Looking for something a bit...casual. M/M, F/M

Started by BCdan, August 13, 2010, 10:12:02 PM

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I will make this as simple and quick as I can.   Basically I am looking for someone who can do casual RP's over the private messaging system.  Though I make paragraph length posts, I would like to try improvising a story as we post instead of agreeing to anything before hand or simply leaving background story to a minimum.  Instead I want to focus on the pure art of pleasing your character!

You see, I like to play as a crossdressing, highly feminine, petite little sorry excuse of a male sex slave who adores you to pieces.  Preferably, we can slip into character at a drop of the hat.  My character being somewhat sexually aggressive, but tame.  I can be very resistant and rude or I can be a perfect little angel. 

Whatever you want.  I simply need a partner I can be casual with.

Please PM me and if you want me to explain more or answer any questions.  Please have a decent grasp of grammar and spelling.

I hope to hear from somebody soon!

~I enjoy random PM's~