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Author Topic: Umbral's Dark Descent [MUL, F wanted for M/F, F/F, F/O]  (Read 3677 times)

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Umbral's Dark Descent [MUL, F wanted for M/F, F/F, F/O]
« on: August 13, 2010, 04:04:20 pm »
Open to roleplays via PM and Email only.

Owning Oneself -- Replicating Perfection -- F/f ***CRAVING***
This is an idea that originally blossomed with another person but I didn't hear more from them. The basic premise is that a powerful woman obtains an illicit clone of herself, to do with as she pleases. I am imagining a woman that is a crime lord, pirate, or something like that. Someone who has climbed from the top and life hasnt been pretty for them. Meanwhile, her clone would likely be rather naive and physically flawless. An innocently sensual or unabashedly sexual woman that doesnt realize the power she has over people, or their power over her... The relationship between her and her clone can go lots of different directions. It could be fairly romantic (with a certain power difference, of course) as she teaches her clone all the secrets she knows... all the way to very dark and kinky where her clone is treated as bimbo and a toy, letting her gang use her as they want.. or anything in between,  whatever you'd think fits. There could be plenty of room for kinks and exploration, but since hope is focusing as much on complex characters and the complicated interactions between them. So many angles to explore with this one!

My Character, Jordan and your character, her clone
Example opening post
Cloning was illegal.

That, of course, just meant you had to be even richer to get one. They were rare, as much a sign of wealth and power as much as they were a life insurance policy. Some people kept their clones in vats, or in induced comas, pretending they weren't people -- weren't themselves -- just living bags of body parts for storage.

Jordan had no such illusions. The clone had taken six years reach full maturation. Six long years she had waited to see what her fortunes can brought her.  She wasn't about to stuff it in a closet. No, she was going to take it out of the box and play with it. She glanced down at the datapad in her hand again, scanning over it for the thousandth time. She had it all memorized by now. But today was finally the day.

Patron: Jordan Brooklyn Jones
Subject: GMC003425-6

The follow genetic anomalies have been removed:
familial combined hyperlipidemia
predispotion to addiction
hereditary heart disease
genetic myopia
lactose intolerance
degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis
opositional-defiant disorder
significant decrease in all cancer rates

The following recoding was added:
increased resistance to environmental radiation
improved immune system with full suite of vaccinations
advanced regeneration of soft tissues
modified monoclonal antibodies
superficial modifications to appearance

Oppositional-defiant disorder. They called it a disorder because she stuck up for herself and wasn't going to roll over and play bitch? Fuck them, and fuck their 'disorders'. But what really got to her was the superficial modifications to appearance. Jordan read that line again, pursing her lips together. That wasn't her choice. Did they think she was... broken? Flawed? Knuckles clenched with a sudden burst of anger, but it was short lived as the giant blast doors to the landing port clanked and rattled apart. As the steam cleared from the pad, she saw the ramp was lowered from the cargo hold, and two proper looking men were escorting a timid, curious bombshell of a woman. All the woman's curves and flattering angles made even that medical-blue, cinched jumpsuit look flattering.

Jordan sauntered through the airlock and towards the shuttle, coming to a halt as she stood face to face with the other woman, noticing just how glossy and rich her hair was. Striking in its boldness. Her own hair was a richer, muted palette. Textured and possessing highlights bleached from the harsh sunlight.

At first glance, they seemed completely different people. Jordan's eyes were hardened from the years of horrors seen and inflicted. When they softened, it was to a sultry, smoldering gaze that crinkled them at the corners. A gaze full of confidence, and power. Not like the eyes staring back at her. All bright and gleaming, sparkling with all innocence of a doe that stumbled out of the forest. Had she ever been so naive? Jordan wondered. So raw?

She was perturbed to find the clone standing a fraction taller than herself. A clone grown with perfect nutritional intake and in prime physical condition. A body that never had to go days without food or drink irradiated water. A body that never lay cooking in a fevered sweat to fend off an infection. Jordan tried not to be bitter, but it didn't work.

The clone was, frankly, stunning, she had to admit. Not a mole nor scar graced her smooth flesh. Not that Jordan would ever call herself ugly, but years of gravity and simply living life took their toll, and no amount of anti-aging treatments or gene therapy would stop that. She knew she looked good, and knew to use that to her advantage. She didn't get this far without playing to all her attributes. Even the soft curved ones.

Just the thought of it brought her own hand towards her chest, but then she stopped, and took a step forward. Boldly, she reached out and slid her fingertips up along the clone's side, along her ribs and the outer swell of her breast until hard hand rested atop it.

They reminded her of her own, when she was a teenager. She sighed wistfully. Her hand fell away and back to her own side.

"Hello, me," she said with a wry smirk. her eyes bored into the others'. A mirror that wasn't, and she wondered what the clone was thinking. She was still the same woman as her, genetically. Almost.

A House of Brothers (plot origin from MystixLady)
The youngest of five, she had four older brothers that were very protective of her as she grew up. When she returns from college, she's now a sexy young woman whom her brothers swoon at the sight of. One of then catches her in a compromised position, and shares what he saw with his brothers. Together, they take the opportunity to bed her, whether she was willing or not.

Wicked Bitch
I am in a rare mood to play with a dyed-in-the-cloth Domme. I love the idea of a wicked witch toying with the foolish prince charming figure, breaking him against his will, or a knight of the royal house now forced to serve the evil queen after the king died.. I have attempted similar scenarios before, but they've fizzled before getting too far. Here are two examples (Cost of the Witch and Bound by Duty . This has the option of including more power play and switching of roles. Does the knight finally think enough is enough and tries to take the evil queen off the throne and teach her a lesson? Does the witch's pet project become an out of control warlock? Such possibilities...!

A Kingdom for a Queen
I got this idea from another thread. A GM and Character sort of thread, almost like a choose your own adventure. A queen, sorceress, or naive princess (your character) sets out to gain power, prestige, fame... whatever the reason, she works to gather allies, suitors, armies, etc. Of course, there's always a cost. Binding a devil is risky, especially when they want your virtue. And getting a legion of ogres might require proving yourself to the chieftain. Lots of smutty sex with a variety of people/creatures (of any gender, quite flexible). We can explore what specifics and the level of kink together.

I have had trouble explaining how this might go, so I came up with a very rough basic post to show the concept:
Example first post
She entered the grand meeting hall. A huge wood table dominated the middle of the room covered in maps and charts. At the far end of the room, the royal adviser stood waiting. He seemed impatient. The large man turned and looked at her. He gave a slight bow but wasted no breath before he was growling, "Your Highness, it is time to act. You do not have a husband. You do not have an heir. You have an army of pitiful peasants and old knights that have seen their best days already. We are weak, but there are ways," he paused, and looked over her luscious, provocative forms. "Ways to gain influence. Power. Wealth. I have many connections, Your Highness," he purred with a leer.

"I can only be an adviser if you take my advice. I am a man people listen to, and you would be wise to show your appreciation of my prowess," he said with a sharp, rather arrogant sniff.

Suddenly, with a pop of purple smoke, the imp that was bound from long-lost dark magic sat atop the table. It cackled and spat at the man. "You stupid man! She doesn't need you! She needs power, she needs... needs..." the imp trailed off, tilting its head as it looked to her. Its tongue lolled out and licked its thin lips that covered sharp teeth. Its long tail tensed and curled. "Needs... Oooh... we have needs, too... needs... but! But!" It jumped and skittered closer. "We are here to serve mistress. We can get the dark powers. The monsters and beasties and lesser things. They will be yours. Your fists! We crush them! We squeeze them... Squeeze... umm..." it trailed off again, staring at her in voyeuristic longing.

What Do You Do?
A) make sure the Advisor works for you. Pleasure him, and get him to help you make further plans.
B) let the Imp get out his distractions and pleasure himself with your body -- then he might remember more!

The Master's Milk Maid
First, I can't claim credit for this idea, but none the less I find it titillating and perverse in its taboo. A lord seeks to humilate and break in one of his subjects. Via magic or some other sort of drug, he has a way for his pet to lactate and places her on display during an invite only party..  where her breasts and their contents are a large part of the entertainment.  There are other ways of course that her leaking breasts can be put to good use, perhaps feeding others, feeding her master, or simply milking herself to relieve the pressure while he tends to his business.  (original from lunaticskitten)

Bred for Pain (or Pleasure)
The Deathridge women had a strange, dark past that went back generations. Their lives always different, yet always, ultimately, tragic. The source of that tragic was an elder vampire, who fell in love with the first of their line, many centuries ago. Knowing their lover would ultimately wither and die of old age, they ensured she married a mortal man, and continued their sordid affair with her. When she sank into the twilight of life, their eyes turned to her daughter, instead. And thus, every Deathridge woman as known the vampire's touch. Some of their lives have been tame and free, guided by a mysterious patron like a guardian angel. Others have been lives of imprisonment and abuse, slaves of a dark, monstrous owner, but ultimately they produced the next lover of the creature.

More recent generations saw the vampire ensuring his women married men of certain traits and types, as though one might breed dogs in a kennel. This century, science brought the vampire the power of genetics, and the most recent daughter was nearly 18 and turning into a prized specimen, one they would proudly call their own.

Note: The vampire could easily be male or female.

Example First post:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(Your Character's name), born September 3rd, 1993.
Age 18. Virgo.
Blood Type: AB -
Eyes: Green.
Hair: Blonde
Father: Edward Daines, dec. March 13th, 1993.
Mother: Alyssia Belmont, sixteenth of the Dathridge line, dec. September 4th, 1993.
Current location: Salt Lake City, Utah.
Expected height at maturity: 5'2".
Life expectancy: 82 years.

Her file went on. It was details, complete, and extensive. Expected interests, likely mates and suitors, hobbies, skills. Genetic predispositions, both negative and positive. Traits that he had specifically trying to obtain. Others, unfortunate side effects. Medical records, from vaccines to sprained ankles in her youth. Blood work. Genome. Psychological profile. It was all there.

Of course, it didn't end there. This was not a "hands off" operation. She had what seemed to be, at first glance, a curse. Bad things happened to people she cared about. People close to her. After months of romance, she had decided it was final time to let her first boyfriend between her legs. It had been heavy petting until then. He died in a car wreck just outside her house.

But it wasn't all bad. When she four, and her foster father tried to get a little too close with "little (character's nickname)", the man disappeared the next day. His whereabouts are still unknown. A cold case. Just one of many that in some way connection back to (your character). A dark angel follows her, reaping death in a wide swath around her. Luckily, she knew nothing of this grim guardian. At least, not yet... soon would be the time, however.

She was, as they say, now ripe.

A woman is slowly corrupted, giving in to carnal desires, needs, and wants. She is slowly seduced and taken by whatever entity it is that seems to have chosen her to be its toy/bride/whatever.

I am really interested in another thread on this theme. I have done it a few times before, once as a mysterious vaguely alien and evil entity (Pervasive Persuasion) and as Satan himself (Sweet Dreams Are Made of This). I tried to start another thread as a spirit in a haunted building (What Evil Lurks in the Night) but the other writer vanished. Elements I like in this is minor mind-control (influence and persuasion, not outright zombie), obviously supernatural themes, dreams, orgasm control, molestation, sexualized atmosphere and ambiance, etc!
Edit: There is no reason the gender of the ghost/demon/alien/whatever has to be male. It would be interesting to try it being female-orientated!

The Mark
Arkham Transcripts: Subject, Victor Zsasz
Quote from: Arkham Transcripts
Patient interview #1, November 4th -
Dr. Cassidy: Taped patient evaluation 1. Patient name is Victor Zsasz, diagnosed
clinically insane after the murder of at least 20 women in the Gotham area.
Hello, Victor, I'm Dr. Cassidy. Seeing as this is our first session, let's spend
some time getting to know each other.
Zsasz: I don’t need to know you, Miss Cassidy. Everything is meaningless.
Dr. Cassidy: Don't you think that's a very negative outlook on life, Victor?
Zsasz: You've no doubt read my file.
Dr. Cassidy: Yes... yes I have. It says you come from a wealthy family. That
your parents died. How you lost all the money gambling.
Zsasz: And none of it matters.
Dr. Cassidy: Why do you keep saying that, Victor?
Zsasz: Because the only thing that does matter is the mark. Have you seen my
work, Miss Cassidy?
Dr. Cassidy: If you are referring to the marks on your...
Zsasz: Of course I mean my tally marks. And I have a space for yours. Do you
want to see where?

Patient interview #5, November 19th
Dr. Cassidy: Taped patient evaluation 5. Victor is not responding well to
treatment. Victor, yesterday we spoke about the people you killed.
Zsasz: Ah, the zombies.
Dr. Cassidy: They are all people, Victor.
Zsasz: They are zombies, continuously shuffling through the daily grind, waiting
for someone to liberate them.
Dr. Cassidy: You mean kill them. The police report states that you have
murdered, or liberated if you like, 20 young women in the last 3 months. Each
had her throat slit and was left... posed.
Zsasz: They were all lucky to be chosen to receive my gift.
Dr. Cassidy: I doubt they would agree with you.
Zsasz: Really? How about you, Miss Cassidy? As you take the elevator to your
apartment each night, open the six locks to your apartment 433, remember you
forgot to buy your cat food. Again.
Dr. Cassidy: How do you know where I -- ?
Zsasz: As you sit down on your favorite red chair, cat on lap, just waiting for
something to happen. I can make it happen, Sarah. I am your salvation.

Patient interview #1, November 22nd -
Dr. Whistler: Patient's name is Victor Zsasz. For the record, the patient has
transferred from Dr. Cassidy, who is on leave after the incident last week.
Hello Victor. Please, take a seat. Guards, you can leave us.
Guard: Sorry, Doctor. Warden's orders. I can't leave you alone with him.
Dr. Whistler: I understand. Hello, Victor. How are you feeling today? Victor! I
can't help you if you don't speak.
Zsasz: Depressed! Does that help you? Can you get into my mind, Doctor?
Dr. Whistler: Why depressed?
Zsasz: I'm just thinking about the one that got away. The one I chose. I needed
the mark. I want the mark!

Patient interview #4, December 12th -
Dr. Whistler: Victor has been more subdued recently. Response to medication has
been poor. Hello Victor, is there anything you'd like to talk about today?
Zsasz: Cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting...
Dr. Whistler: Victor!
Zsasz: Cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting...
Dr. Whistler: This is going nowhere. Guards. Get him out of here.
Guard 1: You heard the doctor, get up! Didn't you hear me?
Guard 2: He's got a knife!

[scream; sounds of struggles]

Guard 2: Get a tranq in him! Get a tranq in him! Oh God! He's on Bill!
Guard 3: He's cutting him. Get him off. Get him off. We need help in here!

Case study notes, December 22nd -
Dr. Whistler: Victor has been in isolation since the attack on the guard last
week. As I wait for him to be brought up to me, I have had time to review his
notes. I am increasingly worried he cannot be cured. He has no empathy for his
victims. Deep down, I believe he views all of us as potential victims.
Guard: Doc, are you OK?
Dr. Whistler: What's happening?
Guard: It’s Zsasz. He broke out of isolation. He's gone.
Dr. Whistler: Oh God!
Guard: Don't worry, Doc, you're in the safest place. He's definitely left the
Dr. Whistler: Of course. But someone needs to alert the authorities, he'll need
to kill again. Do you understand me? Needs to -- Oh no. He's gone after Dr.

[Dial tone, dialing, and ringing are heard through speaker phone.]

Dr. Cassidy: Hello?
Dr. Whistler: Sarah, its Gretchen. Listen to me.
Dr. Cassidy: Oh, for the love of... Hold on. There's someone at the door.
Dr. Whistler: Sarah! Do not answer the door. Can you hear me? Do not answer the
door. It's Zsasz! He's free![/font]
What precisely happens next is left to us to decide.

Romeo Tybalt + Juliet
    Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries
    That thou hast done me; therefore turn and draw!

Tybalt, banished for his murders of Romeo and Mercutio, broods in isolation. His victory bitter sweet, for he is still without the one thing he truly desires -- Juliet. His fair, sweet cousin would be his bride. Of that, he would make absolutely sure. And with her would come all the glory of the Capulet name.

Wicked Wonderland

( see )
The premise was Alice in Wonderland sexed up with an all female cast in revealing, tantalizing, hyper-sexual outfits as Alice moves from one bizarre and sexually charged scene to another until fumbling into the Queen of Heart's grasp and ultimately becoming her new favorite play thing. Could include a wide range of fetishes, nothing is too extreme or tame. Futa highly desirable. Looking for an Alice, while I would take care of the rogue's gallery.

A Gift for Father Christmas
She had grown up for the majority of her life knowing only her father. At the age of 5 she lost her mother to cancer, though she remembers hardly anything about her. She grew up to become a very beautiful and attractive woman (a fact even her dear dad began to notice as she matured. High School was going by without a hitch, and though she could have gone straight into college she chose to take some time off and help out around the house. Sensing that her father had grown terribly lonely without a loving companion, so she decided that this Christmas she would give him a 'special gift': herself.

A fun tale of taboo love, a fairly traditional father/daughter incest story, equal parts romantic interaction and hot, raunchy, wild smut.

The Heart of Winter (Scrooge)
People are despicable creatures
Loathesome inexplicable creatures
Good-for-nothing kickable creatures
I hate people! I abhor them!
When I see the indolent classes
Sitting on their indolent asses
Gulping ale from indolent glasses
I hate people! I detest them! I deplore them!
Fools who have no money spend it
Get in debt then try to end it
Beg me on their knees befriend them
Knowing I have cash to lend them
Soft-hearted me! Hard-working me!
Clean-living, thrifty and kind as can be!
Situations like this are of interest to me
I hate people! I loathe people! I despise and abominate people!
Life is full of cretinous wretches
Earning what their sweatiness fetches
Empty minds whose pettiness stretches
Further than I can see
Little wonder I hate people
And I don't care if they hate me!

Hard and sharp as flint, from which no steel had ever struck out generous fire; secret, and self-contained, and solitary as an oyster.  The cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, shriveled his cheek, stiffened his gait; made his eyes red, his thin lips blue and spoke out shrewdly in his grating voice.  A frosty rime was on his head, and on his eyebrows, and his wiry chin.  He carried his own low temperature always about with him; he iced his office in the dogdays; and didn't thaw it one degree at Christmas.

External heat and cold had little influence on Scrooge.  No warmth could warm, no wintry weather chill him.  No wind that blew was bitterer than he, no falling snow was more intent upon its purpose, no pelting rain less open to entreat... (Dickens)

The Christmas Spirits came to Scrooge, and upon the next morn he awoke early with a fresh start and new outlook on life. He has learned the lesson, though perhaps not the lesson the spirits intended. If it was only a matter of loneliness, that was something he could change. If he was to die forgotten, a shade of a fortune and little more, than that he could change. He would enjoy himself, spend a bit more freely, and take revelry like the carolers outside -- in his own way, of course.

But now was not the time. Today was Christmas, and with all his staff, indolent and lazy in their homes, he would serve the eviction notices himself. It was, after all, the most holy of days, and sloth was such a sin...

The first was the O'Bannons. a group of impoverished Irish immigrants, and Catholics, no less. He had no warmth in his heart for him, not on Christmas and not on earth at all. The only reason they had not been evicted earlier is that he had the faintest notion of leniency with them was because of the youngest daughter, with her striking red hair and creamy skin. But that was no excuse to ruin a good business.

*   *   *

I am looking for someone to play the O'Bannon girl, whom he decides to take in part as payment. Various themes could be worked in, including BDSM, dark romance, non-con, reluctant-con, pregnancy, and more.

Heidi and Greta
Original thread here
This is an idea I tried to get going once but it died out before it got started. Going off the twisted/dark fairy tale troupe that I thoroughly enjoy, it's a re-envisioning of Hansel and Gretel. Some things it could include F/F twincest, forced lesbianism, f/Futa, non-con, BDSM, body manipulation, mind control, and lots more.

I would likely be playing one of the Sisters and the Witch, while my partner would play the other sister.

There is one story that I am wanting to roleplay and it is a specific variation of one of my favorite genres; the twisted fairytale.

Beauty and the Beast
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'm looking for this to be a dark, raunchy tale. I've tried to start it before but there was a difference of taste, so I am being clear on what I am wanting.
I am NOT looking for this to be a dark, gritty, realistic tale.  I am looking for a comic  book style, over-the-top dark tale. Extreme but also a bit absurd and cartoony. Hypersexual and smutty that needs a titillating writer, Lots of people do this with Alice and Wonderland and Red riding hood, so why not little ol' belle? The Beast I am wanting to capture is a hedonistic, tormented creature consumed with cruel lust and passion, his outside cursed to match his inner spirit. I see Belle being a deceptively sexual woman beneath the innocent exterior.
Specific kinks I am hoping to include are: Nonconsent, kidnapping, group sex, beastiality, sex with objects, supernatural elements (obviously), cumplay, tentacles, and more.

Image Plot #1
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Dont really have any plot to go along with this.

Image Plot #2
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A house pet. Arranged marriage, forced servitude, stepford wife, etc.

Image Plot #3
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Obviously fantasy, escaped demon vs a young knight or paladin, taking her prisoner, role reversals, etc

Image Plot #4
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two long-time friends, one of them has a serious crush on the other she cant hide any more. Modern, or could be post-apocalypse (on the run from zombies?)

Image Plot #5
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Bondage, obviously. Kidnapping? Incest? Lots of possibilities.

Image Plot #6
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two demons. Fantasy, Mythical, violence. Lovers? Enemies? Both? Power-play, switches, Dom vs Dom... possibility of incest, as well.

Image Plot #7
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
High fantasy. Elves. Passionate sex... but why? What else can we not see? Possible WoW Night elf/blood elf pairing
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