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Author Topic: Jessie's Deviations  (Read 1952 times)

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Jessie's Deviations
« on: August 25, 2010, 10:09:39 pm »
OK, so I needed a proper thread to put my thoughts down in- creating a new thread for every idea that came to me was only going to fragment my thinking! So, here it is. I'll update this thread when I have an idea I'd like to play or try out...

N.B. Some of the images below are (obviously) NSFW. So don't go opening them on your lunch break! Now get back to your paperwork!

The Metallurgist's Mutt (OPEN)
Involves pet play

Based upon ideas created from this image
Plot: Never cheat on a skilled craftsman with a creative mind. Maria did, and her scorned lover isn't very happy. As she's packing her bags and about to leave him for good he decides to offer up some creative revenge- the goal he has in mind is to convert his wife into the creation linked above. It's a slow process, getting all the parts together, and Maria'll be conscious and allowed to roam as he works, but she can't escape he hell, and by the time he's finished he'll make her regret cheating on him.

Basically I'm searching for a guy (or gal) to play Maria's husband, angry at her unfaithfullness, deciding to convert her into no more than a mere pet- with full consciousness, of course. I don't imagine it to be a very long roleplay, but if you want to add more to it make it longer I'd be very happy to go along with it!

PM me if you have an interest, and watch this space!
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Re: Jessica's Idea(s) [Mostly EX/ NC]
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2010, 06:32:43 pm »
Odds and Ends
This is where everything else goes!

Update History

#1 Added Baited

#2 Edited details for Baited
Added Who's a Pretty Ponygirl?

#3 Amended various details
Added The Asylum (From one-shots)

#4 Removed Baited
Amended various details
Added My Precious Little Kitty Cat

#5 Dusted off the cobwebs
Amended various details
Added Medieval Madness.

#6 Removed Medieval Madness

#7 Major housecleaning

#8 Added The Ultimate Sex Toy
Added Sunset Boullivard to Sty

'Archived' Ideas (from this thread)

These are all ideas I've had in the past that I'm not longer so interested in. I've put them here for my own future reference.

My Precious Little Kitty Cat (Archived)

Involves nekos/ gender change
The Image that sparked the idea
Plot- So, another plot based about a small 'comic'. I'd be looking for a woman (or, alternately, a guy happy and able to play as a girl), to play my lover in this roleplay, where I play her boyfriend. This young couple have been going out for a few months, and she tends to dominate the relationship, though not majorly- she decides where they eat, what they do, etc. They're very much in love. Our young woman is not all it appears, though- she wants a little kitty to call her own, a neko. This is where her boyfriend comes in.

One day she comes giggling up to him, pressing him to try on some cute cat ears she bought for Halloween. Reluctantly he tries them on, feeling silly before taking them off again- but their magic has already taken hold. Over the next few days he experiences slow changes- he's being transformed into a female kitty, and he- or now, she, can't seem to stop it. She begs her girlfriend to stop the changes, knowing it must have been the ears- but her girlfriend is just delighted with what's happening.

From here on in it has several ways to go. Either she begins to accept the changes- despite everything, she does feel good as a kitty, possibly aided by subtle changes in her brain. She could become slowly more and more mindless, her mentality changing to fit that of an obedient kitty and not a lover. Finally, she could retain full control of her body and mind, but slowly begin to accept her changes, becoming the kitty her girlfriend always wanted.


The Gamer's Gamble (Archived)

Involves pet play.
The Image that sparked the whole idea off.
Plot- It's the year 204x, and video gaming has moved to full virtual reality (VR)- think a paintball game created entirely by a computer. You enter a virtual gaming world and battle against the computer or human opponents linked into the system. Systems can even be set up to sustain people for months, years even, by keeping their bodies in stasis as they play in the game.

My character would be a new breed of girl or guy (I don't mind playing either sex)- a virtual gamer, one who spends more time in a computer controlled system than out of it. As a result, they've become hideously good at what they do- game. Unfortunately, all this gaming comes at a cost- with no job there's no pay, and with no pay, how do you afford anything? My character turned to loan sharks, with no-one else to turn to. Being shortsighted, my character blows it all, and soon the interest is due. Dragged in to explain where the money is, an offer is made- win a shoot-out in a VR system, and all debts are wiped. Lose, and the debt is repaid by a year 'imprisoned' in the shark's home VR system. Obviously it's risky- but hell, why not take the chance? My character is skilled, and knows they can win- they just didn't count on the opposition cheating.

Having lost the game, the imprisonment begins, and my character becomes little more than a sprite. Because anything is possible, my character's reality is bent, the loan shark becoming their owner, and slowly they find themselves becoming less human- they're being changed into a pet (à la the linked picture above) by manipulation of the system! It may all be virtual reality, but to my character it's very, very real- and very, very humiliating.

From there on in it's a little more open- The possible mind games and reality shifts are very open. Does my character grow to love it by the end of the year, and wish to stay on? Or do they loathe it, attempt to prise their way out at the end of the year, but be foiled by some obscure clause in small print when they agreed to the loan and are stuck for even longer? I'd love to discuss the idea in depth with anyone interested.

In terms of partners, I don't mind if the loanshark (the main character) is a man or a woman- I have no great preference!


Who's a Pretty Ponygirl? (Archived)

Involves futas/ pet play/ medical
Plot- OK, I'll come clean here- this is less my idea than an idea found in a comic I fancied trying out! First, if you don't like futas, better stop here because they're the main characters. The full comic details the whole plot, but in essence, my character is a man, a hated boss who is 'sold' to a pony farm, waking up and converted into a female futa. The story chronicles his transformation, her medical, her training and the humiliation she suffers. Like I say, if you're interested the full comic explains it a little better than I.

Usually in rp I match my partner's posting length and speed, but for this roleplay I'd ideally be looking for someone who enjoys writing longer posts and slowly pushing a scene on. It's not mandatory by any means, but I think this roleplay would benefit from being slightly slower paced.


The Ultimate Sex Toy (Archived)

Involves bizarre stuff.
OK, well, I thought I'd pop this out here, see if anyone matches my crazy wavelength.

I've been toying a lot with a new rp idea I've rarely gotten a chance to do, and when I have at no great length, mostly down to poor writing partners. I'll put down a very brief description of what happens, and if anyone's interested, send me a PM and I can fill you in on a few more of the details.

A young woman is captured, and taken down to a laboratory, owned by a rather sadistic scientist (Please, forgive the cliche, it's just very convenient to set it up). Knocked out, she awakens some time later to find her body has been separated and shipped to the client the scientist is working for- and now only her head remains, able to think, breathe, talk, and feel what happens to her body. The reason for this? Her head is shipped on as well, and her 'owner', her new one, is looking for more exotic sex toys- and the idea of a head, able to suck when needed, stored when needed with minimal requirements, and free think (to truly feel the horror) is most appealing to him. Wrap her head up in a rubber hood, and allow only access to her mouth- and she is no more of a human than a fleshlight is.

If any of this crazy stuff appeals to you, drop me a PM and we can chat!  :-)

(As a sidenote, I'm happy to play this role as a guy or a girl- in some ways, having a straight guy be the victim may be doubly worse, but I cater to the desires of any potential partner! Likewise, I'm happy for a male or female partner to play either a male or female character).


Sunset Boullivard to Sty (Archived)
In an attempt to kick-start my muse I'm opening this idea up once again. It's a favourite idea of mine, but my partner took an extended hiatus from it.

My character would be a young woman growing in success, an up-and-coming fashion designer taking the world by storm. However, whilst she might be nice during interviews, she's cliche stuck-up- rude, arrogant, with an inflated ego. Not the nicest person to talk to.

On a trip back from her country home her vehicle, a rather sporty number, breaks down in the middle of a rainstorm, much to her anger. Handily (call it coincidentally) she's passed by a farmer and his own (much shabbier) vehicle, and he offers to tow her car to his farm- after all, he's a moderately decent chap, and she's a damsel in distress. Reluctantly she agrees, and back at his farmhouse tries to call for assistance- only to find a dead battery in her phone. The phonelines in the house have been cut in the thunderstorm, so she is forced to stay overnight- during which time she shows her true colours to the poor man, and it doesn't do his temper any good.

I'm sure you can imagine what happens next- he takes her for his own, in his attempt to 'domesticate' her into an obedient animal. Oh, it won't be easy, but the results will be most satisfying...

If you're interested in hearing more, or want to discuss the plot (I have an idea of sorts for a plot, so that it's not just total freeform), please PM me. I'm happy for either a guy or gal to take the role of the famer. x
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Re: Jessica's Deviations [Currently- My Precious Little Kitty Cat]
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2010, 06:04:00 am »
I sent you a PM if you are interested:)

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Re: Jessie's Deviations
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2011, 11:01:39 pm »
MAJOR housekeeping today. It's only taken me two and a half months to get round to it!

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Re: Jessie's Deviations
« Reply #4 on: April 04, 2011, 01:04:01 am »
Sent you a PM