sunbeams looking for delectable role play [f for m]

Started by sunbeams, September 04, 2010, 11:44:19 PM

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i capitalize in content, no worries. c:

i'm eighteen years old.

i can write a paragraph to a couple pages, the pace and length of posts is up to you. all i ask is that whatever amount you write, it be good, thoughtful writing.

personally, i really like playing women with spines who don't act like prissy little stereotypical girls. but that doesn't mean i want you to play some submissive little boy. gimme a good power struggle, make my day. c;

things i enjoy:

modern, realistic role plays
dominance struggles
age gaps--i prefer playing the younger character (e.g. a 30-40 male and an 18-25 female)
possible drug/alcohol use (not so much for hard drugs, but gimme all the marijuana and psychedelics and i'll be one happy camper)
the after sex cigarette
hand cuffs
characters who start out hating each other and start to grow on one another
m x f
f x f

things i don't enjoy:

furry (sorry, not my thang)
anything pregnancy/children related
underage relationships
scat, gore, water sports
characters hurting each other for pleasure
m x m (i used to love it, not feeling it as of late)

here's what i'm interested in role playing at the moment:

●●●● = no thanks
●●●●● = eh, maybe
●●●●● = sure bro
●●●●● = yeah man
●●●●● = do want!
= plot/idea/notes (just ask and i will tell you about it)

burning man ●●●●●
"hempfest" ●●●●●
like a bull in a china shop ●●●●●
amsterdam ●●●●●
pen pals ●●●●●
the colony/post apocalyptic ●●●●●
craigslist casual encounters ●●●●●

i play bolded role, no questions asked. c:

real life

professor x student ●●●●●
stoner x dealer ●●●●
stoner x stoner ●●●●
homeless x gang member ●●●●
homeless x person ●●●●
musician x fan ●●●●●
dorm mates ●●●●
tattoo artist x customer ●●●●
camping ●●●●
doctor x patient ●●●●●
best friends ●●●●●

(i will not play cannons and prefer that you don't either. think of the books as inspiration for plot and setting.)

bloodsucking fiends ●●●●
american gods ●●●●
jpod ●●●●
neverwhere ●●●●


zombieland ●●●●



video games

pokemon ●●●●
the world ends with you ●●●●

i take suggestions, too.



uhmm, yep. c: they're all listed in the first post. if you'd like elaboration on any of those topics, just ask.


Are you still interested in playing a poke'mon rp? I noticed you had a plot/notes and would interested in hearing them.


yep, still interested. c: i've got two scenarios that i'm currently pursuing, and here they are:

i don't want to do a normal pokemon role play, yawn. i know pretty much every pokemon and would prefer role playing with more than the original 151. and i'd like this to take place in the modern, realistic world as opposed to the pokemon world. think our cities, states, forests, et cetera, except filled with pokemon. gyms in major cities, dangerous pokemon, actual death, et cetera.
a man made island with genetically engineered pokemon, slightly futuristic. a select group of subjects are placed on the island to study how animals with these special powers would interact with people and with each other in battles.


the colony/post apocalyptic roleplay looks interesting but you have so many interesting ideas I wouldnt mind playing anything so if there is anything you really wann aplace and need some one I will be happy to help.