Power Girl [M or F wanted]

Started by GuiltyLight, August 07, 2010, 04:27:34 AM

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It's time to get shameless. We all know at least two of the reasons why she's so desirable, so let's cut to the chase.  ;)

I'm interested in RP involving DC's favorite piece of eye candy, Power Girl.  Despite actually having a great storyline under various authors, PG's still one of the most blatantly desirable figures in comics, no pun intended.  I'm looking for someone to participate in an RP involving her.  I'm just as comfortable playing Power Girl as I am playing someone else in the RP.


Options off the top of my head include...

Confrontation with a villain capable of directly challenging her one-on-one.

A power-leech villain, or perhaps a power-draining sort - unaware of his powers - who's standing around too close to Kara when she shows up to deal with common crooks or gang violence.  Or perhaps common thugs who just happen to have gotten their hands on some kryptonite.  (Yes, I know current-Earth Kryptonite doesn't technically work on Earth-2 Kryptonians, but let's just let that slide...  >_>)

Taken for now, but I might be up for another down the road.  ;)

Blackmail, whether by a villain or a youth with too much time and sexual frustration on his hands.

On a slightly more romantic note, perhaps a fan who happens to spirit her unconscious self away from a battle she lost before the villain can find and finish her off.  Or, if you have a better consentual idea, do let me know.

I doubt this'll get any bites, but Kara's a favorite character of mine, so I'm just throwing this out there as an idea.  ;)

Let me know by PM or by the thread!  If you have any other heroine wants, feel free all the same!

And despite the nature of the post, I'm as equally up for 'soft' roleplay as I am something totally sexual.