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Author Topic: CrazyKri's Idea Box [UPDATED 7/24/11][F need M or F ][dieing to RP!<3]  (Read 1296 times)

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Hello My Dear Friends;

I would like to first point out i am mainly a sub but i do role play dom or switch. Also I am very literate and can post anywhere from three paragraphs to an entire page, so my post length is entirely dependent on your own post size. I am very detailed I(unless i get writers block >.> )and put a lot of effort into role plays, even the small things, little details mean the world to me and serve to draw me further into the plot, which in turn only increases the energy I put into my posts. Nothing deters me more than bad grammar and poor writing, please if you are not a skilled writer then save us both the trouble and don't PM me. No offense meant, but I get very tired of setting up RPs just to find out my partner doesn't know basic grammar. I know i do miss-spell some things but one liners are a disappointment. Which means please be able to post at least a small paragraph with decent grammar and spelling and clear sentence structure. Also as a note on July 24 2011right now I'm in the mood for playing a subordinate role, if you are scared of playing a -at least- a FIRM character...then we probably would not be a good match. In other words- pansy soft characters need not apply. We just wont be a good match. However, the point is to have a balance between the dominance and the kindness- NOTE I'm not looking for someone to play a CRUEL role in an rp <_< ...... =) But i may allow some weakness :) as in later in the roleplay.  Best way to reach me is by PM (private message). I do Rps either on PM or by instant message. I don't care to do them in a thread ( I am not fond of strangers having access to my personal thoughts). Please tell me whether you are male or female- I dislike having to assume, and your gender helps me decide which of my plots I am willing to do. Though I thoroughly enjoy rping with both genders ^_^ - thanks! far be it fro me to ask for perfection but I want the rp to have good flow and substance. As for my limits/likings/kinks- that is to be discussed. But I want the rps- sex-containing or not- to have some amount of substance. Thanks!I do have some of my own rp ideas, but I am more than willing to listen to yours, and I love to compromise out an rp idea that is unique and different! ^______^

 If you have any questions PM me!!!

<3 Enjoy <3

Note: There are links through out the posts. As how my characters look: if i have a look for how a room or a layout or even a city if i find one that picks my thought of it ^^ Just to help ;P

Things I want NOW!!! [July 24 2011]::

1. A partner who is able to play a role in which they play a range of dominance. This means be able to play a firm dominance all the way up to overly controlling dominance. ( And dominance does not equal cruelty or violence)
2.Right now I'm looking for something a bit more romantic, with a few love triangles or...something like that anyway.
3.And if you are capable of playing multiple characters within the rp, that will catch my attention even more ^__^
4.Write more then three paragraphs :)

Big Note:
1.I am looking for long term roleplays! <3 That means more then one month <3
2.All roleplays are kinked with the ideas of possible prego( Although a few is meant to become prego!!), and any wild kink i have. <3
3. again this is all the reasons for a long roleplay <3

Themes I Like

Pregnancy Risk
Mail order Bride
well all but murder <3

1. Just because one of the roleplays are taken doesn't mean I will not roleplay with you. I enjoy different versions of my plots <3
2. You may not like some of the below Plots
3. Any plot can be changed to suite your likings as well as mine <3
5. Must PM me!! <3 Any questions? PM me! <3 Keeps this page easy to find roleplay ideas<3 Don't take it personal

NOTE: Anything listed in my characters likes, loves and favs means i like them too :P But here is a link My On and Offs:Turn me on <3(click here)

my Characters:

External Links:

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My Ideas
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2010, 11:24:33 AM »
My Ideas:Remember any plot can be role-played with many different people! <3


~~[New] Lovely Fake Love [Want To Start] [F/M]  Mi(female) Is a lovely girl with a best friend (you) who have been around each other for a long time. They have always known each other and there family have always gotten along... Then the family secret gets out... They have been arranged to get married since they were both born. They were both sworn into marriage by their great grandparents to keep the two clans at peace with each other. If they denies the marriage it would bring shame to both of the families and could possibly start a war.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ok, so i wanted this type of role play for a while but have yet to find anyone who might be interested. Soo yeah haha.
A few Plots:

1. After a week when they find out about there arrange marriage they refuse but once the male character, you, finds her showering, in her pajamas, or another idea like in the hot springs which he has never saw her like this before and find himself attracted to her.
2. They refuse the wedding completely which causes a war to break out, which ends up reining the two family ties but they end up together fighting for their lives some how, we can talk more about this idea.
3. They both had a crush on each other for a long time, and can not help but to fall in love. Blah blah sap story.
4. He becomes dominate and forces her into his crazy sex ideas. Nothing to BDSM please. We can discus what can be used :)
5. Any plot that you may have ;)

Ok, I will allow even black mail into marriage :) Also, they are my ideas and I am always open to changes or other ideas in my plot ;) so feel free tehe

~~ Origami Love [ Wants to start] [F/F] - A young female,Ayami 18, seems to be always making origami when this other female seemed to be very intrigued by her every day working. Ayami looked like every other female but under all the layers she had double D's bright golden skin and a body to kill although no body knew until this female came into her life. Career: Rock star ;) or model
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ok i am dying for some lesbian action ;) obviously because it is in red. Isn't she cute though? ^^
Few plots:
1. Ayami mets a female who is wildly attracted to her, kidnaps her ( or stalks lol) even trains her to become her slave, but of course letting Ayami keep her crazy lifestyle that she already has.
2. A female runs into Ayami at a local visual kie rock band concert and they were drunk, or really into the music during the mosh pit that they end up doing stuff together which leads into future plots... :D
3. Ayami is black mailed into going out with the girl but ends up falling for her, eventually.
4. any idea you may have helps too ;)

Remember if you like the idea, and has some changes, or anything at all. Let me know. ;)

~~ The Rice Field [F/M] - rural japan about the 1500's a family owned a rice farm near a little village. The oldest, Mika 17ish, travels between her families farm and the village almost every day delivering there rice to the local fresh market to sell. Every day since she old enough to go without her father, she went. There was no crime, no worries in this little area yet this is also were Mika finds her first and only love yet she never gets to marry him for the wealthy son of the emperor happens to be there with his father doing the annual travel to see his land. Having the emperor talk to her father, and give the father thousands of money for his oldest daughter without her knowledge.

~~ Perhaps Love [really wants to start] [M/F] - Keaki, 19. Year 2026, Keaki's family is poor, barely making it to survive and yet a huge secret that dated back to the great great grandfather who held a promise to the warlord. That promise was his great great grand daughter would be married to his great great grand son. Keaki nor the warlord's son knew of this promise but there parents did and have been planning there engagement for years. Even though Keaki goes to a well to do college, she has met the son of the warlord but he has no idea who she is yet when he first sees her thinks shes very pretty but will never think so until he falls madly in love.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ok this is like the first idea, but it is different ;)
1. Keaki and your character are forced into liking each other and even living together by family members that leads the warlords son to fall for keaki as he sees her every day, bathing and such.
2. Warlord being a shy person doesn't expect this from his parents and lashes out because he does not want to marry her but began to fall for her although she refuses to get married to him. Although over time she caves in because she starts to realize her feelings for him are pure.
3. any ideas you are willing to share ;)
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Re: CrazyKri's Idea Box [UPDATED March 22nd]
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2011, 10:40:00 PM »
War like

~~ The Blade [F/F] [M/F] - From rival clans that are in search of a blade, but in the mist of the battle a female, Lulua(20), is sent out all alone to find this blade while her companions search in other regions. She searches deep into the mist mountains when she is caught by the rival member, and he doesn't seem to let her go. There is a blade to end all wars if in the right hands... A blade to cure everything that went wrongs millions of years ago. but with romance happens on the battle field, will it end their lives or turn to a switch in getting the blade for the wrong reason?


~~[NEW] lets call it...Music... - Wants to start [F/F][F/M][F/M/M]{F/F/M][F/F/F] - The year is 2013, and the world just found out it would be safe. It happens that in the very prestigious university called of Koi University all the students are happy and celebrating. There is alcohol everywhere, and many students happy. Even the teachers, deans, everyone is partying. Yet one female... Luna. Everyone things of her as a music nerd. She knows a lot about music, and yet no one knows she is a millionaire. She is a stock gamble with music affairs. She loves it to a extent where she even plays the guitar very well. She owns her own suite at the tallest hotel town home in the city of tokyo that over looks the entire city. Everyone wonders why she doesn't live at school though, and why she stays there till one or two in the morning.. Till someone starts to figure her out because they have always had a thing for her.. But they were caused into a bet by friends to do so. At first.. They didn't like her, and at first they didn't know how amazing she is.. Till they started to annoy her by trying to find everything out.... then they found out through the dean that she needed a tutor.. They jumped on this!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So here is my idea. I really would love to start this role play <3
My idea: So she is a stock trader but she is horrible with math :O but she is pretty ;) Also, you can play as twins or two siblings or two best friends or just one person. If you wish to play as two characters, Ill also say she needs to be tutored in history or art. :) Also, she has a lot of kinks ;)
She loves a lot of ideas like love and such mushy things. She is pretty much the same as the felecia likes and my likes ;) Sooo just ask me if i like blah or blah. Also no none human races unless you make it make since. :D Anyway, she is 19. :) Hope to find a good person to make this into a long term roleplay.
Possibility: Pregnant :)
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« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2011, 10:43:53 PM »

~~[NEW][Want To Start]- The Dorm Life - [f/f],[f,f,f,f],[f/f/m/m][f/f/f/m][f/m/m/m],[f/f/m],[f/m/m],[F/f/f] or [ f/m] - At a university where humans never seen nekos, demons or anything else. It is almost rare to see one ever at this university in this large city. A female, Kieako Uzime goes by Kie(Kie with her wings) 19, known as the shy girl who no one knows but they do know she is very attractive, and very silent almost mysterious like. One of the best GPA's at the university, and a secret. She was a rejected angel, in other words a fallen angel but still has her wings but they seem almost dead. When her wings do appear her eyes turn red and her skin turns slightly more pale. She had one problem though, Her dorm mom recently told her that the dorm she is staying at is going co-ed and since she has two empty rooms she needs to expect a new roommate or two. Knowing this Kie was upset because the only thing keeping her from sleeping in the same room as the others was the layout.( Her room is the room on the far right, and if its only two characters then take out the two on each side. ) The next morning she was at her calculus class but once had returned to her dorm room she was surprised to see the door to her dorm room was opened, and once she opened the door, Her new roommate(s) were in the living room which surprised her because she did not believe it would be so soon.

[Can be more then one person if all three/four agrees to it. :)][College and experiment]

~~ My Bloody Love[Want To Start] [F/F] or [M/F] - The biggest and the strongest vampire sits waiting for a female to fulfill the wishes of his love but not yet has anyone field that until a vampire female, Zea, from a vampire clan on the other side of the world shows up beaten, hurt and almost to the point of dead. Something within her is wanted and yet she looks strong her ability was very strong. A long wait for this love to come, but her love does not come so easily yet this brings a alliance with her clan..

~~ They call it.. Candy [F/F] [M/F] [M/M] - Theirs a world where everyone seems so happy, and everything looks weird. everything we thought was green is now purple including the grass, trees and shrubs. Anything red is tan, purple is black, blue is pink, and so on. Everything just seems surreal to the two new comers. They become entwined into a new life and everything seemed wonderful until this thing.. There not sure what it is but sure it is a doll. The doll skin seems like real flesh, one eye is soft green and the other is teal, the skin a soft and light shade of flesh, the hair was soft and silky bright pink, and her clothing was a strapless black silk dress that went to her knees with no shoes. They fell in love with the doll and named her Ke. They started to notice that everyone but them and the doll had skin that was not that pinkish color. it was a deep red but they knew they never notice this before. Then when they brought Ke with them into town to shop for groceries, everyone seemed so loving to the doll as if it was a baby. The newcomers had no idea the terror they were going to be in.


~~ The Occultist [M/F] - When a clumsy wizard falls madly in love with a cheerful occultist during a escape from a attack on there city from the towns people and yet with the ones who got away, including the wizard and the occultist happens to be near a Monk, Warrior, Guard, and a servant there howl time untill something happens that splits everyone up.. Yet, how can a serene monk tear them apart?

~~ My Dear Healer [M/F] [F/F] - I the capital city called Kermaville holds the most smartest and yet also the dangerous people in the howl world. Everyone who enters the city, either makes it out in a casket or barely alive at all. The town if looked at from the outside looks very pretty, and calm but nor do they know all the excitement, horror, and horrid events that take place inside the secretive city. In it, a short-tempered healer falls madly in love with an experienced murderer - all thanks to a service from the murderer. What role will an engagement play in their relationship?

~~  The Towns Secret [F/F][M/F] - Everyone was afraid of the mansion at the end of the road and no one dared spoke of that house nor the...things. That live it. When the boyfriend/girlfriend gets a job as the head manager of the local and only grocery store, He/She took it because it was better than sweeping at a endless dead end job. Leaving his/her girlfriend to find a job on her own, but living so close to the end of the road where a twenty foot old stone wall and black cast iron gate seemed to be there neighbor which seemed to bother her. He/She continues everyday wondering about this so-called wall and the gate. He/She quickly asked his/her employee's about the wall, gate and whatever was behind it. They looked at him weirdly and said" What house?" and he continues to tell the street, and the addressee but still the same answer. While this is all going on his/her girlfriend notices the gate open for the first time, but when it closes, she saw an all-black with black tinted windows limo stroll down the street. she looked out the window as she watched it go by slowly but then she saw a face, a face that scared her yet left her so turned on she couldn't figure anything out.
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Re: CrazyKri's Idea Box [UPDATED March 23rd]
« Reply #4 on: March 23, 2011, 07:09:30 PM »

~~[NEW]-Inside This Bottle - [F and F/M] or {F and F/F]- Im playing as two "Yuri" girls who wants to try out a cock or another girl for once :D - A world seemed very silent all of the time, and nothing seemed to go wrong. Every family looked picture perfect but there was one that seemed to catch everyones eye very well. It was these two girls and they seemed not like any others. They were perky, and very much lesbians as everyone thought which you could see all the males and even some females watch them as they would make out in the streets. Although no one saw them having steamy sex, they sure did have a lot of it. them two used all type of toys, and loved it to death. Having losing there virginity to each other from toys which showed that they were very close. Keko and Lea are their names and being very attractive. Keko, being the female with long black hair, and size C breast was the shy more to herself mysterious of the two but Lea was the loud, DD size breasts, colorful personality and very productive. It shows that Lea was the one who put the first move on Keko but it was Keko who put the move on Lea first. The two lived together and where actually porn stars but no one would known it if they would not of told them which is the big secret between them. Once they noticed a new neighbor moving into the house next to them, and noticing it was a very attractive(male/Female). The two wanted to add the new neighbor into their little love fest even if they did not want to be in it. From that day on Keko could be seen in the windows where the new neighbor could see her with only a bow in her hair and a very tiny bikini, naughty outfits or whip cream on just walking around doing chores. Then Lea would be outside taking a dip into the pool out back nude and sun bathing nude as well.
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Re: CrazyKri's Idea Box [UPDATED March 29th][F need M or F ]
« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2011, 06:40:14 PM »
1. I added my characters <3 still working on the others <3 soo there will be more :D
2. Still accepting any ideas!! <3 And roleplays <3
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Added a few things:
Spoiler alerts on the oriental ideas. Added a new idea. Also added the " I want to start or I really want to start ;)".

Also, if anyone wants me to role play one of their ideas let me know. :)

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Note: will be adding new Spoiler alerts to the other ideas later. Also, any ideas from anyone is welcomed for my plots or ideas ;) I do not turn down thoughts :D

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Just added lets call it...Music...  plot and the modern section or plots ;) woooooooo