Vampire Kindred WoD (skilled writer please)

Started by Aragem, August 30, 2010, 02:30:51 PM

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This is a story that can easily take place in the Vampire the Masquerade (World of Darkness RPG) which I prefer, or even Trueblood; but any generic vampire story would do as well. 

EXCEPT TWILIGHT!!!!  Please, no Twilight vampires.  I prefer to vampires who burn up in the sun and not glitter.  We can discuss the mythos if you are interested and come to a middle ground on it.  The setting can be either in 1800's London or America.  The 1700's France would be fun as well.  Nothing modern, please. 

Also, PLEASE be a literate writing who is creative and can write details.  No choppy sentences, separate paragraphs, and I know this is a vampire story, but no cliche dialogue. 

I'm not asking for Shakespeare or even Stephen King skill, but I want your writing level to be above middle school level.  If you write like a middle school student, then I will not to be partnered with you.

The Story

Emily is the daughter of a wealthy owner of a railroad company.  She lives a life of the privileged with an education worthy of a young girl and luxuries that the poor could not imagine.  Until one day, her father introduces her a close friend.  A tall man in dark clothes with a pale face and eyes that seemed to drown her in their darkness. 

She is encouraged to call him uncle, an endearment that small children use for their parents' male friends.  Emily, at the young age of six, loves her uncle dearly.  Begging her nanny to allow her to stay up to see Uncle and disappointed when he is not seen in the daylight hours.  During these hours, she leaves gifts for him at his door, flowers, candies, and small trinkets that look priceless to a child's eye.  And to her delight, the small gifts disappear at night and found in Uncle's pocket when she sat on his lap.

When Uncle would travel the world, she wrote to him.  He did write back, but these letters were few and far in between.  They contained accounts of his travels and sights and over the years, Emily's love for this illusive man deepened. 

When she is a child of 16, a letter arrives for both her and her father, a letter inviting her to join Uncle in the far east, in a small county in Europe where he owned an estate.  He promised her father that she could attend a ladies school and mingle with the powerful people of Europe.  How could her father possibly refuse this invitation?

After a long journey, when Emily arrives at the estate that was many miles away from the nearest village, she was surprised to see that Uncle had not aged at all since she had last seen him as a child.  And instead of attending an all females school, he had hired tutors for her education within his mansion. 

Each night, in her room, she swears she's not alone.  She smells Uncle's metallic scent, a sharp pain at her throat and ecstasy. . .

NOTE:  The genre of the story doesn't have to be romance.  It could be a story of seduction and betrayal and there can be more characters incorporated and the story can lead into modern times if desired.