First-time Ideas, Native American Spirits, Seduction [M for F, (& GM)]

Started by sisutl, August 18, 2010, 02:37:48 PM

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This is my first invitation to RP as I'm new to E.  Feel free to check out my introduction post in the introduction forum for a sampling of my writing and my O/O's.  I'm a pretty flexible go with the flow guy so if you have some stories you think I'd fit into well them let me know.  I'm excited to give this a go, but I don't have much recent experience.  I've played D&D long ago, been so long I don't remember what edition (it was middle school, early high school years) and I haven't done anything in other systems.  I haven't done much adult writing, so I'll do my best.

I've got a few ideas I'll throw out, some more fleshed out than others.  For those that are less than complete, I'd love any additions or thoughts you might have about story background. 


Sisutl (my avatar's namesake)

Sisutl or Sisiutl is a Sea serpent in NorthWest North America.  It is a shape changer that can take human form (it's most common form), but it can also be a salmon, or a self-propelled canoe.  So powerful are Sisiutl, that contact, stepping on one’s slime trail, or even seeing one, was believed to cause sickness or death. According to legend, looking at the sisiutl can turn a person into stone. It is believed to be a powerful protective spirit that has been employed to guard the entry ways of many homes, and many warriors adorn themselves with sisutl for protection in battle.  Thunderbirds are one of the few predators of sisutl.  I have a tattoo of sisutl and a thunderbird on my chest, so this story intrigues me, but I don't have a particular direction for it.

Some thoughts I have are two supernatural beings, sisutl and thunderbird or other being and their interactions.  This could be that two tribes use the beings as there guardians, and the beings do battle, one subduing the other, or the two being awed by the others powers and a romance sort of thing developing.

Another idea is a woman or a family have adopted sisutl as their guardian and one day the creature actually visits the woman (and family?), and we explore where things go from there.  Perhaps the family is in some crisis and needs sisutl.

A young Sisutl in human form discovering his powers, or being the powerful spirit also intrigue me.

If any of these sound interesting to you please let me know, and maybe provide a bit of what your imagination is adding to them, and/or maybe an opening entry.

I'm currently playing one version of this, but would still be open to others, so if anything about this intrigues you feel free to let me know where you'd like to take it and maybe we can give that a try.

Neighbor Seduction
Got this genesis of this idea from reading others, hope you don't mind my borrowing it.  Benjamin can't seem to feel fulfilled, so he turns to the internet hoping to find a girl to meet his needs.  It takes forever, but he finally finds someone interesting.  Ben continuous finds that the internet leaves his nearly satisfied but wanting more, if only he could find someone near by he thinks, what a combination it would be to have a real life and an internet girlfriend.  (You) are skimming through an on-line site when you notice someone who strikes your fancy.  Never wanting to give too much away you pretend to be someone and somewhere else.  Over time you discover that your internet buddy is Benjamin, the guy who lives across the street from your new apartment and decide you'd like to have some fun ...

Mutual Enemies (fantasy world)
This seems a bit tricky to me, I'm not sure how best to set it up, but what I have in mind is a male female romance in which they would be the main characters in a fantasy sort of world, (you know there is some evil that is out to destroy something of significance to the world or the two of them).  They develop into heroes to fight this power and a romance develops as well.  My typical fantasy character is a ranger sort of character, comfortable in nature, generally not the outgoing, but protective and shares knowledge of the things he knows.  I'm open to your choosing a female character that you think is appropriate.  What I'm not sure about is if this is a one on one role-play or a three person role play with a game master to set the scene for what the two adventures face is the better way to go.  If you think you could play the female and create the setting for the characters at the same time go for it, otherwise perhaps I'm looking for a female and a game master (who is willing to provide interesting scenarios and also step back a bit perhaps if steamy scenes develop, although an attack mid lovemaking could spice things up, who knows). 

Currently doing a two player version of this, would still be interested in trying a group RP at some point if anyone had a world they think something like this would fit into.

If these are interesting to anyone I look forward to hearing from you.

The Gypsy Queen

The native American spirits idea sounds very interesting to me... I would like to hear a bit more about it if you don't mind...