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Author Topic: FDM's Partner Search (preferably M/M; non-con to extreme)  (Read 1835 times)

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FDM's Partner Search (preferably M/M; non-con to extreme)
« on: August 25, 2010, 09:55:17 PM »
Currently: Available.
I've had a long, scattered hiatus of sorts and really want to get back into writing, but my interests have shifted, for the time being.  Read below for more information.

I am willing to play forums, PMs, and email, and have no problem with private stuff, in case you feel uncomfortable RPing something out on forums but still have the craving.


I like partners that write well.  Grammar is an amazing creation, just as well as spelling and punctuation.  We all make mistakes and it's completely understandable, but please don't PM me with sentences I have to decipher or expect me to continue with an RP in which your posts give me a headache and take twice as long to read.  I know this is cruel, but it is my absolute number one reason for turning you away or dropping stories.

I don't expect super long posts.  Mine vary between one good paragraph to several, depending on the content necessary to reply.  I do not like fluff (it's boring and makes my mind drift off elsewhere), but I love detail.  I don't mind if your post is only one good paragraph, just so long as it's progressing the story and keeps me interested.  One-liners or twelve paragraph posts that skip past far too many of my own reactions than I'm comfortable with are both unacceptable.

Right now, I'm more interested in the story than any sort of under-the-covers action.  And seeing as how I'd prefer said stories to be in extreme (or at least non-con), you can only guess what level I'd like to go to.

I love writing horrors, and thus my ideas and cravings greatly wind around this genre, at the moment.  For the most part.  I go into further detail, should you scroll down.

A Little About Me
I've been working my ass off, lately, and the stress (along with exhaustion and effort) that goes along with that has put me a bit off.  I also haven't been roleplaying, which means my ultimate stress relief has been cratered.  I need to get back into it, but as my interests have shifted (thanks to real-life events), I expect my partners will, as well.  It's been hard for me to come back to E thanks to some chaos and I've moved on from a lot of people I once thought were very good friends of mine, so re-centering myself is proving a bit difficult.  Nonetheless, I'm determined.  :)

Now, despite having said 'this' and 'that', I'm not intending to close off all ideas outside these, the following are simply what I'm craving, lately.  This does mean that 'adult' scenes aren't the height of my excitement, however, and thus would prefer if my partner thought of such scenes as extra, special content rather than necessary to the game.  Though this still mostly applies, I'm moving away from this idea, a bit.

fantasy, drugs and alcohol, non-consensual scenes, violence, possible sexual and/or physical abuse, manipulation/coercion, possible blood/knife play, possible asphyxia (erotic, non, or both)
A Beast Within
My Character - no preference
Jesse is a sweet guy.  He's overall content with life as it is, not wishing for anything better, though his situation could certainly be viewed as terrible from an outside point of view.  He puts everyone else first, which often puts him in very vulnerable situations; he's used and abused in this sense.  He suffers from mild depression that only affects him when he's alone and uses drugs to escape reality.  Despite all this, he does his best to keep optimistic, and for the most part, it works.

As for Jesse's species, he doesn't realize what he's capable of.  He doesn't drop into his dog form unless he's depressed and/or very high or drunk.  This often results in him running off and waking up naked and without any memory of his journey.  If it happens to matter to your character, Jesse's blood tastes and smells literally like life essence (the actual scent/taste changes depending on who's smelling/tasting it); this means that no matter who comes in contact with it, it's the greatest thing his senses have come in contact with.  This tends to make Jesse a very desirable being for predators.

Your Character
A man who takes advantage of him.  This character is fairly customizable depending on your interests, though the essential part of him should be that he sees an opportunity with Jesse and he takes it.  Suggestions?  Perhaps a homeless hitchhiker traveling through the area who meets Jesse and wishes to exploit him for everything he has.  Or, perhaps, a violent criminal who needs a place to hide.

Jesse doesn't live in the best of areas, overlooking the city's red light district; imagine strip joints, run down bars and clubs, and prostitutes/drug addicts and dealers/drunks/homeless.  Shootings are a common thing, but the police don't come down to that area.  The city has, more or less, barred off the area, keeping cops at the borders to keep tabs on who goes in and comes out, and they never go in unless something forces them to.  The warning of 'If you go in, you're on your own...' is given to any traveler wishing to enter.

I imagine the game as an action or drama.  Jesse should be made uncomfortable, either immediately or over time, but find himself unable (and not entirely willing) to escape from it.  Whatever happens between the two characters is up for discussion.  I'd prefer that your character was something other than human, however.

I do think asphyxia would be fun in this game, though only because I like it and it'd be a fun way to control Jesse (if your character would do such a thing, of course).

This game welcomes (but doesn't require) more than one partner!  romance, drama, possible plot-driven amputation, high-emotion game, blindness, master/slave relationship, sexual and physical abuse, possible non-consensual scenes, fear, possible voyeurism/exhibitionism
A Blind Man Follows
My Character - submissive
A very shy young man.  His eyesight is bad enough that he just considers himself blind, wearing a cloth 'bandage' over his eyes to keep from getting headaches from straining.  He's an incredible drummer; he plays because his senses of hearing and touch go nuts over it.  His home life was terrible growing up, so he left around the age of fourteen, content with living his life on the sidewalk with a drumset made of trash cans and tossed pots and pans.

'Your' Character #1 - very dominant
A man who's noticed the drummer's ability and shyness and has decided to take him for his own.  He exploits his ability for cash and to show off what's 'his' by taking him to put on shows at clubs and such.  This man is abusive and controlling, possibly excelling to a non-consensual level (depending on how manipulative he is of the drummer).

'Your' Character #2 - passively dominant
A man who may have known the drummer for some time.  He happens to go to the club where the drummer is forced to play and it doesn't take much for him to realize what's going on; it's just a matter of figuring out what to do about it.

A near-future setting (think just fifty years or so) in a world with different rules; laws are guidelines, not absolute (the police/government officials don't really give a shit what you do -- even murder -- unless it affects them directly), technology has excelled due to the lack of proper limits (human testing, advanced robotics), etc.  Essentially, the first of 'your' characters would kidnap the drummer for his own uses and pleasures and the second would attempt to save him.  The first, of course, wouldn't want to let him go, so freeing the drummer would definitely be a battle; there would likely be threats to kill him or otherwise harm him, and perhaps even a situation where the second becomes a captive, forced to watch and such.  These are details we can work out as we go along.

I want to make this story last, so it requires a partner who feeds on drama and is able to spit it out just the same.  The second character can't be willing to give up easily, perhaps a man who is just too good for his own survival.  The first character has to be nearly psychopathic; the drummer is his object, not a human being, and if he can't have him, no one can.

In regards to 'possible plot-driven amputation', this pokes at the idea of the first character removing one or more of the drummer's limbs (or parts of them) as punishment to either the drummer, the second character, or both.  Should he do this, the 'advanced technology' setting twist allows for the 'replacement' of limbs through robotics (which means they could easily be taken from the drummer if he did not cooperate!).  This is up to you according to how far you wish to go, but is certainly an option in my book.

possible romance, possible slave/master relationships, extremely gory scenes, possible character death, ritualistic behavior, light to extreme torture scenes
Hell Hath Thee
My Character - dominant OR submissive
A young man, having grown up without proper friends or a caring family, has begun to go off the deep end.  He dabbles with various occult theories and practices in an attempt to find where he 'belongs'.

Your Character - dominant OR submissive
A sadist who becomes his master, an innocent who becomes his pet, and/or a set of his victims.

This story could go in a number of ways...  Either the young man finds himself hitting the rock bottom of his insanity or he eventually manages to be chosen by a savior to truly rescue him from his terrible path.

This story is meant to be violent to a near limitless point; it would require a partner who would be willing to feed that need and work with it.  Granted, there is a chance for romance, though it wouldn't be necessary, nor 'clean'.  The young man would be human, but your characters may be whatever you choose them to be.  Please keep in mind that any character you wish to keep would be best off immortal.

sexual and physical abuse, master/slave theme, romance and relationships possible, light to medium torture/torment
No Time to Take Prisoners
My Character - submissive
A young man who is taken prisoner during the aftermath of a pandemic.  He's snarky and clever, intent on escape, but had been caught stealing weapons, ammo, and food from a small camp where your character resides.

Your Character - dominant
A thick-muscled man put in charge of keeping the young man prisoner as they move their camp from place to place.  He's not too happy about it, but the camp won't let him kill him.

Think 'the Last of Us'.  The young man stole precious supplies from the camp the older man lives with and a few of the women of the camp have been firm in saying 'no' to killing him.  So, the group is stuck with him.  They keep him locked up or chained somewhere, most of the time, and his treatment is rough (the probability of men taking their aggression out on him is high).  Where it leads is up to the characters.  I'm willing to open up more to sexual abuse with this game.  And who knows if he has friends to bring to the camp/along the camp's chosen path to cause chaos, and there are women and children with your character's camp.  It would be best if he was kept under tight lock and watch.

This game is a bit lower on the violence scale.  It's more about control.  The young man will fight his keepers and strong to extreme measures will be necessary to keep him in line.  It's also a game of wits; if the young man sees an opportunity to escape, he will take it.
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Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: FDM's Partner Search (Preferably M/M)
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2012, 02:56:47 AM »
Pre-Made Characters
Please note these are just examples!  :)

Jesse Michael Behl (Angel)
Jesse Michael Behl

'Angel' - spirit beast.  Able to take the form of a German Shepard.


Sexual Interests
Pansexual; seeks passion and romance over one-night-stands.

Various part-time jobs (most for only a couple hours a week); volunteers at a soup kitchen and animal shelter near his neighborhood.

5'11 (180cm).

Body Type
Light muscle, wide shoulders, small hips, and a longer torso than legs.

Distinguishing Marks
Beauty mark just below his lip; birth mark on his right shoulder that resembles a goat or dragon's head (it shows up when he's in dog form as a near-white discoloring in his fur); his eyes appear almost red in color, and are often the first thing that is commented on when regarding his appearance.

Generous and sweet.  He can be rather gullible and overly trusting, forgiving far more than he should.  He tries to keep an optimistic air about him, though can sometimes fall into a depression, often accompanied by a bottle of whiskey and weed that were gifted to him, one way or another.

He gives every bit of money that he can to charities, not even saving enough to really feed himself.  He lives alone in a run-down apartment building on the fifth floor, overlooking the red-light district.
Jeremiel (Necro-Dragon)

Dragon - necromancer breed.

Appears about 28; actual age somewhere around 300.

Sexual Interests
He enjoys chasing his victims and rotting the flesh right on their living bodies to eat during sex.  He is an exxtreme sadist, but enjoys a partner who likes it -- even if pretending not to -- more than one who is afraid of him.  Basically, non-con, necrophelia, dismemberment, hard-vore, fear, blood/pain, etc.

... Existing.

6'2 (188cm).

Body Type
Thick, lean muscle, very toned with little-to-no body fat.

Distinguishing Marks/Appearance
Nearly his entire body is covered in tattoos, most of which are of bones, gore, and other such subjects.  He has many piercings, though keeps it realtively tasteful and changes them at will.  His hands are rough and his nails are all black.  His teeth are shockingly white and his mouth clean, and his entire body smells strongly of peppermint.  He wears a mohawk of black hair and often dresses in a style of gothic meets steampunk.  He hardly ever wears a shirt.  He has a trail of hair across his abdomen that reaches from his naval to his groin.  He's relatively furry on his legs and arms, but has no chest or back hair.  He keeps a couple inches of beard along his jawling, and a good six inches braided at his chin, kept with a metal band.  His eyes are sandy with strikes of acid grin, bleeding from the pupil and his skin is very pale, veins quite visible beneath his skin.

His dragon form is flat black, scaled and spiked along the ridge with four spikes at the end of his tail.  His sharp teeth are massive and he has flesh missing and rotting away in various places.  His saliva is dark green and sludge-like, and his eyes are that same sandy color with green.  He's a fierce picture to look at, something only someone very arrogant or foolish would think to mess with.  He's very agile in this form, only big enough to swallow half a man whole before he's stuffed.  He hes thin-skinned, bat-like wings with an impressive wingspan; the skin stretches down to about mid-tail and is slightly transparent.

He has a massive cock; a painful near-foot with four inches of girth.  Expect lots of blood and tearing.

He prides himself in being an asshole.  He's arrogant, stubborn, and very, very dominant and territorial.  He doesn't give a damn who he pisses off, just so long as he gets what he wants, often just by taking it.

He keeps residences in junkyards, usually.  His diet consists of corpse/rotted meat -- usually human.  He can rot flesh with his touch (by will), as well as animate anything with in-tact muscle; he's strong enough to do this with living beings, as well.  He can heal flesh on living beings, though this isn't well-practiced.  He has seven children and knows none of them.  The scent of peppermint makes him fiercely horny.

Recommendations/Partner Ideas
- A character that cannot die permanently.
- A character with more power; good conflict story, here.

Charlie Mychal Steel (appears 19)
Omnisexual 'angel' (custom race).  A desperate masochist.

Emmerick Travis Playnes (25)
'Unknown' human bodyguard/soldier.  A stoic sadist.

Castiel (appears his early twenties)
Pansexual vampire 'host' and businessman.  A generous gentleman.

Riley Marksten (16)
Omnisexual 'angel' (custom race).  A psychotic sadist.
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Offline PaleEnchantress

Re: FDM's Partner Search (Preferably M/M, semi-versatile)
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2012, 12:18:24 AM »
I like you, I approve.

Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: FDM's Partner Search (preferably M/M, extreme/non-con/bondage)
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2012, 12:55:39 PM »
Cleaned up and tweaked to fit my current cravings:
- Shortened info section.
- Added and edited interests (and asterisks).
- Removed female character section since I don't play them.
- Changed title to be more accurate.
- Updated Current RPs list.

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Re: FDM's Partner Search (preferably M/M, extreme/non-con/bondage)
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2012, 11:38:38 PM »
- Cleaned up characters and first posts.
- Added Jeremiel to characters.
- Added 'submissive competition' and 'role reversal' to interests.
- Added 'Role-Reversal' story idea.

Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: FDM's Partner Search (preferably M/M, extreme/non-con/bondage)
« Reply #5 on: May 18, 2012, 03:24:34 AM »
- Added "Can I Keep Him?".

Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: FDM's Partner Search (preferably M/M, extreme/non-con/bondage)
« Reply #6 on: May 23, 2012, 08:19:47 PM »
- Added Firefly/Serenity setting idea.
- Updated current RPs.

Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: FDM's Partner Search (preferably M/M, extreme/non-con/bondage)
« Reply #7 on: May 26, 2012, 06:42:33 AM »
- Added beastiality and non-human cocks to main RP interests.
- Added "Do You Still Love Me?" to plots.
- Added 'Two Demons, One Boy', 'FtM Pet', and 'Demon and Amputee' to Picture-Based Stories section.
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Re: FDM's Partner Search (preferably M/M, extreme/non-con/bondage)
« Reply #8 on: June 09, 2012, 07:32:07 AM »
- Added "Fresh Start" to 'Detailed Ideas'.
- Also added "Mad Scientist" under the same category, but that was a little while ago.  Just thought I'd mention for those who hadn't noticed it.

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Re: FDM's Partner Search (preferably M/M and extreme)
« Reply #9 on: August 21, 2013, 07:01:50 AM »
- Revamped the thread entirely.
- Added 'Hell Hath Thee' to my Ideas section.

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Re: FDM's Partner Search (preferably M/M and extreme)
« Reply #10 on: August 21, 2013, 07:53:05 PM »
- Added 'No Time to Take Prisoners' to my ideas section.

Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: FDM's Partner Search (preferably M/M; non-con to extreme)
« Reply #11 on: August 27, 2013, 10:51:32 PM »
- Added 'A Beast Within' to my ideas section.
- Added 'A Blind Man Follows' to my ideas section.
- Modified ideas section slightly.
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