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Started by Sydonai, August 06, 2010, 02:46:30 PM

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I so wanted to start a group rp of my own and now I think I'm finally ready to do it! Alrighty then down to business:

The year was 2561 AD, the distant future is nothing like we had thought it would be, it was a bleak and terrifying world to live in. As human society progressed through technology they reverted to their animalistic instinct, nations have come and gone, destroyed only to be replaced by a stronger one and the future society is built around the concept of the survival of the fittest where racism and discrimination is rampant. It was a recipe for disaster, as one day, the human civilization that was built and evolved for 5000 years finally crumbled in the last final nuclear war that wiped out humanity completely and left a huge barren wastelands and ruins where once life was vibrant. However before the Final Destruction, scientist and researchers around the world had gathered in a hidden and remote research lab intent on making sure that life on Earth would not died out even if humanity's time is ending. These researchers and scientist dabbled in the science of genetic engineering, modifying surviving wild life and creating the first hybrid of human and animals, the first anthromorphic life form. These life forms was sealed and kept safe until finally the nuclear fell on the hidden research facility and wiped out the last remnant of humanity.

A thousand years later, these anthromorphic had evolved and varied in society, living in tribal and pre-medieval society, seemingly retracing the steps of their creators. It did not take too long for the anthromorphs to realizes that they weren't the first civilization on Earth and that there had once lived a powerful and advanced race that created them, humanity, in which the anthromorphs referred to them as the Creator Race and revered humans as gods. For hundreds of years the anthromorphs, varies in species and living in tight tribal societies has lived in peace with each other, herbivores would raise plantation to support them and the carnivores would hunt the other unevolved non-sentient games in the wilderness and once in while they would stumble upon ruins of old cities once inhabited by their creators and stood there in reverance. Infact, the anthromorphs reverred their human creator so much that things men would take for granted like air-conditioning, clockworks and washing machine is considered by the shamans of these tribes as a holy relics of the gods, afterall for these objects to even survived for a millenia is a miracle on to itself. The anthromorphs also realized that judging by the evidence infront of their eyes and the legacy left by humanity, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that their Creator Race had once fought some terrible foe, but they believed that humanity had gone out fighting some kind of powerful evil entity bent on wiping all life on Earth and their human creators sacrificed themselves in stopping this evil so that their creations could lived which would only further increases the level of reverance of their creations.

The peace between the tribes finally broke when one day a few of the carnivores clan banded together forming an alliance of sorts, creating what appears to be the first anthromorphic empire. They rallied behind what the free tribes called, their 'evil god', supposedly somehow these oppressive tribes have found what might appeared to be the last human. This 'evil god' of theirs is indeed one of the researchers who survived the Final Destruction by locking himself in a stasis cell, perhaps it was a plan set in motion by this evil scientist long ago or perhaps by mere chance, he escapes and finally decided to use his knowledge and influence as one of the last creator race to rule the Earth. The free tribes fought long and hard but they were outmatched by the technologically superior tyrant empire led by their evil god. When all hope seems lost and that the defenders of freedom were disunited without a leader, a young anthromorph, a hunter of his/her tribe stumbles his/her way into what appears to be an old research facility, what lies within will turn the tide of war for the Free Tribes, another Creator frozen deep inside the ruins of the research facility.


So without a doubt its a furry based rp game for those furry lovers out there. There's a lot of potential for romance(anthro x anthro/ anthro x human), non-con scenes(this is war afterall...) and even comedy(No matter how many times the good scientist keep telling the free tribes that he's not a god the tribes would simply see him as benevolent AND humble creator worthy of reverance/ the good scientist tries to explain how a clock works through physics and mechanicals and only ended up gaining admiration from his audience as they're not understanding it means that its a forbidden knowledge of the universe in which only the mind of a god could comprehend etc. etc.) Obviously, rpers may take on the roles of any kind of anthros affiliating themselves with either the Free Tribes, the Tyrannical Empire or the neutral parties that wanted to have nothing to do with the war(although I do not recommend the third faction). I personally will take on the role of the good scientist and I would also need one more fill in the role of the other scientist, the evil one, so human roles is limited to two, however if there's a lot of participants I might open up one more slot for a human character.

Character Profile:


Species/ clan:

Allegiance(Free Tribes/ Tyrannical Empire/ Neutral):



Special Talent:


- strength

- Agility

- Resilience

- Energy

Special combat skill:

((I will explain the battle system tomorrow but I promised you that I'll be doing most of the works and it wouldn't be too much of a burden to the players, for now I'm putting this here as interest check))