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Author Topic: Padawan looking for Jedi Master  (Read 636 times)

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Online elfguyTopic starter

Padawan looking for Jedi Master
« on: August 02, 2010, 01:21:38 PM »
Kathy is a 19 years old Padawan. She is quite decent with her force powers, and very good with her lightsaber. She is fairly playful although her emotions has caused her problems in the past. Having been found fairly late, at 12, she was still accepted in the Academy over a split vote. She's been a Padawan for 7 years now, under a very strict master. However, her old master was killed in battle, while Kathy wasn't there. The young girl took it hard but tried her best to keep going with her Jedi training.

Now, the Council has to decide on a new master for Kathy, since she isn't ready to be a Knight yet.

So basically I need a male or female Jedi Knight or Jedi Master to take on my Padawan. For the period, I'm fine with either the Clone Wars era or The Old Republic era. As for the plot, I'm fairly open, but hopefully it will be a mix of action and romance. Kathy will have a crush on her new master, but be afraid to say anything due to the strict Jedi training she was under. Whether this develops into full love, if it's returned by her master, and how strict that master will be on her will be up to you.

The only requirement I have is someone who posts often, at least daily.

Offline LeighG2

Re: Padawan looking for Jedi Master
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2010, 03:31:16 PM »
I'll do it, I haven't been active lately cos I had no laptop, but I have just got mine back now so you can count me in

Online elfguyTopic starter

Re: Padawan looking for Jedi Master
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2010, 03:37:42 PM »
Please post a short character bio.

Offline LeighG2

Re: Padawan looking for Jedi Master
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2010, 03:44:19 PM »
hmm, have to try to dig in to my (nearly limited) Star Wars knowledge now

My character is a Jedi Knight that fought in the clone wars and was particularly known for the rogue way he would do things, and his cruelty in battle, making many believe that he was headed down the path of The Sith, which is something that still dogs him now, being picked to be Kathy's new master, which is something he never really wanted, feeling that he could never teach her the true way of The Force, he can come across as maybe giving the impression of a double personality, but it is in fact just the way that his moods swing from one extreme to the other.

Online elfguyTopic starter

Re: Padawan looking for Jedi Master
« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2010, 03:55:39 PM »
Well having at least a decent knowledge of Star Wars would be of use to a Jedi character, which is why I'd like at least some idea of how you intend to play the role. Name, gender, appearance, and short bio would be a minimum. Also which era you want to play in.

Several people have expressed interest so far, just post here with some background info and I'll choose tonight. It's not a first come first serve, I do want someone who would work well with my character.

Offline GuiltyLight

Re: Padawan looking for Jedi Master
« Reply #5 on: August 02, 2010, 04:06:39 PM »
If it's still available, here's a short bio...

(I was thinking Clone Wars era.)

Having spent nearly a decade on the remote worlds of the outer rim, Jedi Knight Lyron Daulot had scarcely even seen another Jedi.  Missions were relayed by courier or long range transmission; life had been simple and to the point.  There had been no need to concern himself with anyone or anything but himself and the task at hand.  It suited him well enough.  People were unreliable.  That much he'd learned when his Master's sister had shown up and gradually seduced the grizzled mentor away from the Light with promises of 'making a difference' with real power.  Trust was best put in one's own abilities, the Force, and the silent companionship of his former Master's lightsaber.  Here, he could be at peace even amidst the constant conflict and diplomatic chaos of disorganized system governments.

Now, he was being recalled back to the galactic core to take up a mission he'd managed to duck until now: taking on a Padawan.  Her failings would be seen as his own.  His own weak points would be seen clearly by another for the first time in years.  Nngh.  Lyron was not looking forward to it.  The sooner he could prove her unworthy of the mantle of Jedi Knight, the sooner he could get back to his solitude.

(It's difficult coming up with well-drawn male Jedi fan-art, but I figured a human male.  Around 6'2", and roughly 32 years old.  Black hair, left just a bit shaggy and wild from his time away from 'civilized' society.  Orange-brown eyes.  A bit of a perpetual frown on his face.  A lightsaber scar along the jaw, and another across the bridge of his nose.  Tends to wear clothes suited for local civilizations while on mission as often as the traditional robes.)

Offline kingOFcalifornication

Re: Padawan looking for Jedi Master
« Reply #6 on: August 02, 2010, 04:10:37 PM »

Fenix Elysar, born to a farm family on Dantooine, was inducted into the Order in a similar fashion to the majority of Force-users. Found at a young age as a result of his Force capabilities and brought to Coruscant to begin training. Throughout his years of training, Fenix was regarded as promising, yet threatening to the Order as a result of his very neutral, philosophical outlook on life. It earned him a 'Grey Jedi' title from many of his peers. Despite this minor disadvantage, Fenix was knighted at a relatively young age of 21. His knighthood years thus far have been extremely eventful, as his skills have led him to be assigned many duties and given the responsibility for completing many tasks. However, as he approaches the age of 25, the Knight is ready to take on a Padawan.

I'm using Starkiller as a visual character model because his appearance fits what I'm looking for. As for personality, I wanted an edgy, very 'neutral' style Jedi who, while recognizing the rules and regulations of the Order, tends to bend the rules here and there as he sees fit.

Also, I'd prefer the Old Republic era, but Clone Wars era works fine as well.

Online elfguyTopic starter

Re: Padawan looking for Jedi Master
« Reply #7 on: August 02, 2010, 05:38:28 PM »
Well you both have fine characters but I think I'm gonna go with the more chaotic of the two with GuiltyLight.

I'll post the IC in a moment.