Bondage/S&M (m looking for f)

Started by Dunnuck, August 05, 2010, 06:22:19 PM

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Ok, so it does have a plot. It is bondage and s&m but no vor or dismemberment or anything. light S&M while experimenting with boundaries

The story takes place in a city called Dark Falls which is sort of an alternate reality new york. It has multiple underground sex orginizations and the city is renowned for it's kinky residents. Gabriel leads a double life as someone who does well in school and is a model college student, though at times he kidnaps women and plays with hem in bondage/s&m styles. At first, women usually aren't willing but as time goes on, they succumb to his talents. He likes watching women squirm as he foecefully teases them. After all is said and done, he lets them go and oddily enough, they normally willingly come back to him. If he sees the woman will not eventually do these things consensually, he lets them go then. Plot is flexible and ideas are welcome. PM me or comment if interested.


im game i need an rp to get my juices flowing again.