Look into my eyes (F/M, mind control, bondage and more!)

Started by Rayne, September 11, 2010, 09:39:48 PM

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So... I was flicking through the channels and came across Aladdin recently and well... it gave me an idea.

-Corrupting the Princess-
Slightly N/C, bondage, mind control etc

Princess Jasmin is stubborn and refuses to marry, even though her father has pressured her about it and is growing more and more desperate with time. She has offended prince after prince with her refusals... but one of them decides he isn't going to take no for an answer. With the help of Jafar's magic staff -the source of mind control-, he plans to make it so she is completely willing to his desires... and then of course we have some fun ^_^

Completely open to ideas and additions, as this is just a whim and not a very detailed sort of thing.

Also open to trying this with princess Zelda in Hyrule and a passing magician that entertains the palace for the evening and takes an interest in her (Or other set ups that involve mind control. Basically that's what I'm getting after here if you can't guess... other kinks are great too though).

My main restrictions are:
Scat, vore, gore, watersports and too much humiliation/violence.
I love force, and prefer dominant males, but too much force without pleasure as the goal isn't very fun. It has to be worth it, after all.  ;D

If you're interested in just poking around to get an idea of what I love, here's my favorite rps:
Welcome to Humanity with Stairc
Sexland with Stairc
Farm rp with Victor
Gladiator with Tambit

Also feel free to check out my rabbit hole, sadly I've been too lazy to make an on/off thread.

Oh, and about posting length... I prefer about a paragraph -3 to 6 lines-, sometimes 2 paragraphs. I reply fastest and most often to posts that really don't overkill too much. I might have longer replies, but not by much...but if its like four or five paragraphs I never find the time to focus on an answer. XP It has killed rps I've been in if the replies get too long, as I'd rather have two easy rps than one that requires more work. That's just how it is. I'm in college, and I do enough writing, so this is just fun, not something I wanna really do a ton of typing for. You've been warned. But don't let that ward you off!