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Author Topic: the darkend night  (Read 1304 times)

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the darkend night
« on: September 07, 2010, 03:59:47 AM »
:: The young one looked up to the sky and feared the coming times in just a few short months his world would be covered by darkness's own hand and the shadows would then come alive as he turned and ran back to the cave of his tribe he almost feared for his abomination brother but soon forgot of that as he was welcomed by the pack for the fire water he carried the tribe needed it sorely ::

ooc: this is a mostly open thread the world is a temperate mostly arid planetoid and if you want bring in any oc with ((in a flash of blinding bright white light)) because of a goddess named hesper she will take people from around the universe's and toss then on this world or one of the two others that hasent been made here yet lol no pg-13 enough sorry folks lol but any and all it what its here for also the gravity of the planet is about three times earth :-) well i hope its enjoyable all have some great fun ok

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2010, 04:49:01 AM »
((in a flash of blinding bright white light)) a man appears: he is young, and short; he wears boots and jeans and a brown jacket; his face is narrow and pinched, his nose long and narrow, and perched atop is stringy black hair is a hat of such surpassing ugliness, it gives blind people headaches.

He stands for a moment, staring about in bewilderment. "Well, that was interesting."

With a yelp, he collapses to the ground. "Ow. heavy, heavy, heavy."

OOC: are fantasy elements, like werewolves, allowed?

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2010, 07:58:22 AM »
Somewhere else, a flash of light bursts from the sky to the ground, leaving a small crater where it landed. The dust that was raised from the phenomenon started to settle and a shadow of a humanoid became visible bit by bit.

- *Cough, Cough* - Waving his arm in an attempt to disperse the dust, Migdar stood perplexed from what happened to him, he was a man in his mid 20s, he was 1,85m tall, had black hair, and black eyes. He was wearing Dark Blue jeans with a black belt, black shoes, a silver ring with an insignia in his right hand and a red shirt. Finally being able to see what's around him, he notices that he was in a large barren field and could notice some hills far away.

Wondering what the hell happened, and what was he doing there, Migdar decided that it was best to go forward in the direction of those hills.

OOC: I suppose that fantasy could be ok, and it seems that the user that created this RP has been denied, will he be back to continue it?
If not I suppose we can continue it on our own ;)
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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2010, 01:18:32 PM »
With a groan, the man with the ugly hat pushed himself unsteadily to his feet. "Why is everything so heavy here?" he asked rhetorically.

He glanced about quickly, then threw his head back and howled: fur fur burst out from his skin, his clothes were absorbed, and in a moment, a giant wolf-man stood there, the incredibly ugly hat incongruously still perched on his head.

The heavy gravity of this world meant nothing to the thick muscles that cabled his chest and legs: after sniffing the air, he turned to a few low hills in the distance; he dropped to all fours, and loped toward them, the hat somehow staying on his head.

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2010, 01:50:37 PM »
Almost half an hour after it all started, Migdar had much trouble walking, for he felt heavier, allot heavier.
"I have to find some where safe to rest before the dawn of the day" He thought.
The hills where within a 10 minutes walk from what Migdar could perceive, and he noticed smoke raising from them, the first sign of any kind of civilization, that was good, for he was tarting to get hungry.
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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #5 on: September 16, 2010, 02:30:34 PM »
Dawn was fast approaching when the werewolf paused, and sat back on his haunches, a short way from the hills.

A puff of breeze brought a new scent to his nostrils, that of a man who had passed by recently; cautiously, he sniffed the air, then rose to his feet and followed the scent.

OOC: is that you he's smelling? Or is there someone else here?

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #6 on: September 16, 2010, 05:00:00 PM »
Dawn was coming and Migdar had to hurry!
Having reached his destination he stood on the higher ground to see what was around him, the placed seemed to be a cluster of hills that hosted some caves with what seemed a village living in them.

In the distance a figure was running towards the hills, but it didn't mattered, what I needed was to get in a safe place for the day and so I started to go down the hill towards some villagers in the middle around a campfire.

The village had a resemblance to a tribal village, but some villagers seemed to wear worn modern clothing, which indicated that they could have been transported here also and that they were here for longer than he was.

Entering the village, I noticed that I was being watched with caution, waving my hand I said:

- Hey!... - One of the villagers wearing modern clothing approached me.

- Hello stranger, I'm Jack... Just jack *Laughs* and who might you be? I won't ask you from where you come from because, from the looks of you, I can only imagine you know even less than I do!

- I'm Migdar Schröder, what is this place? How did I get her? I can't remember anything of real relevance... I was going on my own business in Berlin, when suddenly all I remember is being in the desert not far from here... - I said with my German accent.

- A German, heh? I used to be from Texas you know? As for what this place his? Well I'm not the oldest guy in town but I've been here for some time now, this is Guolpr VIII or at least that's what the old guys in town call it, has you can see, it's not the best place to live in but it's what we got.

- But how did I get here?

- They say that the sky will go dark with some kind of voodoo or black magic, I don't really know, and I didn't see anything like that from the time I've spent here... But they say that some goddess called Hesper brought me, you and pretty much everyone else besides the native tribes for some reason... Some say this is hell and that we've been sent here for penance, other say she wants to test us or like I think, that those stories are a boatload of crap!

- Well... I don't really know what to think from all that... do you know where I can spend the day? I used to Work during the night shift and I'm really tired, plus I walked all the way here and for some reason... I feel heavy...

- Well you seem to be doing okay! Most newbies arrive here looking like crap or are brought here by our scouts, usually unconscious, so a guy arriving like you did is not usual. But you must be tired, in a week you should be used to the gravity here and for the time being you could stay at my place... - He points to a cave some distance to the right.

- That would be great, you have my thanks... Jack.

- Don't mention it boy!

Feeling tired, heavy and hungry, I headed to the cave seeking shelter from the daylight, my hunger would have to wait...

OOC: I took the liberty to make up some stuff, since the RP host hasn't come on-line since September 9, anyone who wants to join is welcomed ;)
It could be me you're smelling, but since I'm already near the village, it could be anyone :O
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Offline jochannon

Re: the darkend night
« Reply #7 on: September 17, 2010, 06:02:41 PM »
The werewolf warily approached the village, darting from over to cover, keep his nose to the wind and his eyes peeled.

He crouched behind a large boulder and lay down for a moment; even thick muscles like his would grow tired  in the heavy gravity here.

Someone gasped in alarm: he turned to see a little girl, dressed in skins, staring wide-eyed at him.

He gave a friendly smile.

With a high-pitched scream, the girl turned and ran toward the village.

He transformed back to human form and slapped himself on the forehead. "The teeth, the teeth!" he muttered to himself. "Smiling does not help when I have the teeth!"

With a sigh, he glanced at the vilage, then started walking, hopping from stones to grass to rocks, to not leave any trail until he was far from his own tracks.

"Hey, you!"

A large party of men was approaching; most were dressed like some sort of primitive tribesmen, but some wore clothing like his and others even more strangely dressed; they were all armed, and glanced about nervously.

One, a man wearing modern Earth clothing, stepped forward. "Hello stranger; I'm Jack. Have you seen a monster? It's larger than a man, hairy and black."

"Lurk FitzGibbons," the newcomer introduced himself; Lurk shook his head. "Nope; I can honestly say that I have seen nothing of the kind." a thought struck him. "I did see some weird tracks over here though; I'll show you," and he led them back to his own animal tracks.

He hid a grin: at this rate, he'd get in with them, and they'd never find out his true nature, until it was too late.

Offline misterg

Re: the darkend night
« Reply #8 on: September 18, 2010, 04:28:17 AM »
Dawn had finally come, it was getting brighter outside, too bright in fact... Migdar moved back away from the cave entrance, but the cave was indeed small and he did not have much space. The cave was pitch black during the night and dim during the day, it was a small cave with some stuff on the left corner and a bed on the right, it reminded Migdar of a German T1 Apartment, he could see some mice wandering by, squeaking loudly.

The hunger was too much to bear... He grabbed a mice and looked at it with disgust for a moment and then released it... One from his clan would not go so low as to feed from a rat... He had sleep... Maybe the day would go by faster...

OOC: I'm a vampire from minor noble clan, I can't go out during the day the sun would burn me beyond my natural healing capability in less than 15 minutes, but during the night not only am I strong, I am also very fast. A German T1 apartment is an apartment with only one room, no kitchen or living room.
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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #9 on: September 18, 2010, 03:54:35 PM »
By the time the searchers returned to the village, they were hot, sweaty, and irritated after an entire day spent searching for the monster; by then most of them would have thought the beast no more than someone's nightmare, but the tracks they found were like nothing they'd ever seen; spurred by the sight of them, the men had searched for some sign of the beast until the sun was dropping toward night.

Lurk, puffing and blowing worse than the rest, collapsed on a bench before a roaring fire..

Jack sat down beside him and handed him a bottle of water; Lurk took it and drank greedily.

"Well," Lurk remarked. "That was interesting."

Jack nodded tiredly. "Say, I ought to introduce you to Migdar; he came here just before you."


"Wait- I think that's him, coming here now," Jack said, pointing.

OOC: I'm assuming werewolves and vampires an't tell each other by sight, and Lurk would have to change3 form to be able to tell by scent.

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #10 on: September 18, 2010, 04:20:43 PM »
ooc: Sorry guys, I'm butting in! This is too tempting! A vampire and a werewolf. This story needs a damsel in distress!

Over a the plain darkness, just at the outskirts of the village, a brilliant spark gathered at the sand and grew into a swirling orb of pure white light. The whiplash of gathered energy sent a resonating crack through the silence of the night, and the light exploded outwards in a sudden flash of white.

The dark silhouette of a feminine figure was seen standing on the very same spot where the light steadily faded into the night , her long dress whipping wildly in the diminishing onslaught of wind. The figure took a small step forward, and collapsed to the ground.

The light finally faded, and the figure was swallowed up into the darkness of an unknown territory.

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #11 on: September 18, 2010, 06:12:39 PM »
- Hey... - Migdar greeted a little upset from the blood deprivation.

- Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed! - Replied Jack

- I'm sorry jack, I'm just not feeling good today...

- Hah, forget it, you're just not used to our clime and gravity, some days and you won't even notice! Ho, but where are my manners! This is Lurk Fiz-something *laughs*, he's a new guy just like you!  - Jack said in is usual mood.

- Hi I'm... - Migdar was interrupted by a flash of light the ripped from the sky and thundered hitting the ground not far from this Cave village they were in.

- Another one? Someone has been busy! Come on guys we should go see greet the new guy! - Jack said

OOC: jochannon - Yeah, whatever fits you his fine by me
Luella - Sure! Hope you Have a good time.
Ho and by the way I forgot to describe Jack, Jack was inspired by Bobby from Supernatural, just imagine bobby like he was always in good mood.
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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #12 on: September 19, 2010, 06:38:33 PM »
OOC: Okay, here's an attempt at an action scene:

Jack, Lurk and Migdar strode through the darkness toward the location of the flash, which Jack said was a new arrival.

As they walked, Lurk kept throwing suspicious glances at his two companions while Jack told them about the world they now found themselves in.

After a bit, Lurk stopped to relieve himself, and the other two walked on.

After he redid his pants, Lurk glanced after them. "vampire," he muttered, with a worrying glint in his eye.

Jack stopped, and put his hand on Migdar's arm. "Wait, what was that?"

A sound made them turn: before either could react, a black shadow rose up and smashed into them; caught by surprise, both men fell headlong, then the beast turned and dashed off into the night.

They scrambled to their feet. "That thing might have got Lurk; come on, we gotta find him!" Jack said, turning back.

Migdar hrdly heard him, string off after the beast. "Werewolf," he whispered, a dangerous look in his eyes.

Some time later and some distance away, Lurk walked up to a maiden lying crumpled to the ground.

He stared down at her for a moment, than nudged her with his toe. "Hey, you awake?"

No answer.

He glanced around, looked down at her, and sighed: with the sun down, it was cooling down fast(his breath was already visible); the maiden was anything but dressed for a night in the open. If she didn't wake up nd get moving, she'd freeze.

He tried shaking her awake, but no good.

Lurk sighed again, his shoulders sagging in surrender. A moment later, he was a wolf.

He lay down beside her and pressed himself up close to her, to share body warmth: he glanced around once more, licked her arm twice to be friendly, then closed his eyes and braced himself for the cold snap.

OOC: Luella, misterg, I hope don't give offense by writing your characters: this is my first online RP ever, so I'm really not clear on the usages.

Misterg; I'm assuming Migdar can tell a werewolf when he sees one. If I'm wrong, I apologize.

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #13 on: September 21, 2010, 07:08:59 AM »
"This is just getting better and better" Migdar thought "I wake up in this wasteland, I'm starving and now there's a wolf around!"

- Look Jack, I'm not feeling so good, we better get back to town and warn them of that beast.
- But the light, someone could be in trouble, newbies always have a hard time surviving this place!
- I don't think it would be wise for you to go on your own.
- I'll be fine, just warn the others and tell them to come as fast as they can, tell them that I insisted in going alone and tell them we need to find that lurk guy!
- Yeah... I will... - Migdar said wondering if Lurk was indeed a werewolf.

The hunger was overwhelming him, his clothing felt like it weighted a ton but the village was almost within reach but before Migdar arrived it he heard screams not far and smelled... "Blood!" Migdar was suffering from a bad case of blood deprivation and suddenly the beast awoke and overcame him, he started hyperventilating, he's fang were showing and his eyes became blood red.

Following the scent of blood. Migdar rushed towards some silhouettes fighting in the dark, there was a man and a woman, the man had a club and was swinging around, trying to hit some black creatures, the woman was lying on the ground.

The creatures looked like shadows with claws and strange shadowy lines following their movements.

The frenzied Migdar rushed towards the man pushing the black creatures away, the creatures now attacked Migdar too and it was pitch black tonight.

- *Gasping* Who-Who's there? *Hargh!* - Cried the man being bitten by one of the black creatures but Migdar was drowned in is frenzied state and acted growling like an animal, the creatures attacking Migdar were many and not very strong but their nocturnal vision gave them an edge, fortunately Migdar also had nocturnal vision and in his frenzied state, he was stronger and faster.

Before reaching the man Migdar killed at least 3 of the creatures viciously, who vanished in black smoke and shadow lines shortly after, without stopping his course and trampling any creatures that stood in his way, he grabbed the man from the neck and slammed him into the ground.

- *Harrgh!* - The man cried unable to realize what was really happening.
Migdar hissed opening his mouth, he punched another black creature that jumped to Migdar's back and immediately  bared his fangs on the mans neck, sucking him dry. Inhaling deeply he was struck by the realization of what he just did, he let the beast take over and now killed a human, the act of killing a human attracted too much attention and was degrading for those of his clan, they used humans like puppets and nourishment, but never fed on them like animals until they were dry and dead. They were not animals, Migdar was not an animal!

The woman was on the ground, being beaten by some of the remaining creatures, as lords of the night, vampires and mostly those of his clan, protected their territory from other supernatural predators, the humans were not significant but those within their territory belonged to the vampires, and so, the vampires protect their humans.

In an act of redemption Migdar flashed towards the creatures, he grabbed one from behind and snapped the neck, the other two realizing the new threat, attacked him but without success as Migdar dispose of them rather easily.

The woman was laying on the ground, bleeding allot and almost dead.

- I-I Don't wan't to die...

Analyzing her, and concluding that it would not be possible to heal her naturally.

- I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do...

- P-please I Don't want to die *cough* *Cough*

Ashamed of what he did before, He wanted to save this woman as an act of redemption, but the alternative of letting her die could be as degrading as killing for him, he had to be sure...

- Are you willing to do anything, to live? Even if you lose part of your free will?

- Please!

Migdar bitted is own wrist and brushed it in her mouth.

- Drink this and you'll live.

She obeyed him, drank and collapsed... waking up a few hours afterwards, her wounds were healed, the night was bright and clear and the weight of the heavy gravity wasn't as strong as usual. She stood up and looked around her, her friend was dead, killed by those black creatures, or at least she thought. She wanted to see her savior and he was nowhere near, she wanted to thank him, actually she needed to... She desperately needed to thank him and despite that he was nowhere to be found, strangely, she could feel him, and not far, she started walking towards the village certain that he was there, as if following a scent or an invisible trail that only she could feel.
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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #14 on: September 21, 2010, 08:19:10 AM »
Mia stirred, everything felt so heavy, as if she had a few tons of cement covered over her body. Her senses were sluggish, and her limbs slow to respond. There was something warm against her body, something soft and felt like she was snuggling against her pet retriever, Goldie, but...Goldie had long since passed on when she was a child.

Could this be heaven? Her mind asked. She wanted to open her eyes, to find out for herself. Did she suddenly die? What was she doing before that...



There was a light, a brilliant flash of light. It engulfed her when she stepped out of her house. And then, nothing. Her eyelids fluttered.

Wake up Mia! Wake up!

The overwhelming darkness slipped away as clear blue eyes met the silver moon in the sky. A few puffs of clouds drifted by, illuminated by the shining orb. This is not heaven.

She frowned, and froze. There was an animalistic rumble somewhere close to her ear,she tilted her head slightly to see what it was... and screamed.

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #15 on: September 21, 2010, 01:59:51 PM »
A normal person would jump, being woken up by a scream in their ear; but Lurk was not normal.

He was also not a morning person: it took him almost five minutes to crack an eye open.

After a lot of stretching, and groaning, Lurk yawned a big yawn, and turned to see who had screamed in his ear.

Mia had scrambled away from the wolf, and stared at it in consternation; did that thing really just wiggle its eyebrows at her?

The wolf growled and bared its teeth in a snarl, then leaped at her.

Mia ducked ducked to the ground; she heard the wolf land behind her, and suddenly its growls rose; teeth snapped and something fell hard: Mia looked, and saw the wolf snapping its teeth at a creatures like clawed shadows that trailed shadowy lines with every movement.

Three more appeared, and moved toward her: Lurk turned away and leaped at the closest. In midair he grew larger and what hit the shadow was less wolf- and more monster-like; he hit and with a snap of his jaws, tore the thing to shreds which disappeared like smoke.

The others backed away, and Lurk stalked around the woman, hackles raised and teeth bared.

Suddenly all three jumped at him: caught by surprise, Lurk disappeared under them and for a moment, all that could be seen were black shadows and rending claws.

Then his growl rose to a howl of rage; what burst up from under the creatures bore only a slight resemblance to a wolf: it was a monster, large and : three swipes of the sharp claws and the shadow-creatures were gone.

Lurk stood there for a moment, looking around, trying to find something else to kill, then his eyes lighted on the maiden.

She stared up, terrified, into his huge red eyes, then he glanced away.

He shrank before her eyes, until a wolf once again stood before her: black-furred, a little small, but only a wolf.

He walked up to her, and put his nose close to hers, just staring at her for a moment, then he licked her softly on the cheek and turned away.

He walked a little way toward the village, then glanced back, and gestured for her to follow.

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #16 on: September 21, 2010, 08:45:08 PM »
ooc: Hi, I'd appreciate if I can 'control' the actions of my character, what you are doing now (writing for other characters) is called God-modding.  ;)

Mia trembled, this was definitely not Heaven...or Earth for that matter. Where was she anyways? Still keeping a wary eye on the wolf, she bent down and picked up a random thick twig from the ground. Raising it like a pseudo sword, she stepped backwards, keeping some distance from that wolf, no, creature before her.

"Stay...stay back.." She said, her voice quivering. Maybe it was from the fear, or the chill of the night. Mia needed to get away, needed to find her way home.

She took one last look at the animal, and bolted off into the darkness. Not caring if every step was physically exhaustive to her. She just wanted to go home.

Offline jochannon

Re: the darkend night
« Reply #17 on: September 22, 2010, 02:53:15 AM »
ooc: Hi, I'd appreciate if I can 'control' the actions of my character, what you are doing now (writing for other characters) is called God-modding.  ;)

OOC: I'm very sorry, it won't happen again.

Lurk watched her go, and sighed mournfully.

He took off after her: to a wolf, her trail was plain as day in the night, and he loped after her with the silent speed of a hunting wolf.

Rather than come at her from behind (and probably scare her even more) Lurk looped around in front of her, picked a likely spot, and changed back to human form, then sat down to wait for her.

Offline misterg

Re: the darkend night
« Reply #18 on: September 22, 2010, 07:02:59 AM »
Migdar arrived at the village and delivered Jack's warning, some of the villagers went after him, feeling refreshed after satiating his hunger, Migdar decided to go along with them, they followed Jack's trail and found him bleeing on the ground not far from where Migdar left him.

- Jack! Jack! - Some villagers yelled as they ran towards him.
- Ho my god, Jack... - They picked him up carefully - Jack can you talk?

Jack was mumbling but was in a bad shape, Jack's wooden club was broken and there were signs of fighting, whatever attacked Jack ran before they could finish the job or Jack killed them.

- *Groan* Nes... Ba...ack... ones... ack... ones... - As soon as he said that, Jack collapsed.
- Black ones? He said the black ones! They have returned! - One of the villagers said terrified.
- We need to warn the village!
- What about that Lurk guy? - Migdar pointed.
- you don't understand, the black ones are dangerous we need to get to the village or we're all gonna die! - Saying that they left running towards the village, carrying Jack.

- Well I suppose I'm on my own then... - Migdar turned around and continued to search for Lurk and the newcomer, but if Lurk was indeed a werewolf... That could pose a problem.

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #19 on: September 22, 2010, 10:18:52 PM »
Mia stumbled around in the dark with her weapon in hand. She jumped at every sudden noise, whirled around with every rush of wind. It's as if the night was alive with invisible beings.

Without warning, a shadowy figure appeared before her, blocking her path. Mia squinted in the darkness, trying to make out its shape. It looked like a giant creature, with claws for hands and vicious teeth in it's beak-like mouth. And every time Mia blinked, the creature seemed to change it's shape.

Not wanting to draw any attention to herself, Mia prayed that the creature is as blind as her in the darkness, and began to step slowly backwards. She turned her head, and gasped. There was another one behind her, and another one to her sides.

She was trapped in their shadowy circle.

Mia brandished her weapon, now a useless twig in her hands at the face of the enemy. The creatures howled into the night, and began rushing towards her. Mia screamed, feeling sharp claws tearing at her clothes, scratching at her skin. The foul breaths of the creatures smelt like corpses as their piercing red eyes glimmered in the dark. Mia stumbled back, using her hands as shields as she tried to fend herself from their never ending onslaught. The creatures clawed at her arms, digging into her flesh and drawing blood.

Suddenly, Mia felt a sense of seemed like time had stood still. And the ground rushed to meet her, slamming her body to the ground. A piercing pain shot through her left arm. She had tripped over a rock in her haste to get away, and impaled her arm with the stupid twig upon impact. Crimson liquid began to seep into the ground.

The attacks stopped as the creatures leaned in closer. They smelt the blood ... and they lusted for it.

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #20 on: September 23, 2010, 01:19:15 PM »
Lurk heard a scream, and moaned. "Never try to show off, never try to show off." he said at himself, then turned back to a wolf.

He ran toward the sound, a shadow in the moonlight; going soundlessly over and around obstacles as only a wolf can.

He jumped over a large rock and saw Mia fall; with a snarl, he leaped at the black things surrounding her: he rashed into one, teeth-first, but it disappeared into smoke, and he fell sprawling.

Another raked his shoulder; Lurk uttered a startled yelp of pain, and jumped away; with a bloodthirsty howl, he arched his back and grew from a smallish wolf to a towering monster.

The shadow-things ignored him, turning back to the bleeding maiden, but Lurk didn't like being ignored: with a growl, he tore through them, long claws trailing smoke as he ripped them to shreds

In a moment, the black things were gone, but more were plainly out there.

OOC: If there's anything you want me to do -or not do- just say so

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #21 on: September 24, 2010, 08:45:23 AM »
Before Lurk and Mia stood at least twenty Black Ones, they surrounded them approaching slowly and disorderly only to attack as soon as they were within range.

Migdar heard the screams and growls, and sprinted towards the sounds making use of his Vampire blood to go faster.

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Re: the darkend night
« Reply #22 on: September 26, 2010, 04:45:29 AM »
Lurk stood over the fallen Mia, circling to face all the shadow-things that circled him; as a wolf, he well understood the pack he now faced: he had proven himself a dangerous opponent, and now like dogs facing a bear, none of them were willing to go first; so they circled him, coming closer by inches, waiting for another to make the first move. In a moment the tension would peak, and they would all leap together.

Thinking quickly, Lurk ceased his growling, hid his claws, and lay down next to Mia, as if they were alone on a peaceful beach.

This was such bizarre behavior, that the shadow-things backed away, sure he was pulling some trick.

Lurk closed his eyes and yawned theatrically.

In a moment, he half-opened one eye: the things approached even more cautiously than before. Just a bit more, Lurk thought. . .

With a roar, he leapt to his feet and lunged at the nearest thing; before it had even faded, he turned right around and attacked the ones who closed behind him; he cut through three before the rest pulled back.

Lurk grinned; though it was with a mouthful of wolf teeth, there was something of primate humor in it as well.

The things began circling again: that would not work again. They'd come closer and closer until they were ready.

Lurk had lived a long time by studiously avoiding unnecessary fights while fighting like a devil when he had to; chances were, if he just stepped aside, they'd ignore him and go for Mia. But the fact was, he really, really hated these things.

He snarled challenge, while somewhere off in the darkness, running footsteps neared. . .