(NC-E) Earthdawn: Free Skies, Chained Hearts. Story with light system use.

Started by Muse, September 04, 2010, 02:27:13 PM

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Earthdawn:  Free Skies, Chained Hearts

In a mansion built into the side of a mountain in the Kingdom of Throal, the ancient dwarven wizard greated the comely young damsels who had gathered from around Barisaive to come too this dinner. 

"Thank you all for coming.  I promised  this night to explain to you how I learned of all of you, and of the nightmare you suffered on the third day of spring 3 years gone, and why you woke with the symbol of the Passion Astendaras on your bodies." 

"I did not share the nightmare you suffered, of being an elven maiden chained atop a mountain, ravished and defiled by a shape shifter."  The dwarf crushed his eyes shut to hold back tears.  "And yet I feel it as keenly as any of you.  I have a daughter by an elven damsel, born in elven lands, she followed her mother's race, not mine.  Her name was freedom, and she loved the passion Astendaras more than any mortal man. 

"I built her a skyship to show my love for her.  She kissed me and smiled, and her wild heart took her far away, where she fell pray to a horror who ravishes and torments her.  All my mightiest divination cannot find her, nor can any magic money can buy.  It can only tell me that as she is defiled, madness slowly bleeds into Astendras, the Passion who teaches us too love in freedom and joy.  They tell me that the horror has reached through it's victims too place it's marks on new victims, on you, my honored guests. 

"And so I do for my daughter the only thing that I can," he opened a window too reveal a beautiful ship hanging in the sky, "I give you what tools I can to make yourselves stronger, and give you the freedom I gave her, in hopes that, wielding them together against a mutual foe, someday you will free my daughter in protecting yourselves." 
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