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Started by Jeno Veritas, August 11, 2010, 01:03:27 PM

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Jeno Veritas

1. Vigilante
Sgt. Brad Cohen, a 25 year old detective was muscular, lean and tall woke up with a terrible headache from a heavy drinking session with his buddies after solving a big serial killing case that has gone on for months. They would not have caught the serial killer who killed women in their late 20s, has long hair, pretty and being a teaser. The killer’s modus operandi was to lure the women to dark secluded area, gagged them and slowly tortured them to death. Brad has a girl in his bed that had dark hair, nicely shaped body and the sex drive fitting for a damsel who has been sleeping around. What happened last night was a blur with all that booze and wild going on. Brad got out of bed, stumbled to the bathroom to begin his usual morning ritual: brush, shower and shave. When he was done, Brad felt more refreshed and clear headed, walked to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, “Oh crud, forgot that I have a guest.” he groaned and walked back to his bedroom to wake the lady. He shook her gently, her skin cold to his touch.  “Liz?” there was no respond. He shook her again this time a little harder but the girl did not respond to his calling. He tried again, this time turning her. What he saw shocked him, Liz’s face was pale white, her mouth opened as if gasping for air, her eyes wide opened and a trial of blood can be seen flowing from her nostril, the same way all the other women were killed by the serial killer. He fell off his bed and fell on something small and hard.

It was the killer’s calling card those found in every murder scene. Brad looked at it puzzled for he knew that the serial killer was caught and serving time, how would it be possible that his calling card is in his apartment? He sat on the floor flustered and motionless. After a few minutes, Brad called HQ to inform them about the dead girl found in his apartment. Soon, his fellow police officers entered his apartment to search for prints and clues the killer may have left behind.

Paula sat on a long old bench just outside Brad’s apartment building. Dressed in a tee and jeans and a wind breaker with a hood, she blended in. Her face has a scare on the left side that was cut by a surgical knife when she was pinned down and got assaulted as she struggled to break free from her attacker. Her attacker was just a little too strong for her and he successfully tore her clothes off. He raped her over and over till she faint from loss of blood. That happened 6 months ago. She had gone thru countless rehab and workshops for rape victims none of them helped her in forgetting the ordeal. Paula had decided to take revenge and thus went build her physique, strength and fighting skills. As she blew smoke from her mouth and reached into her wind breaker’s pocket, the feel of cold steel and the handle of a knife assured her that the weapon is at her disposal, all it takes now is to wait for her victim. She has been on the bench for the last few hours, waiting for the man she swore to kill when he left her dying in a dark alley after raping her.
This role play is about Paula and Brad, two people from different sides of the law. Paula has turned vigilante and Brad a detective who has caught the real serial killer. Brad will meet Paula in a cafe where he has his usual morning coffee while Paula works there as a part time waitress. They hit off well and started dating. Brad’s superior assigned him the case to hunt down the vigilante...

2. The Odd Couple
Thomas left his hometown in pursue of a higher education in the city. He enrolled himself in the Academy of Fine Arts and was accepted. What he needs to do now is to find a place to stay. Thomas wants a room to himself but finds that hard to come by as all the single rooms are taken and he could not afford a two person room by himself. He needs a roommate and that is even harder to find because he is new to the campus and the city. What was he to do but to put up a notice in the school notice board asking for someone to share a room. It has been there for weeks now and no one has approached him. One day, he received a call from a girl who wanted to share the room with him. Thomas finds it odd to share a room with a girl but he has run out of options and accepted the girl’s offer. Thomas will find out that his roommate is not an ordinary girl, at least not in the human sense.

3. The Fallen Angels
Stephanie was an arch angel loved by all. In her folly along with two other angels, saved a human from death, she caused the human much pain and suffering and eventually the human turned evil and wrecked havoc. Disdained by their action, god banished them to the human world. The trio retained their powers as angels but cannot use them as they wished. They would have to serve and keep human males happy even if it means they have to sexually involve with them. The moment they are in the human world, they started to help human males. They met a man named Ron and soon fell in love with him. Satan, not wanting to lose out, sent his most trusted arch demon to corrupt them.

Pm me if you are interested OR if the above is not what you are looking for and you have other ideas, PM it my way. :)
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