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Started by TenchuFall, August 15, 2010, 12:09:02 PM

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I don't know how original these are, but I want to have a got at them.

A Wlecome Visitor (Light or Bondage)

A young woman, happening to be homeless, is knocking on doors. Every door on this particular, run-down stretch of road. After fleeing from a creep and losing three dollars to a mugger, she feel hopeless, trying to find a place to stay in the upcoming severe storm. Until she happens upon a nicer looking home with a manicured garden and sprinklers hosing the already green grass. Biting her lip, she thinks of how snobbish rich people can be, but she doesn't pass up the slim chance. She walks up to the door and gives a couple pounds with her small fist. It starts to rain. The rain washes away the grime and dirt on her face, revealing a very attractive woman to the man who opened the door.

The man has a failing marriage. The wife had just left with a suitcase full of her things and left him standing there with a glass of scotch on the rocks. Perhaps he was drunk, or just enamored by her face, but he allows her in, the wrong head thinking, either way. He allows her to shower and to stay in the spare bedroom accross the hall from the guest bath upstairs. She notices a number of pictures laid down, but thinks it wise to not ask questions, so she goes to take her shower. When she's done and dressed in different clothes, cleaner clothes, she comes down and sees the man napping on the sofa. He's not unnattractive, and her mind slips to more audacious things.

It can go two ways from here: (a) the wife can return, grow jealous and then join the two; (b) the wife can return, grow exceptionally angry and leave, with threats of revenge.


There's a problem with the family pet (Exotic)

T. Humper, so aptly named by the family's teenage boy for the fact that he was a rabbit (with a beautiful white coat and beautiful red eyes), was perhaps the unluckiest rabbit that anyone could ever meet. Chased by dogs, firecrackers thrown at his feet, a paper bag thrown over his head, T. Humper was tormented by all of those. But he escaped. He got away before the dog could bite his ear. His poor circumstance soon changed, however...

In the park, he met this girl. She was reading a book and chewing on a celery stick, which she had pulled from the bag of vegetables beside her. Feeling bold, T. Humper skipped forward, then inched closer to the bag. When she had finished the celery, she reached down, only to feel something... furry? Jerking her hand away, she looks to see a white rabbit eating one of her carrot sticks. After a spontaneous grabbing and hugging and verbal flattery, she takes him home. Back to the same house he fled from.

See, the girl had just finished her first semester of her masters program. She was coming home for a little R&R. As they approached the house, the boy stood there with a paper bag, labelled 'blasters.' After a defense of the rabbit, she takes him up to the security of her room. The young woman sets him on her soft bed while she pulls out her equipment and books to begin writing her masters' thesis. Her topic: alternatives to hair dye. T. becomes a new experiment. His fur turning yellow, brown, gold, teal, grey, red, green, and finally black. However, his fure never changes after it turns black. Instead, the rabbit becomes something... different.


Let's make a deal... [EX]

The rivalry of siblings is a constant battle of supremacy. The same is true for a pair of paternal twins. Both approaching the adulthood age of 18 and both starting their senior year of highschool. Public school... I mean... let's not make this too racey. This particular duo makes their rivalry out of bets and dares. One to call the other a chicken or a lame-o. However, when the gambling stakes go higher... their game takes a completely different turn.

Starting off with a simple, you wear my shirt to school, the brother decides to up the wages by playing cards to entice their blossoming sexual curiosities. But, not to be outdone, tom-boyish sister also adds in her own spins. This develops into more, and far worse debts to be paid. And such a shame they're both competitors... they keep trading wins.


School for Witches and Wickedry

Since the escapades of Harry and the infamous Lord V, the world had become a safer place. But, as we know, time changes. The era has called in a new fad to the wizarding world. This fad being... Premarital Sex. And the indecency of that comes from the use of magic itself to induce physical changes or create stimulation. As everyone knows, curiosity killed the cat, but it did little for those that attempted to give themselves and ogre's girth or a chocolate milk producing nipple.

However, there were a select few that had made such an act into an art. And it was one girl's turn to take advantage of her prefect. Who had seemed to taunt her with his ability and skill, but keep her happy with his charm. Now she knows something... that he doesn't.


Hotel: Fancy

On a business trip, a young business woman steps into the lobby of a hotel called Fancy. The initial drab appearance does put her off, but since she had already walked in, she decided "What the hell?" Setting her bags in front of the counter, she lifts her eyes to stare at this gorgeous woman, large breasted, full-lipped, slim waist, long legged. She was a real piece of work. Without a word, she pointed to the check-in log and the business woman looks into the book. On one page is lined, half-filled with names, the other is a menu, describing various services. Each one sounds delicious, and the rates are very inexpensive.

The buisinesswoman decides to get the presidential treatment, to include the escort of a man for her duration. After filling the paper out, she is presented with a key and the woman behind the desk disappeared to the back. She didn't return, but a man had appeared. His body was nothing to shirk at, she noted, and he was quite handsome. With a charming smile and a curt nod, the man picks up her bags and leads her to the elevator. Once they're both inside, the elevator begins its journey up, but, half-way there, the elevator stops and the lights flicker. Almost instantly she's making out with the man. Stuck in the elevator, they're given complete seclusion, so why not?


After a Workout

First time ever seriously talking to a girl he just met, a young man instructs and shows an older woman around the gym. He's not exactly buff, but he has his own appeal. But the woman is a stair-master pro. Her body is smoking and her questions about the facility only keep him rooted to the spot and listening while staring at her. He finally shows her to the aerobics room where she immediately takes to the stairs. The man works his upper-body. Squats soon follow, but he somehow stays oblivious to the stares he receives from the woman.

On the other side of the coin, she does catch him staring at the beautiful orbs of her ass and her toned thighs. Biting his lip, he has to turn away and continue working out, trying to remove himself of his erection. When the young man finishes, he turns to find the woman had disappeared. He shakes his head and walks into the locker room.

He's shocked to find the woman, her shorts around her ankles and her hand spreading the cheeks of her ass. She sultrily says, "Fuck my ass," and he obliges whole-heartedly.

Afterwards, she gives him her home address and invites him over. Only to find out she's married and her husband just returned from Afghanistan. She explains their relationship... but not her cheating. He's a "friend." The husband shrugs it off. The two are in the clear... but she wants more of the younger man...