Astragalus Seeks! I (Comic Books)

Started by Astragalus, August 11, 2010, 07:31:58 PM

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So, welcome to the first volume of 'Astragalus Seeks!' If you want to know the kinds of things I'm in to, my Ons/Offs are under my avatar. I'll start off with a few idea seeds, and then a list of characters I'd be looking for somebody to play. Neither of these are set in stone; if you have an idea that isn't on my list or want to play a character I haven't mentioned, ask away! I'll at least listen to your ideas, and I'm fine with playing against a character I don't know well if you're okay with my ignorance.

As you may have guessed from my Ons/Offs I'm only looking for female characters, and preferably submissives (or at least switches, or skipping D/S stuff entirely), but I'm fine with male players doing female characters if that's your thing.

I'm flexible as to who I play. There are a ton of comic book-y ideas I could do, and my 'what girls dig in a comic character' sense is kind of busted. I mean, Gambit and Iron Man make sense to me. But I have no idea how Wolverine gets fangirls. It is a mystery to me. :( So I'll do OCs, or monsters, and if you want to play a particular girl with a particular guy I'll hear you out. I'll even do crack pairings or crossovers.


Anyway, with that out of the way, on to the idea seeds:

1) Villains Win! It's just not a comic book thread without somebody suggesting this. You know how it goes. The sexy heroine goes to foil a bank robbery/gold heist/whatever only to be beaten/hypnotized into submission and abused every-which-way. I'm willing to play this straight, or subvert the hell out of it if you want: I don't really do subs, but maybe the villain's control isn't as absolute as he thought, and the scene ends with the villain getting pummeled to within an inch of his life. Or maybe the heroine is so broken that the next step is an evil costume change (mmm, leather).
2) It Came From Planet X! It's also not a comic book thread without a monster of some kind. A tentacle beast? A reptiloid? A talking monkey? Giant ooze? Whatever it is and wherever it came from, it's drawn to spandex-clad women like...well, like a talking monkey to a Superman cover.
3) Necessary Evil Aliens successfully lured all of Earth's superheroes to one place, and killed 98% of them. This puts the world's supervillains in the awkward position of having to fight off the alien occupiers. Because you can't very well rule the world if some Grey has taken over, now can you? The RPG I stole this idea from was set in I Can't Believe It's Not Marvel, but I'm willing to do it in 'actual' Marvel or DC if desired. This would probably be a non-D/S scene, with characters forced to work together for the greater (blegh, I almost can't say it!) good. And maybe finding out that they like it.
4) Hoist By Her Own Petard Sort of a subset of the first idea. A gadget-using heroine finds that somebody's stolen some/all of her widgets and is fully prepared to use them on her. The most obvious example I can think of is Wonder Woman getting tied up with her own lasso, but I'm sure there are other ways this could be done. Also works for an animal sidekick gone wrong.
5) Power Overload Something happens to make a heroine/villain with the right powers go berserk. By 'right' I mean something that would lead to interesting results; somebody with plant powers is constantly accosted by vines, somebody with emotional or mental powers is constantly dodging people who desire her above all else, things like that. Who did this to her, and can she stop it before she succumbs?


Characters (remember, these are characters I'd be looking for others to play)

Marvel Comics
- Most female X-Men and rogues' gallery (Rogue, Psylocke, Jean Grey, Emma Frost, X-23, Mystique, etc. etc.). Except Jubilee and Kitty. They don't really do anything for me.
- Black Cat
- Invisible Woman
- She-Hulk
- Ms. Marvel
- Hawkeye II (Kate Bishop)

DC Comics
- Poison Ivy
- Catwoman
- Supergirl
- Power Girl (two guesses how she got on this list...)
- Wonder Woman
- Starfire
- Zatanna
- Any girl from the Legion of Superheroes. Except Monstress. If you're familiar with the books you can probably guess why. ;)

- Gold Digger. If you've heard of this comic and you're interested, please contact me immediately. I will definitely want to talk to you. :) If you haven't heard of it, why not?
- Extinctioners. Yeah, I do anthros too. For the uninitiated this was a very niche furry comic that harkened back to older X-Men comics before they started introducing "clone of Cyclops' alternate-universe' duplicate's son's brother FROM THE FUTURE!" as a legitimate character concept. And it had a surprisingly hot panda girl in it.
- lol 90s: All those cheesy comics that were meant to sell on cheesecake instead of story. Wait, that's most of them isn't it? Anyway, you know the type right? Vampirella, Lady Death, Witchblade, etc. etc.

Le Immortelle

I'm interested in playing She-Hulk, sent you a req on YIM.