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Author Topic: F looking for Male detailed and friendly rp partner (updated!!!!!)  (Read 1727 times)

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Offline SinairyTopic starter

I am looking for a friendly Male rp partner at the moment, who can be detailed as well. I love painting a picture with my rps, and would love to find a partner who can do the same. My favored character is a Female neko(cat) girl,  I am open for almost any type of rp, setting and time doesn't matter its something I enjoy talking with my partner, and come up with together. If anyone up for a good rp, that will take a wonderful story please drop me line and lets see what we can paint together.

I am bring out my idea's again to see if anyone would like to possible do some of my older idea's or possible start something new with me. My post have slowed slightly, but I am sure if I have a great partner and a wonderful story that I'll be able to post more often. I normally post about once a week some times more depending on work and whats going on in my life so I am asking any potential partners to please be patient if for some reason my post are a bit later then normal, though I don't mind getting a pm asking what might be going on. I always try to keep my partners up to date as to hope busy I am or if my posts might be delayed. Also a very big ALSO I enjoy plots well built characters and passion mixed with a good kink ;) though some times I do enjoy a nice soft and gentle story too, so let see who wants to start writing a new world with me :)



I am open to changing this idea's to better fit both myself and or my partner.

Potential Pairings (I'd be playing the characters on the right side of the pairings)

Neko x Neko
Vampire x Neko
Vampire x Human
Vampire x were-wolf
Vampire x Vampire (Newly turned)
Werewolf x Human
Werewolf x Neko
Furry x Furry
Furry x Neko
Lord/Royalty (Human, Vampire or other) x peasant (Human or other)
Knight x Trainee (This can be human or other)


A New Toy

She'd be out partying the night before and didn't remember much. She knew she had a lot of drinks and she'd been dancing with a pretty handsome looking man, though about after her 14th drink her mind had gotten fuzzy and after that she didn't remember a thing. She woke up her head pounding, she groaned softly as she heard the soft words of two men talking as her eyes focused slowly. That's when she realized she wasn't at home she was in a thick metal bared change naked.  Her cage was  covered in a black sheet stopping her from seeing who was talking or were she was.  She felt her heart race, pounding against her chest as she listen to the men talking. " I think we'd get more money for her at the market. She's a rare creature and something we normally never hunt for because its to risky to try can sell something like that on a slave market. Also you know how easily someone else notices a rare creature like gone missing,but there are many different types of people that want a rare creature such as this, we could start a binding war we'd make triple maybe even quadruple what the other guy was going to pay us for one of her kind. She is beyond gorgeous Joe and you know me I hate those unnatural creatures more then anyone we know." Joe that sounded familiar to her, it was the name of the man she'd be dancing with the night before, had he drugged her and brought her here? He must have there was no other way she'd end up here, naked and caged. " I understand were you are coming from Jeff but do you really think that double crossing our client that hire us to find him one of these, is such a good idea." "Joe we haven't even gotten paid fully yet, we can always just give him back the money he paid us, and then when we get top dollar of this pretty kitty we'll be richer then we were going to be in the first place. Plus I know a few dead walkers that are looking for a new and different type of toy, plus I think they'd be very interested in this little pussy"

She wanted to scream, they were planning on selling her as a slave to some vampire scum bag. They were one of the reasons her race was a rarely seen now a days. Vampires loved the taste of Neko blood more then any other creature, even over the satisfying quenching feeling wash over there bodies, when they get when they drain a werewolf dry. There was something in the Neko blood that set a vampire's body on a fire of pleasure. It heightens there since ten fold and hunted them for many of year just to kill them or trap them for there blood pets. In the end the Council of Creatures, (which was made of a choice one of each race that lived on earth) banned any and all hunting of humans and Nekos.  Though the Vampires still hunted Neko and humans a like for many years after that ruling, Nekos had died down and gone into hiding so well that it was to risk for Vampires to continuing hunting Nekos for there blood. Though they kept hunting and taking humans for pets, yet got away with. Any time a Vampire was question about having human slaves they'd already had there human to scared to tell the truth for fear of death, or brain washed enough to tell them that they were working or living with the Vampire of there own free will. So unless they (council) could prove it, they couldn't punish the Vampires. Nekos were so easily to brain wash and to strong minded for a Vampire to break them.  So now the Nekos that did still live openly in the cities were pretty much free and well protected by what ever council law enforcement was patrolling in that city at the time. Her fate was to be decided in what ever person bought her, but no ordinary person could by her, Nekos are strong physical, they are strong willed as well as mentally.  There were only a few creatures that would even have any chance of being able to break or train her. Though was that what her potential buyer was looking for, maybe he would see something different in her, maybe have some compassion for her, but oh how she knew she was tricking herself into false hope, though right now she didn't care she was scared and cold feeling completely lost and powerless in her new steel barred home.

Well with this one I am hoping for a detailed Dom male to place this character. I might be convinced to allow a female to play the dominate male but it would depend. I leaving it open completely to who ever takes over this character to really choice what he wants to play his character as. Though I would like to see a bit of roughness and mystery in this male character with maybe just a bit of compassion to top it off. Though that's completely open to ideas or change too. I'd just love to get this off the ground asap because I am craving a very strong D/s story right now. Though I will say something else I dont want this all to be just about sex I want a plot a long story line to build the characters together as a team, and if it leads into, crazy nuts sex scene here and there through the story so be it :D  So if you really like this idea please pm asap and lets start painting a wonderful story together.

A pet Dragon.

This one just kinda game to me when I saw this picture though its not fully thought out and I am open other suggest with this one as well I kinda have two different idea's for this one. of course she'd be able to change forms from her dragon to that humanoid type form. I like to work out the details more with my partners but here is a basic ideas i had for this picture.

TAKEN!!!!!I was thinking that may character (the female dragon) was an orphan barely the age to mate, 258 years old and still having a lot to learn she lost her mother to a dragon duel. Her mother had been protecting her from the older male dragons that could since she was coming into her mating years.  Her mother had killed the male dragon, but also lost her own life, knowing that her young daughter wasn't quite ready to enter the world of mating.  Now she was on her own lost with out her mother, only able to keep herself a live with the skills her mother had taught her.  Though one day she found a forest close to a village, her mother had always told her to stay away from them, but this forest was filled with food and fruit that she need to survive so she had to risk getting catch. She been hunting and forging in this woods for a little over a week now and food was still plentifully so she found a nice cave not to far away that would give her shelter and a warm place to sleep. She did her best to stay out of the way of the creatures that traveled through the forest, she thought she'd did a great job doing that, but she didn't know someone had spotted her and been watching her for the last few days. 

~and or this one~

She had just left the nest and was looking for a place of her own. Which for a hunter was the prefect time to try and kill a dragon. Though this time it was the hunters last hunt. He was getting older a bit to old and he wouldn't have any more years of dragon hunting in him, so he thought what would be the best prize of them all. Yes a dragons head, a dragon fang sword, dragon scale armor were all wonderful trophies, the only thing that would top all those off would to have a dragon as his pet.  He knew that this was the time of year dragons left there mothers, that they would be searching for a new home of there own. He'd always had his eye on this wonderful blue ice dragon she was gorgeous, he'd tried to kill her many of time, but she always been too strong for him. Though the last time he'd tried to kill her, he'd seen the thing that was making her so fierce. She had a hatch-ling, she had been teaching her how to hunt, and that's when he had decided that the ice dragons daughter would be his pet, if that was the last thing he did in his life.

So I am looking for someone preferably a dominate male of course, to do either of or, I wouldn't mind doing both of those stories if anyone would like to do those with me please give me a quick pm :) though I will warn you all, at times my replies can be slow but i try my best to reply at least once or twice a week.

Hunter's Prize

This was an idea that was doing with another person but he was unable to continue and this idea I love so much I like to find another partner go play this idea with. Here the plot and I hope to find a Dom Male to help play this through with me. To me this story would be a bit more on the extreme side of things and not for someone faint of heart. My cat girl (neko) character is going to be strong willed and this i see could be a challenge for the person that wishes to play the Male Dominate character.. I hope this doesn't scare anyone away but I am very much hoping to find someone soon to start this one up I been craving this rp for some time know.

One of the Lords have come crossed some information that he wasn't so sure was true but if it was he had to have one. It would bring him up into the higher ranking royalties and he would become famous for having a one of a kind pet. One of his merchants had come to inform him that he had found an unexplored island that had a new exotic race, a race of people with cat ears and tails. He called them cat people, he also told him how beautiful the women were, but they were dangerous and very feral. The merchant had been able to get close them some of then, but he didn't want to risk his life trying to catch one.  The lord pay off the merchant not to tell anyone else this information and got the location of this island. He would catch one of this females, trainer her to be the prefect slave, though he knew it wasn't going to be easy. He wasn't even sure if they spoke the same language. So he would have figure out a good way to teach this animal how to behave one way or another.

The Devil calls


The devil is calling all demons, monster and immortal begins to hell, his looking for a suitor for his beloved daughter, and rightful hire to the throne of hell. A grand ball well be held to, allow the suitors meet his daughter and see where the possiblest go from there. Who will be able to win over her heart, while handling her sweet, yet violent temper, and possible tame her. Who will be the one that might  become King of the underworld and help her rule for the rest of her life.

Lost Angel

Has a baby she, had fallen to earth to be adopted by a human family. At the age of 18 she started noticing things happening to her body that wasn't normal. Her body ached, her shoulders burned, and she had the odd urge to want to fly. Unknowing to her, she was the lost
angel of peace, the angel that was going to stop the war between heaven and hell on earth. He had been searching for her since she had fallen, 18 years later he finally found her, and it was his job as the arch angel of War to train, and teach her what it was to be a true angel.
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Offline Gensokian

Re: F looking for Male detailed and friendly rp partner
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2010, 12:59:57 PM »
Hmm...well, I am a sucker for nekos~. Let's see if you like this little idea~.

She was still unacustomed to this new land. It was only three months ago that she just fell through its mystical border, and now, she finds that she can't go back. It is a strange land: humans seem to only be found in a certain village, and all of them were at first afraid of her, calling her a youkai. They would torment her, and she had no idea why. She could not find another safe haven in this new land, so she endured.

It was months of this treatment that she endured, until one day, a man came and stood up for her, saying that she was not a threat to anyone's safety. This man held his hand out to her, and told her that he knew that she was just a stranger to these lands. He knew, as he was also still a stranger, as well. He gave her a nod and said that if she needed help, his house would be the only one with smoke coming out of his chimney this time of year. With his black hair, slender body, yet toned muscles, and a height of about 5' 9", she felt he could be trusted, though she knew there was more to him than she thought.

How could he help, and why should he be trusted?

Hope you like it, and hope we can paint a beautiful picture with this~.  :-)

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Re: F looking for Male detailed and friendly rp partner (updated!!!!)
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2010, 03:58:29 PM »
Add  new idea's

Mission Impossible

The Devil calls

Lost Angel

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Re: F looking for Male detailed and friendly rp partner (updated!!!!)
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2010, 03:09:41 PM »

Mission Impossible is taken

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Re: F looking for Male detailed and friendly rp partner (updated!!!!)
« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2010, 10:57:23 AM »
Just an update for everyone. My last to plots have been taken, I am still open to rping with other people, but I will most likely be slow after this because I have quite a few on the go, and well as I started a new job. Thanks everyone for the support and all the wonderful partners :)

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Re: F looking for Male detailed and friendly rp partner (updated!!!!!)
« Reply #5 on: November 16, 2010, 04:48:56 PM »

Hunter Prize

I am hoping to find a partner for this asap I'd love to get this going quickly. Give me a PM if you like this idea :)

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Re: F looking for Male detailed and friendly rp partner (updated!!!!!)
« Reply #6 on: December 13, 2010, 11:40:27 PM »

A pet Dragon two different plots I hope someone likes the ideas :D

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Re: F looking for Male detailed and friendly rp partner (updated!!!!!)
« Reply #7 on: March 08, 2011, 10:31:11 PM »
Updated with great new story I wanna start " A New Toy" as well as up to playing some of my old ideas and a list of many different possible pairings.

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Re: F looking for Male detailed and friendly rp partner (updated!!!!!)
« Reply #8 on: March 14, 2011, 12:45:59 AM »
I've been in a very submissive mood lately and I am hoping to find someone thats domanite parnter to play with. Though I am hoping for a longer and more drawn out game thats not just all about sex. So I am hoping to get a new game or two up and going asap if you interested let me know through pm and lets get the games started ! ;)