The House of the Dead

Started by Stan', August 18, 2010, 11:05:38 AM

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Oh, that takes me back.  Especially the 25-second mark.  That familiar demo roll of 90s arcades.

So I'm thinking something plain, and simple.  "The House of the Dead" role-play.

A pair of detectives (no specific gender) come face-to-face with a house full of zombies.
Some of the workers are still alive, and they try to help.
However, many are infected and sometimes the zombification happens at the most inconvenient of times,
rather than a gradual decline in health.  Zombies are known to "burst out" in similar circumstances as The Thing.
It doesn't take them long to realise that the mad-man behind it all is waiting for them.

Huh.  Sounds like Resident Evil.

Le Immortelle

Oh the game is an absolute classic! Such fun.

This sounds fun..plenty of ass kicking of zombies and several oppurtunities for us to look absolutely cool while doing so. :D PM me if you wanna do it. :)