A Brother and his Sister [incest] (seeking f)

Started by Dunnuck, August 05, 2010, 02:53:52 PM

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Ok, so I am looking for a story-based RP and I have a slight plot idea. I am testing out incest, never done it before. The story is flexible and improvisation is welcome.

Leon is an athlete, but normally seen as odd for his shy attitude that contradicts his handsome nature and popular nature. He doesn't have a girlfriend and he hangs out with his friends often. He and his sister live alone together in a two bedroom apartment after the death of their parents a year eaelier. They have become very reliant on each other. Leon's sister is on the verge of a painful breakup with her boyfriend, and talks to her brother about ir frequently. His sister is naive, often only partially dressed in front of her brother because she doesn't think anything bad of it. She has a curvacious body that Lein often finds himself staring at.

Both took the death of their parents hard and cope with it in different ways. Leon tries to ignore it, using his friends to distract him from the painful reality.

Now, this rp does have a lot of sex and will probably go into the NC section. While it does have a lot if sex, it also has story. No one liners. Preferably a female play a female.