Just a M/F pairing [M looking for F]

Started by Dray, August 15, 2010, 02:00:41 AM

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So compared to all of my recent request and role plays that I have been looking for and joining in, this one is pretty straight forward.  Just two humans in the modern world, a simple M/F pairing, but perhaps a not so simple relationship.

I am looking for any ideas, suggestions, cravings, kinks or whatever.  Any plot, pairing that you may think of as long as there is some romance here and there and it is mostly on the consensual side.  Now I like to explore so of course this couple would be anything but boring.  Perhaps a younger couple, who they are to each other and how they met, matters not to me.  Where we jump into the story such as at the beginning of their relationship or sometime right in the middle, matters not to me.  I am just looking for some creative minds to collaborate with right now.

Here are just some pairings I have in mind for starters, some of the pairings could be combined in a way as well of course, for example the Step Father could also be a teacher of the Step Daughter at the high school:

Step Son/Step Mother
Step Brother/Step Sister
Step Father/Step Daughter
High School Couple...nerds, jocks, goths, whatever
Artist, Photographer/Model
or throw one of your own pairings at me.

Feel free to PM me with whatever you have in mind, just check my Ons/Offs.


Hey, I wouldn't mind doing a HS couple.  We could be the usual popular hook up - Cheerleader/Jock.


checks all your on/offs .. ummmm yes ....hugs and kisses .

I want to do another story with you ...  smiles .