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Started by Kaiser Maverick, August 24, 2010, 08:29:53 PM

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Kaiser Maverick

Hey people,Im looking for a M/F roleplay.I have a few ideas so feel free to contact me.

Yugioh-JadenxAlexis,JadenxBlair,JadenxA female duel card(Burstinatrix,Dark Magician Girl,Yubel.
YuseixAki,YuseixDuel monster spirit,YuseixSherry.
Naruto Shippuden-NarutoxSakura,NarutoxHinata,NarutoxTsunade,NarutoxShizune.SasukexSakura,SasukexKarin,SasukexTemari.
KakashixSakura,KakashixTsunade.(If you have a preference for a girl other than these let me know.)
Pokemon-AshxMisty,AshxDawn<3,AshxMay,AshxMs Ketchem@.@,CustomxCustom.
Bakugan(Dont judge lol)-DanxRuno,DanxJulie,ShunxAlice,DanxAlice,DanxMira,AcexMira.AnyonexMylene(Mostly would be bondage.)
Darker than Black-HeixSuou,HeixRin.
Digimon-AnyonexAnyone(Too many pairings to list as long as its MxF)
Megaman EXE-LanxMaylu,LanxAny girl(Again to many to list),MegamanxAny Female navi.
Megaman Starforce-GeoxSonia,GeoxMs Stelar,GeoxLuna.(Can also we wave changed)BlyxSomeone(Even loners need love)
High School of the Dead-KomuroxAny of the girls except Alice,KomuroXOlder Alice, OCxOC and anyother type of pairing. I wanna try Saeko badly.
Normal/Fantasy style
Would mostly be modern and or fantasy mixed.
HumanxVamp(Vice Versa)
HumanxWerewolf(Vice Versa)
MasterxSlave(Vice Versa)
AnthromorphxAnthromorph(Can be Sonic related or otherwise)
More will be added later.


Kaiser Maverick

Story Ideas

~Making Learning fun~
I would be playing a college student struggling in a certain class(Psychology seeing as that is what im majoring in). While reviewing a my latest quizzes you find that I'm not going to pass the class. Your, having a kind heart, offer to tutor me on my time off. But you make the mistake of wearing a skimpy dress while we study and I cannot control myself.....

~Kingdom and Sword~
This is going to be a basic knight and princess story with me playing the knight. The knight is a young new recruit with raw talent that needs to be honed.  As encouragement to become her sole protector, she offers her body to him. But the king is well aware of their relationship and does not approve.
~Kingdom Hearts: Burning Inferno~
We are new Keyblade Masters who are quite volitile and destructive. We cause destruction and chaos whenever we battle heartless. The higher masters decide its time we need to be seperated but due to the close bond we have formed, we sneak away to find a place to call home....

~HALO:Endowed~(May be a group may not)
Yes call me a fan boy but since Halo Reach came out I have been in love with spartans. I am looking for a female who knows alot about the halo universe or a guy as well. This will be a love story but not alot of sex. We are two spartans who have just got engaged(In the books spartans have low sexual drives as a side affect of augmentation but we are different). Soon we are to be honorably discharged so we may marry but our frigate is attacked and severed in half. We must don our armor once more and make it off our severed ship alive...before the Covenant come and salvage our ship. We also have a race against the clock to leave before a nuke is detonated(The Cole Protocol)
Warning:Im not going to be overly anal about details and weapons but if you try and make the spartan or elite out to be a God then no.

Kaiser Maverick

Kaiser Maverick

New roleplay added
-High School of the Dead Pairings