The mayhem zone- Searching for Wicked minds (M/F/? welcome)

Started by Draconovich, September 06, 2010, 09:09:22 AM

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Allo allo! I'm on the lookout for creative wicked minds, the more deviant, the better.

First of all, please take note of what I'm NOT looking for. I put it first to help save people time and their sensibilities.

NO Vanilla.
My muse goes out fishing when things are too complacent and peaceful

NO mundane storylines.
True love at a highschool.
Best friend since childhood.
Admirer of Football/ Soccer/Rugby Other sports team member who finds happy love.
Damsel in distress saved by Prince of her dreams.

It feels like a Madlibs version of a $.50 discount clearance romance novel and I shy from it like a vampire does sunlight and Twilight. And on that note...

NO Twilight.
Just... for the love of god... please... no...

Save the sparkles for Vegas and Fairy folk.

NO WAFF (Warm and Fuzzy Feelings).
Unless it comes with a severe beating and a stockholm syndrome or some other form of brutal mental messing, I avoid it for my health.

As it is like, sugar, treat it like sugar. With moderation and to accent, or as a rewarding treat, it is enjoyable. But if it's nothing but buckets of it rammed down my throat, it'll make my stomach upset and send my Muse to the ER for insulin shock.

NOT going to dominate females.
I tried, honestly, I did. But for some strange reason it starts...and... my poor Muse deflates like a punctured helium balloon. Males, on the other hand... for special wicked ideas, I'm great with.

Now... to the fun stuff!!!

Here's some RP ideas I'd like to find someone who'd be interested in playing

1. True Evil
Looking for: Super Hero (Male would be interesting, but Female would do as well.)
For my: Evil Mad Scientist
Rating: NC to EX. I am fine with any kinks you might have. Open board on this one

Brief synopsis: The great Dr Nova is a brilliant mind... creating mind boggling creations, sourcing his nefarious devices to other villains and attempting robberies of precious treasures and vast fortunes. A Super Hero, of course, must have a duty to end his wickedness.

The Plot:
There are many reasons why Mad Scientists turn to Villainy.
-Desperation for Acknowledgment
-Inherent Personality Disorder
-General Disillusionment with the World
-Psychologically Unbalanced
-An Unhealthy Appreciation For All Things Death and Destruction Related

However, Dr Nova bears a slightly different motivation. Debt. He's up to his eyeballs in it. Victor Roan began with the obscenely high student loan for his Masters in both Microtechnological Engineering and Nuclear Physics, further weighed by an obscenely large interest rate snuck into the paperwork by someone with exceptional law skills and lacking moral fiber, he withdrew a further obscene loan to begin his career with his own invention business.

Which, unfortunately considering the only people who would lend him that amount of money, were the ones with less than saintly business practices to begin with. And so, desperate to pay off the money that was more and more demanded from his brilliant yet all too trusting hide, he finds he must turn to the only path he could think of.

The one of villainy. After all, who else would pay good money for his inventions? Who else would tangle him in hired contracts that wind up swindling him to barely covering the costs of materials? Who else would grant him access to untold materials... at a 'reasonable' price? The wicked men of corrupted minds and twisted hearts... and phenomenal resources.

However, supplying, soon enough doesn't do much to pay off his debt, and soon he begins to set foot out into the world to try to garner the collateral to try to get himself out of the red.

Of course, any Super Hero would, no doubt, take an interest in stopping a man who commits crime, especially when what they see is the end result of his handiwork. A Mad Scientist is a mad scientist and should be stopped and brought to justice. How would they curb him from this nefarious path he leads?


I'll have more to come soon!

If you're interested in playing, PLEASE let me know. Hit me in PM, AIM or YIM.
I will be severely delayed in my posting or responses due to an awkward injury.

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