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June 26, 2022, 11:32:08 am

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Author Topic: Pan's Cravings (Want: F, Herm Partners)(Plays: M or F)(RP: Inhuman or not)  (Read 801 times)

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Here are my big cravings.

1)A partner to pair up to Adia in my Big Group RP: Afterlife. The premise of this particular part of the rp is that your character will play a female human whose soul has gone to Hell. Adia becomes your character's demon master. The kinds of things Adia enjoys doing to her slaves are torturous. She enjoys vore, and constantly eats pieces of meat of of their bodies, and often tortures them by going for their most sensitive spots. She also enjoys frequenting a place in Hell called the Sewers where she force feeds them all of the bodily wastes of Hell through a tube chained to their mouths, after chaining their bodies up. Once this has began, she also devours and has her way with them. Most of the activity would take place in the Sewers, and in a private thread within the rp... a dungeon cell... but can extend beyond those as well. (Adia's description at bottom)

2)Another thing I'd be interested in, is any situation in which one of my characters, either male or female, is pseudo forced to interact with a herm character. By pseudo force, I don't mean physically held down or enslaved, but more like... a magic spell (like a love potion or puppetry) or other odd circumstance forces them to interact in such a manner, and it appears as if my character would be acting willingly. I am still a fan of vore, extreme bathroom play, and master/slave/pet concepts, and those may be included in the rp as well. I would also enjoy doing this in a rp where I would play Adia, and you would play a more powerful demon.

3)Any roleplay in which either character is forced to act as a living toilet to another or more preferably, a group of people, and forced in any way to swallow down urine, spit, cum, maybe feces, and maybe vomit, and maybe menses (no scat), as well as being an oral sex slave. This is also a situation in which I would want to rp with a herm partner character, if I was the toilet slave in this rp. The typical scenario for such a rp would be this:
The first character either loses a bet, or is captured and bound, or possibly even paid to stay at another character's house, or a club, or just about anywhere really, and have to sit, chained, in place of a toilet bowl in a woman's or unisex restroom (or just a typical restroom for a house) and allow all guests, visitors, and whoever to use their mouth as a toilet bowl, and swallow everything down.
For feces... it can be included if there's more urine/cum/spit than feces. For vomit, it can be included if it is predominantly bile, or composed mostly of liquid. For Menses, the same as feces, it can be included if there's more urine/cum/spit.

4)Any roleplay in which one character, either mine or yours, either loses a bet, or is magically provoked and must provide oral sex to a large group (no male partners please). This can be combined with anything, especially #2.

Adia's char. description:

Name: Adia
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Type: Demon, Cerberus
Orientation: Female, and maybe hermaphrodite partner characters only
Appearance: Adia is about 6 feet tall and possesses an appearance that would fool anyone into thinking she was nearly a human anatomically. She possesses 5 inch long wolf ears, a 3 foot long wolf tail, claws, and razor sharp, inhuman teeth. Her eyes are typically red but they become a swirl of fire and darkness when she becomes angry at all. She has a short blanket of fur covering her back, shoulders, and hips. Her hair is short for most girls, falling no lower than the bottom of her jaw. Her back possesses a spine that branches off into three separate bone structures, only one leading up her neck to her head. Her hair and fur color is dark brown. She often appears covered in dirt or blood. She typically wears loose black pants with a scary looking belt, and a shoulder-less shirt with a tail that falls right above her belly. She has a fairly large chest and her body appears muscularly toned without being bulky.

Bio: dia was born a Cerberus. The Cerberi as a species can either choose a path of darkness and evil, or try to resist sin and become servants of good. They are easily corruptible, especially by other demons, and often serve as guard dogs, or in Adia's case, even attack dogs and retrievers of souls that escape from hell. Adia's master is Panthean, who in most cases is a neutral chaotic deity, but in this story's case just an exceptionally powerful demon that I have no intent on bringing in. She is normally in her wolfen form but possesses and alternate form: a three headed demonic canine with molten iron for skin that breaths burning sulfur. She cannot fly, but can jump to the top of a two story home, and run extremely fast, nearly 45 miles per hour for about 10 minutes. She constantly exhales burning sulfur, and has the ability to "turn it off," but often choses not to. She is extremely strong for her appearance, being a demon and all. she perceives all pain as pleasure, but does not like to be bleed by humans or other "inferior" species. When she dies, if she dies, she returns to hell and is able to leave as she wishes.
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