Dark Twilight

Started by FlaminGlory, August 20, 2010, 12:29:27 PM

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I know that people on this site don't like Twilight and I don't either but what I am looking for is a Darker version of it. Meaning the way that vampires are suppose to behave, I wouldn't mind them being able to come out durning the day time when there is clouds, but no emo, sparkles or anything like that. Hit me up if you would like to know more. Currently coming up with a plot idea,but should have one soon.


If anyone knew that I even considered this, I'd be hung to dry, but I always thought Twilight needed a... rework.

What kind of characters are you looking into? The original characters, except 'non-fairy' versions, or something different?

I can have some fun with this one.


Well you don't have to tell them out loud. I never do.

The characters I am looking for is pretty much the same except the non-fairy version. I had an idea where Bella ends up dying and Of course Edward blames himself for it. I was thinking of him being angry at everyone and decieds to take out on the new girl in town. If you don't mind me playing an OC.