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Author Topic: As Yet Untitled Character-Driven Vampire RP (Seeking Male Character)  (Read 577 times)

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Offline MenaraeTopic starter

So...I've been absent from the site for far too long...blame a shitty computer finally dying.  Or rather, thank it.  Because the adaptor plug finally decided to quit, I had to get a new computer in order to continue my writing.  Which means a working WiFi adaptor!  Yay!

Anyway, I'm in the mood for a character-driven, romantic game.  I've had this world and character scenario in my head for a while now, and I'm dying for the chance to play it through.  So I suppose I should get on with the details.

Yes, it is about vampires.  There are two basic types of vampires: the Nobles and the gutter rats.  A human being bitten by a vampire may or may not become a vampire, but what type depends on which did the biting.  The gutter rats are the lesser predators, easily spawned and easily killed.  They are not intelligent vampires, relying on basic instinct to survive.  They band together in packs and typically inhabit alleys, abandoned buildings, empty warehouses, and the like.  Even Nobles don't like gutter rats.

Nobles, on the other hand, are the apex predator.  Like large wild cats, one Noble will inhabit a large territory.  Gutter rats will still live in this territory, but they avoid Nobles like dolphins avoid killer whales.  Nobles are much more intelligent and emotional, though when they are tired, stressed, or hungry they sometimes fall to their natural instincts.  They are harder to kill and much harder to spawn.  But they have also taken great effort to live alongside humanity.  They have submitted to the laws of human governments: they are monitored by a government agency via "babysitters" who are specially trained to monitor vampire moods and food intake.  They make feeding arrangements, be that through blood banks, hospitals, or other work, so they don't have to hunt in the streets like gutter rats.  Some Nobles are more social and form long-distance relationships with other Nobles.

When it comes to these vampires and sunlight, it is not deadly.  Rather, the more natural light (either sunlight or moonlight) the vampire is exposed to, the more her appearance changes.  Vampires in the dark are bewitchingly beautiful.  It is one of their hunting tools, as beauty tends to gain the trust of the prey without too much effort.  But light turns the vampire's skin into whithered, wrinkled, papery folds.  Bright sunlight leaves a vampire looking rather like a walking mummy.  Gutter rats tend to sleep during the day, as there is no use hunting until sundown.  A Noble who goes outside during the day does so only because she needs to, and she wraps herself to hide her appearance.  Moonlight has a slightly similar effect, as it is only reflected sunlight, but in a much reduced state.  A vampire under a full moon is still attractive, but not to the same degree as that same vampire out on a dark night.

My character is Carlotta del Rosa, a Noble who's lived in the same city for decades.  She's an investor, mainly, but she works with the justice system as an executioner (this is how she hunts, as a vampire's bite is more humane and reliable than narcotics.)  She donates to charity and attends a the occassional function.  Otherwise she lives a solitary life.  She does not play well with other vampires, Noble or gutter rat, thanks to a long-ago trauma she doesn't talk about.  She old, stubborn, and can be cranky at times.

The story itself takes place in a major metropolitan area like New York could either be New Yortk City or an alternate universe city we craft.  But it's the kind of place with a vast array of scenery within a relatively small area (ie no need to travel cross-country...though I'm not ruling out travel as a possibility.)  Basically Carlotta is at a benefit one evening when, of all things, another Noble shows up.  And he hasn't just come to town for the party, but he's moving there.  He's not trying to boot Carlotta from her territory, but rather he's been assigned there (some beaurocrat has decided there are too many Nobles spread over too large of an area.)  He can be more of the social, playful type, or upset he's being relocated, or whatever.  Naturally, there's tension between Carlotta and the new guy, but eventually a bond does develop between them.

This story is more about the growth of the two Nobles than sex, though exactly how they clash and later mesh is open to discussion.

Please PM or post your idea(s) if you're interested.  I'm not going to go on a first come, first serve basis, since I'm very attached to this character and her story.  I want the best for her.  I'm also going to mention the typical stuff: one-liners are evil.  I won't give them, and I don't want them in return.  If you can't think of something to post, walk away, think for a little while, and come back when you're feeling properly inspired.  That's how I work.  But if you're going away for more than a couple days, let me know, and I'll do the same.  And that being said, my first post or two will be the longest, and I average 2-3 decent paragraphs per post, depending on the current flavour of the game.  I'm fine with a woman playing a male character, as long as she can pull off a convincing masculine role, but I don't do F/F matches.

I think that's about it, so...yeah! ^.^

Offline eroticdreamer2010

Re: As Yet Untitled Character-Driven Vampire RP (Seeking Male Character)
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2010, 12:51:59 AM »
Hello, Menarae. If you are interested in, and willing, to accept a role playing partner who is brand new to the site, I would like very much to participate in a storyline like the one you have laid out here. I think that vampires are the perfect mythological embodiment of strength, finesse, willpower and sensuality (if you understand the distinction I make there; "sensual" is a much more encompassing term than "sexual"). I've never had the chance to play a vampiric character before, despite a very active history playing in other places, but I would enjoy the opportunity immensely.

My proposed character is Derek al'Caar, an older European vampire. He originally fled to the United States after losing a fierce territorial battle with an even older, more experienced vampire with strong acquisitive instincts. Embittered by his current straits, he tried to settle in the heart of Alaska, where the long winter nights would allow him to walk freely more often, and enjoy one of his favorite pastimes: human-watching. Informed by the local bureaucracy that, whether actively hunting or not, his kind was unwelcome there and that, if he did not leave he would be exposed and hunted down, he accepted an offer for travel arrangements to New York City, where he expected to find a new home... Instead, finding Carlotta. Rather then being upset, he is intrigued, wondering if the two of them might possibly cohabit safely. He won't leave, because having been dispossessed so many times already, he isn't going to give up his planned estate here without a hard fight. On the other hand, having experienced the trauma of being a wanderer himself, he has no wish to try to seize her territory by force either. And so it is that he tentatively approaches her, to see if diplomacy can hold between two Nobles...

If this sounds like a scenario that you would be interested in playing out, please feel free to write to me and let me know. I can always develop back-story further, as well as flesh out his character more. In the meantime, whether you accept my request to join you or not, I sincerely hope that you enjoy playing out this tale... It has the makings of something deep and epic within it.


Offline MenaraeTopic starter

Re: As Yet Untitled Character-Driven Vampire RP (Seeking Male Character)
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2010, 01:00:23 AM »
Yay, that didn't take long at all...plot is taken ^.^