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Author Topic: [AIM] [D&D] DM LF Player for Old School Exploration/Sandbox campaign.  (Read 639 times)

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So I've been working on and expanding my own homebrew setting using Hexographer - a mapping program - and PBworks, a wiki system. I've gotten things fleshed out enough that I'm ready and willing to start running a game in it. Unfortunately, my main D&D group is pretty well occupied with our 4e game, so I'm turning to darknest!

I'm looking to run a SOLO game using Dark Dungeons, a clone of BECMI or Rules Cyclopedia Dungeons and Dragons. This is for several reasons:

1) The setting was built with these rules in mind.
2) The game is simple and flexible.
3) It's available free.
4) It is exactly BECMI D&D, just cleaned up a little.

HEREis a link that goes straight to a PDF copy of the rules. You can also purchase a hardcopy for like, 13 bucks on lulu. It's totally worth it if you love old school gaming. Never played this version, or D&D at all? Well, if you're willing to learn, and I mean LEARN, please download a copy and contact me as outlined below. This game is dead simple, but I'm not going to hold your hand the whole way through the campaign, either.

The campaign I have in mind is set in the Northern Colonies, a small republic of villages and towns abandoned by the larger empire that once ruled it. I have a nicely fleshed out map and descriptions of just about everything I've established available on my wiki, which you can find HERE. Some bits are still blank or in progress, and will be expanded as the campaign goes on.

What I'd like to offer is a living, breathing world for your character to step into. One without a massive overarching plot I force down your throat. Rather, I'd like your character to follow her own path. Maybe she becomes a hunter in the Grass Sea, or a barmaid in Gelton, or intrigues with the massive Laviston clan. Or maybe she dives straight into politics and tries to get herself elected onto the council. Or maybe she goes for the classic adventuring route, and goes looking for dungeons and bad things to kill.

I have ideas for all of the above, and I am a proficient improviser even when things go off the rails. I'm more interested in the mark your character leaves behind on the world than I am in having you act out a role in my unwritten fantasy novel.

That said, I'm not going to make it easy. Starting out you'll be level 1 and broke. Your character will have to bust ass to make something of herself. I want you to succeed, but my job is to challenge, not fulfill wishes, as it were. I'm going to play dice out - that is, rolling in the "open" and not fudging a bit.

You might notice I keep referring to your potential character as a "she". That's because I would like a female PC for this game. I don't care about your OOC gender. I'm not looking for simpering subs either - I'd like your character to be strong and confident, rather than some pushover or wallflower. Why? Besides the fact that I prefer self-assured women, running this sort of game for a shy wallflower is incredibly frustrating. Your character needs to be ambitious and self-directed, or she'll end up waiting tables, and waiting tables is boring. That said, my preference for a female PC is just that - a preference. Male PC's will be considered, but the bar will be a bit higher - I'd like a nuanced character rather than the usual "I'm a big strong stud and I use a sword and chicks love it" deal I usually see. Male characters should also probably find nonhuman females (halflings, elves, orcs) attractive.

In terms of kinks, I'd like to avoid NC or D/s stuff. I tend to like romances, but one night stands are fine too. Strong women and sensative men are big favorites of mine at the moment, and that'll likely continue. Past that, I'm not really interested in any kinks - please leave them at the door - vanilla sex can be plenty hot, thank you very much.

I have AIM and MSN. I VASTLY prefer AIM over MSN. I'm on most days from noon PST til 2am, though I'm not always at my PC, so if I don't respond immediately I probably will within a few hours. If you're interested please send me a PM here with the following information.

1) Your AIM or MSN contact information.
2) Your availability expressed in a range of hours, including the timezone you are in, and the days you'll be around.
3) Please tell me the population of Volkmouth, so that I know you've read my ad, and at least glanced at the wiki. It shouldn't be hard to find!

OH HEY HERE IS A MAP FOR YOU TO LOOK AT WHILE YOU THINK ABOUT PMing ME. Remember to take a look at the wiki!
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