A tripple shot (F wanted)

Started by seeker619, August 28, 2010, 05:56:28 AM

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1-This idea surrounds the idea that a woman falls for a very thoughtful romantic guy who has a twin who is, well, evil.  Everything the brother she falls for is, he is not.  When the evil brother finds out what a hot woman his twin has he plays the good twin and does some very n/c things to her.  In hopes that she will see his other brother again he blames his behavior on drinking and asks that she never bring it up again as he is so embarrassed.  Next time she sees the good twin he is nothing but the gentlemen he was last time.  This goes back and forth between romantic and N/C  The details can be discussed.

2-A man with a cheating wife decides to hire a sexy cleaning lady.  Fights break out between the husband and wife as now she is jealous.  Things with the husband and wife get worse and he begins to abuse her and there is some n/c.  Things with the cleaning lady go well until the husband finds out that she has been telling the wife lies to break up their marriage.  Then things get n/c there.  The details once again can be worked out.

3-  A woman driving down a deserted desert highway has car trouble and must pull over.  A male driver passes and offers her a ride to the nearest gas station so she can get a tow.  There is no cell service where they are.  However the gas station is closed and he offers to take her to his house which is nearby and says she can call from there.  When they arrive he offers her something to eat before calling as she has been waiting for help for a long time.  There is only that one gas station and it is to be closed until tomorrow.  She calls her sister to come pick her up and he takes both of them hostage and does various n/c things to them both.  The details can be worked out.