The Closet She-Monster [Exotic, Seeking F, UN]

Started by TheVillain, August 17, 2010, 11:33:19 AM

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When Evan agreed to house sit he certainly wasn't expecting this. Not by a long shot.

The 22 year old Evan Masters has recently graduated from college, which is about the only good thing going on in his life. With no job and having broken up with his last girlfriend a couple weeks ago neither situation looks like there's going to be any prospects to change it any time soon. So when his parents asked him to watch the house while they took his little brother Mark on a two-week long Boy Scouts camping trip he mostly agreed out of boredom.

But then Mark had an unusual request. Mark believes with all of his heart that there's a monster in his closet. Scared and not seeing any other options, Mark asks his older brother to sleep in his room and investigate over the two weeks. Evan agrees mostly because he thinks he may as well get something done, and his little brother's room is better then the guest room he was going to sleep in otherwise.

But Evan learns in that first night that not only was his little brother right about there being a monster in his closet, but she's quite a woman as well. . .

[Alright, so that's my latest idea- man "investigates" his younger brother's claim of their being a monster in his closet only to discover that not only is the kid right but the closet monster is a woman. We can take it a lot of ways, from the monster-woman tries to use him for breeding to the monster-woman and Evan actually try to date. Willing to refine it more with my RP partner, post or PM me if interested.]
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