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Started by ceasar, August 29, 2010, 08:58:18 PM

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Alright, so I'm just advertising now because I've tried answering adds, to little success ;)


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Things seem to be heading down fast for the Toronto Maple Leafs; the club made a huge financial error.  After losing out in another play-off race to finish 10th, the ownership realized that they were over the salary cap and needing to clear room had to release or trade most of their star players.  Receiving in return only one first round draft pick and two second rounders. 

The two second round picks were used to acquire a young goaltender (me) and a highly touted womans hockey prospect (your character).  The two go into training camp not expected to do much although the young woman (you) is atteacting a lot of media attention.  Can the two 2nd round picks make the team?  And how will the locker room chemistry be with this young woman possibly making the team?

I'll update, when something hits me...
On's and Off's for those who want to look


On's and Off's for those who want to look


I really like Just Up the River. It seems like it could be a lot of fun.

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On's and Off's for those who want to look

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Angelique Joffery twenty one year old young woman from Winnipeg, Canada.    Graduating from the university of Michigan State has just been drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL.   It is ground breaking news being spread across the news wires.    For this is not a woman trying to make the venerable NHL as a goalie.  But as a winger.   Of course it is looked upon as a gimmick that the club is trying to pull off.   However, the petite 5'1 tall Angelique is blessed with a skill set.  A fast skater,  who can get to speed in a couple of steps.   A surprisingly wicked slap shot that she can generate shots that exceed 100 mph an hour.  A demeanor that some say she is the female version of the captain of the Chicago Blackhawks,  Jonathon Toews.    At nineteen she was a member of the gold winning womens hockey team of Canada, that defeated there arch rivals from the United States.   

Angelique thou does not look like what one would expect a female hockey player to look like.  More akin to one of the NHL ice girls that sweep and clean the ice in their short shorts.   

The questions facing Angelique is many.  Will she be able to complete with the boys.  Will they accept her.    Will she be able to take a hit.  Then again will she be able to give a hit.    Her speed gives her hope,  her size and gender makes it appear a mere gimmick by the club.   It is ascertain that other teams will razz and be out to put her in her place.  Will her own team resent her.   More then that she does not bat for the same team.    She is like any typical young woman.   She is drawn to the opposite sex.   Can she keep it professional.  Or will it be too tempting to let oneself fall for another.