try to post daily.

If you have any ideas of your own that are in the same ballpark as mine, then again pm me and we can try to work something out that will suit both of us. My main NOs are: children, bestiality, scat, lactation, anime characters and cute furry things. Other than those, I'm okay with pretty much anything.

Thanks for reading this, and hope to hear from you soon.
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Re: Salamander's ideas: Sub Fs wanted
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2010, 04:56:23 pm »
Both of the above ideas are now taken. Thanks for all of the interest.
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