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Author Topic: Drift's Storybook  (Read 507 times)

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Drift's Storybook
« on: September 16, 2010, 09:02:37 AM »
I figured I'd finally get around to posting some of these down.   

Just keep in mind if you write with me I tend to be pretty laid back and won't put a lot of restrictions on you or your writing style.  I like surprises and don't mind a little bit of godmoding as long as it's respectful and self-limiting.  I admire creativity.  If you do tread in the direction of my offs I won't hate you but I'd prefer some forewarning so I can cover my eyes or at least suggest a different direction.

Also I need to stress that I am a storywriter, not a sexwriter.  Some of my story ideas have a lot of room for sexual hijinx but others don't.  I expect there to be a plot and some decent characterization.  If I set up a scene I'm not expecting instant gratification.

Anyway, PM me if any of these interest you.  I'll try to post more of these up as I think of them.

And now for the ideas!

1. Interstellar Freight Service
Genre: Sci Fi (Spacefaring)
Summary:  My character is a young male human working in the space freight business.  Freight in this universe is quite lucrative because of the risks involved (including pirates!) so a young person can take up freighting and retire young if he's successful.  Unfortunately freight trips, especially to some of the more dangerous sectors can be long and tedious.  A smart freighter will either take a partner along or use other 'methods' to keep himself from going stir crazy.  Even then, it's important to be cautious since humans are still relatively young in the grand scheme of interstellar society and in some sectors are still considered something of a 'novelty' and yes you can read that as 'novelty sex toy'.

Exotic locales, luxury space station resorts, backstabbing business partners, bizarre hermaphroditic alien species, space pirates, sex-bots and ice cream!

Looking for: Someone willing to play around with gender combinations (or maybe invent new genders?)  Need a LOT Of creativity.  M/M M/F M/? Aliens, robots (how do you sexualize a futuristic swiss army knife?) I'd prefer someone who's comfortable switching dom/sub roles as well since there are bound to be lots of npcs and peculiar circumstances.  Bring your humor along for the ride. 

2.  A Delegation at Sea
Genre: Fantasy (high fantasy)
Summary: A tragedy has befallen the kingdom of Forinn.  Some dark power is destroying the land and slowly eating the continent from east to west.  In a last ditch bid for power the king's two sons have been sent to the island of Avras to seek the council and aid of an order of sorcerors who live there.  The problem?  The king's younger son (my character), though well aware of the seriousness of the situation is a consumate wild child.  His sexual escapades have colored his reputation very poorly and not simply in his own kingdom.  So deviant is he that he has supposedly even seduced his own older brother (and heir to the kingdom) into his bed.  The court wizard (also my character) is charged with dealing with the sorcerors when they arrive in Avras and insuring the troublesome prince keeps a low profile.  The ship they travel on is weighted down with the king's most trusted advisors and ambassadors, though it is also possible that the ship carries representative royalty from other kingdoms affected by this disaster.

Looking for: Similar to above, people willing to play various gender combinations beyond M/F.  The bawdy prince is bisexual but favors male partners.  I also would prefer characters willing to switch dom/sub roles and play a variety of NPCs since I may often stow my main characters away and fiddle around with a side story.  Also if you're interested in this one, let me know if you'd mind opening it up to be a group setting for more than 2 players.

3.  Jumping through Worlds
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: No matter where you were or what you were doing, your senses reel for a moment and then you find yourself standing in the midst of a vast field, somewhat overgrown with tall grasses and gnarled trees.  All around you are shattered people, many dead and dying.  A voice chimes in your head sounding a cheerful greeting.  "Welcome senator.  Your seat is now ready.  Please wait while your colleagues arrive."

While you hear this, a humanoid woman suddenly materializes partly fused with a nearby tree.  She dies, instantly.  Upon closer inspection, many of the bodies around you are partly fused with the ground and nearby vegetation.  Something, terrible has just happened.

Characters for this story can be from almost anywhere but I have some suggestions I can offer.  I figure this can be somewhat of a guided story since it's part of a story I wrote on my own but it had very few sexual elements in that incarnation and I'm curious what someone else would do with it.  If you're interested, then let me know also if you'd be interested in writing it as a multi-player RP instead of a solo.

It might sound sort of sci-fi-ish but the story actually involves magic, dragons, talking animals and other strangeness so it really isn't intended to be futuristic.

Looking for: Darn near anything. :)  Just be creative and don't leave me hanging.  I have a pretty quick turn around time for posts.

4.  An Overlord's Conquest
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: I have a notion that I will regret wanting anything remotely this cliche but I have had a hankering to write a scene where a dark overlord defeats his nemesis (or one of his nemesis's minions) a strong female like a warrior queen or a sorceress or something like that.  It's horribly cliche and I almost regret it already.  While I don't expect this to be any kind of expression of literary genius I would still expect some characterization since motives mean a lot to me and I like to have some concept of where the characters came from and why (though the details can be up in the air until we start to write). 

As an added bonus, if you're interested we could try to add a layer of abstraction to the story wherein the dark overlord is actually the good guy and the sorceress is actually the villain but we don't write it that way *grins* I love overcomplicating things don't I?

Looking for:  A dark overlord, preferably male complete with dangerous-looking spikey armor and weaponry.  He doesn't have to be human, but humanoid is a good plan.  I may actually just be lusting after the armor right now... not sure... hmmm dangerous spikey armor.
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