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Started by Machete, August 18, 2010, 09:14:50 AM

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I just started using Google Chrome.  Thus far, I haven't had any problems here.  Should I expect any problems with Chrome on this site?


I've been using Chrome to browse here regularly, and I've had no problems myself; so I think you should do all right.  :)
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I swapped to Chrome after Opera wasn't handing a script for dealing with the to field in PMs. It's been quick and neat, though I don't use shoutbox, or the webirc.


Only thing I've see with Chrome, is that some sites for things like online banking, and printing online coupons and such don't work with it (or didn't at the time, haven't checked lately). They make you use IE or Firefox, but Chrome is great though for Elliquiy.


I have been using chrome for a few months now. never had any problems, except for a few flash movies crashing. but i had that in every browser (i hate flash -.- )
seen no problems here either in my half an hour liftime here :P


thanks.  that's what I needed to know.