Legend of Zelda: Balance and Chaos (Intrest Check)

Started by Angzyn, September 17, 2010, 05:38:29 PM

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Setting: 100 years after Twilight Princess

(Not my Map)
Characters Used: OC only (If you wish to play cannon please PM me to run it by me. Limit two characters per-person.)
Races Used:
-Hylian/Hyrulean (Most Common)
-Humans (Rare) (They will be limited!)
-Deku scrubs
-Gerudo (All female save for their King)
-Kokiri (Children like race…but for the rules of E…they will all be 16-19 years of age)
-Sheikah (rare)
-Twili (Race from the Twilight Realm)
-Demo (Demons that work under Chaos. OC race)

Main Character Ideas:
-Thinking maybe a Prince instead of Princess Zelda (Kind of has the same role as her but not really)0
-New King of the Gerudo (NOT Ganon.)
-New Enemies (God of Chaos)
What if our world and fiction worlds where only separated by a thin line? Like Hyrule and The Realm of Twilight. What if our world was attacked by a god we didn’t know even existed?  Gods and Goddess that where all to real in another world. The lines between what is real and what is not real torn to nothing as our world is thrown into darkness and destroyed.

That’s where our story begins as a young girl awakes in the land of Hyrule. A land she never even thought existed. A new world where the Provinces have been living in peace for a little over a fifty years. Peace that is about to be broken as the evil that destroyed her world now enters theirs. Seeking to destroy everything in its path. Did it follow her to this world, or is it looking for something. The worlds of light and twilight once again twisting together because of this Chaos.

Old legends of the Three Goddess being brought back into light. The Triforce and temple of time needing to be awaken again. A broken mirror once again fixed to bring worlds back into alignment. The spirit stones of the races needing to be once again found and brought to light. And an unknown Goddess needing to be awaken once again to drive her brother back into the darkness. The hero of time not needed for this story….no a keeper of balance must be found and awakened and Chaos must be driven back into the nothingness in which it was awakened. 

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-I don’t expect everyone to be in the same area as everyone else. Please on the top of all your post keep **Where you are at**
-Sure this RP has a plot but please your are more then welcome to work on your own little side plots as long as it dose not kill the RP for others.
-PLEASE NOT EVERYONE LETS ALL NOT PLAY THE SAME DAMN RACE. There are a number of different races I posted…..lets keep it a little open minded that not everyone will be human or from the modern world. People that fell from the modern world will be approved by me in PM and limited in numbers!!!
-All characters will be approved by me in PMs 
-All characters will use the character sheet I posted. Don’t try and make your own. I will be watching you.
-SEX IS WELCOME!!! But remember the story.
-NO Over powerful god characters.
-NO LINK OR ZELDA. Come on now we can do this with out them coming to save the day.
-Please I want to keep some quality to the RP so no post under Three Paragraphs
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