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August 12, 2022, 10:47:06 pm

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Author Topic: Elemental Masters - The Stand (Interest Check)  (Read 507 times)

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Elemental Masters - The Stand (Interest Check)
« on: September 10, 2010, 08:54:14 pm »
Looking to see if anyone's interested in a light fantasy/adventure plot I've been kicking around for a while.

In the floating nation of Aethra, magic is a fact of life -- it powers almost everything in the high cities, the poorer areas use magic to speed harvests or divine the weather, and the entire island depends on it to keep afloat, supported and protected by a sphere of raw power. The vast reservoirs of magic that allow all this to be possible are replenished and maintained by the Chaos Orb, an item of unknown origins that sits heavily protected at the capital's heart.

One day, from out of the blue, mysterious invaders appear within the capital, steel monstrosities that continued their attempts to move even when reduced to pieces. Their goal seemed clear; the Chaos Orb. What they intended to do with it was never answered, because as the final lines of defense were breached, the battle shattered the Orb, releasing the powers contained within.

Magic still exists in Aethra, but is rapidly dwindling. Mages everywhere find it harder to draw on the kingdom's reservoirs of power, their spells weakened or extinguished completely. Magic-forged items that require a constant stream of power to use are rendered non-functional, crippling the nation's network of transportation. And worst of all, the bubble protecting the kingdom has begun to falter, and soon the entire island will begin its descent.

But all across the country, a few people, chosen apparently at random, have been struck with fragments of the Orb's power. They find themselves imbued with new power, spells and abilities for which no reservoir is needed, corresponding to an element of the magical world. At the same time, these chosen people find themselves approached, in chance encounters or in dreams, by two mysterious figures calling themselve Issu and Ditio, avatars of Order and Chaos. Both want the fragments of the Orb for themselves, to remake the human world in their own image. As random chance seems to draw the chosen together, they will have to decide whether to ally with Issu, Ditio, or follow Aethra's queen and restore the Orb to it's former resting place.

Ideally, I'd be looking for three to five other people to play the shard-bearers (maybe a few "normal" people that are serving Issu, Ditio, or the queen if there's really high interest). Setting, as implied above, is a mix of high fantasy and steampunk.