Bimbo/Transformation Ideas (Seeking M or F)

Started by kandycanekayleigh, August 30, 2010, 12:54:49 PM

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I spent ages writing up a roleplay request message, but then my computer decided to turn off and erase everything I wrote, so this message wont be in as much detail as that one, but I will hopefully add to it as I get more ideas come through. I am looking for bimbo/transformation type roleplays with me being the victim. The gender of my partner doesn't matter. If you have any ideas of your own, message me with them as I would be happy to hear them :).

New Job: I have seen a lot of these sorts of stories in erotic fiction. A girl has just graduated with some sort of business degree, but due to the recession, she is finding it hard to find an employer that will take new graduates with no experience. With bills mounting up and the prospect of being thrown out of her apartment, she is almost on the verge of applying to work at bars and shops as a way of getting money when suddenly she gets a phone call inviting her to a job interview. She finds out that they only have a job as an "administrative assistant" at the moment, but is promised that with this job, there is stability and the opportunities to progress. She immediately takes it, but soon finds out that this job slowly introduces strict rules about how she must act and what she must wear, and with the only alternative being back to the unemployment line, she has no choice but to comply....

Be Careful What You Wish For: This is a very cliche story. A young woman is cleaning out the attic in her house. It was owned by her great grandparents before they passed away and she is just deciding to clean out the attic for the first time since she has moved in. She stumbles across a dusty lamp, and after cleaning out the attic, she takes it downstairs and rubs the dust off, suddenly an attractive genie appears from the lamp granting her 3 wishes. Now it may be down to the fact that this genie has a little grudge on her family because her great grandparents hadn't let him out of the lamp for 50+ years, but the genie seems to have a sinister side and interprets her wishes in a way that she didnt intend...

Brain Drain: Jenny was a very intelligent girl and was easing her way through college. Tom wasn't so bright and was in danger of failing his course. Jenny agreed to tutor Tom, she would get extra credits for doing so, and he may just have a shot at scraping through the year. What Jenny didn't know was that Tom inherited a weird device which, when activated, could allow him to "borrow indefinitely" knowledge and IQ points from the nearest person to him. As Jenny is starting to get impressed by how much Tom has improved, she slowly starts finding it hard to concentrate on the stuff she is teaching him... and that is just the start...

I did have one more story written, but I cant remember what it was now, so I will add it when I remember it, along with any other ideas I come up with.

Take care
Kayleigh xx


Hi there :)  Still looking for a player with the New Job?

The Dandy

I would love to RP "Be Careful What You Wish For" or "Braid Drain" with you
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