(NC/EX/Bon) Looking for a few good writing partners.

Started by Mercurial, August 23, 2010, 03:28:31 AM

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I'll be having some time coming up, and I've got the free time for a few plots. What I'm looking for specifically:

- Someone interested in long-term RP. Preferably someone interesting in fairly long, literate plots. I'll admit some of the games I'm in, I don't post things that long, but I tend to do so in a general sense, and looking to stretch my abilities a bit, if that makes sense.

- Generally interested in games involving D/s themes. This can range from pretty tame to stuff that really, really belongs in Extreme. Right now, I am indeed interested in that harder end of things. That being said, I'm a huge fan of relationship driven kink, rather than explorations of arbitrary cruelty. Along those lines, I enjoy games where people have realistic reactions to things - I don't expect slaves to have multiple rolling orgasms from a rape, for example - or indeed expect intercourse to end in mutual climax. Confusion, uncertainty, characters trying and failing, etc. are all parts of a potentially interesting narrative.

- I'm happy to play male or female characters - and alright with others playing their gender, or the opposite. At the moment, I'm pretty much tapped out of my ability to write a compelling Dom, so I'm looking preferably for Dominant partners, although I could play with a submissive with a particularly compelling plot. I'm willing to play M/f, F/f, F/m and under limited, really compelling circumstances, M/m.

- My O/Os: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=69790.0

Potential Plots:

Generally, I like to create potential plots with my partners, rather than looking to slot people into characters or plots that exist in my mind alone. So below are some samples of what I'm looking for, but aren't set in stone, and aren't anything close to an exhaustive list. If you're inclined toward working something out, PM me, or post in this thread and I'll get in touch with you.

- A shiny silver coin to anyone who wants to do a Warhammer or Warhammer 40K plot. Also very interested in a Exalted plotline if anyone so desires. These will get first consideration.

At the moment, primarily looking for Fantasy or Pseudo-Historical plots, a bit burned out of modern plots.

- A Noble's Pet: Given as a gift, captured among a fallen rival's possessions, or raised from birth to provide companionship, a loyal and attentive slave serves as both a private attendant and, as they both grow older, a more intimate roles. This story could very well focus on either the slave's expanding duties, or the threats that come to face an established Owner/slave relationship.

- Supernaturals: I'd be interested in playing a plot around being owned by a being of considerably more power than a mortal human. Monsters, dragons, supernatural critters, demons and the like. My one request is no vampires. Non-anthropomorphic versions are acceptable :)


Hey Mercurial!

What do you think about this for a fantasy plot: You're a male slave to a powerful elven huntress. We live in an elven village where the more docile humans are often kept around as slaves. Your main duties would be keeping her hut clean and helping her while hunting, fetching the down animals and so on. Plot could go in many ways including her getting hurt while hunting and you having to tend for her, or maybe she falls in love with you, etc. She'd be a playful type of mistress, not the ruthless dominatrix type.

Let me know.