Looking for a Female to play with. (closed)

Started by bigdean777, August 18, 2010, 06:03:25 PM

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Looking to get involved in a new thread.

I am a big fan of blackmail and non consensual scenes.

I have a few ideas, though I am certainly open to hear yours.

Captured Burglar:  You break into my home one night, thinking I am out for the night.  I am not and catch you.  I would like to see a good struggle.  This can land anywhere on the scale from blackmail to pure non con.  Some light bondage, Maybe some toys?

Tenant late with rent:  You know how it works.  You cant pay your rent, solutions are offered.  I would like to see this take you into some stuff out of our characters normal range.

Busted shoplifter:  Mall cop, cuffs, isolated office.  How far will you go to stay out of trouble?  Or is the temptation too much for him to resist?

Desperate Sales girl:  You have not made a sale in a while.  You boss has made it clear your time is almost up before you are replaced.  How far are you willing to go to make that sale?

Snowed In:  The blizzard of the decade has snarled up travel, bringing it to a halt.  You end up stranded somewhere.  Mall, small motel, airport (up to discussion).  I take advantage of the situation.

PM me to discuss.

I am looking for someone who is going to post once a day, most days.  I am also looking for someone that can balance out all there stories.  I have to admit, it bothers me to see someone post 8 times to one of their other threads and zero times to ours.  It is one thing if you cant post that day, or you can only squeeze one in and its not mine.  I think it is only fair that your posts are spread out.  If you ever want to end a thread, just let me know.  No hard feelings.  Also be open to discuss the thread a little bit by PM.  I guess I am just looking for a regular, courteous partner.  Not too much to ask for I don't think.