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Author Topic: Long running monster girl/monster adventure Roleplay (interest check/brainstorm)  (Read 1883 times)

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Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Basic Idea and Thought Behind all of This:

Okay so I was thinking over some of my ideas, thoughts, and looking through the want requests. It has been awhile since I have seen one like this pop up, or at least the ones I have seen or been thinking about joining don't last long. So I was starting to think of making one and seeing if I could make on that will last and be active and if there were people interested in playing. This forum is just right now in the brainstorm and interest check phase of things as I am thinking up new ideas, and welcome interest and others ideas, to help it grow and with enough planning and interest start. So that I have sort of stated the reasons for why I am starting this, I will begin to say what I do know and what I do have planned out.

First off what the characters would have to play, if you wanted to be a monster. You can find the monsters and descriptions about them at the links provided below:

Character Info and Ideas:

Monster girl info: (for those who might not have it already)
Page 1:
Page 2:

There are a lot of monsters to pick from amongst those lists so one should not have a hard time coming up with one to pick. Though if one does want to create there own, run it by me and I will look it over and see if I want it in the game. I am also willing to have more then one of any type of monster, it will be up to all those interested to decide if we want to focus on one monster or have many different types. I was thinking of going with many different types of monsters.

Also with this I was also thinking of whether all the monsters have to be female, which is why this forum is also titled as a monster adventure. This would mean that there would be some changes from the descriptions provided in the monster girl encyclopedia, since there would now be males of those species. (Though if there is a male side of that, please provide it to me so I can look it over and check to see if it would fit.) If there were no male monsters though, then males would of course be all human. I am also debating between having female, main characters, all be monsters to act as a balance, or whether there should be some human females. That part is up for debate and one of the reasons why this is still in the interest and brainstorm phase.

Male characters would be some sort of fighter, mage, cleric, or whatever else they want to be as a job, they can even be a tailor or something like that. They are just the man male leads, though they don't have to be as I am debating whether I want to have two sides a villain side and a good side. If I do have two sides, I will try to blur the lines between them if I can I think it makes it a bit more fun to play if not everyone knows who is on what side and if they are good or bad. I will either tell you in PMs or you can tell me what you think, because I think it should be a secret if it is truly work.

Females would be monster girls, or humans this one is still up for debate, and would be the companion, either by choice or force, of the male. Now this can either be done by force of like a summon and master of servant relationship, a peaceful truce where they agree to work together, or an almost love like relationship. I leave this up to people to decide as well as if they want to start off together or come together later on and meet each other. This also brings up another part which is open for debate do people want to meet already or want to start off separate and then come together as they realize they have a common goal or not. This split can either be monsters and humans or if paired off as groups like that.

These are just some things to think about in regards to characters and what they might be. Now I also have a sample character sheet which I will post here as well. This is just a sample, so I will gladly accept thoughts and ideas you have about improvements

Sample Character sheet:

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Tattoos and Piercings:
Race: (human or what monster girl you are)
Home: (what city and country did you live in)
Job: (What you do for a living)
Skills: (Things your character is good at most should be related to your job, though some can be hobbies and things they picked up. Also try not to go over board and pick like 50 be reasonable and keep it short.)
Abilities: (if a monster you also get abilities and spells that you can use, like skills keep it short and things you think a monster of that type would have.)
Items/Weapons: (list here anything you have on you or would have on you while you are out adventuring.)
Companion: (this can be filled out later if you have none to start, you can also have more then one, and list here how they are bonded to you)
Personality: (I would like at least 1 paragraph for this, though more is always welcome)
History: (I would like at least 1 paragraph for this, though more is always welcome)
Important People in Your Life: (I write this, because I would like a list of people that if they get affected your character would be influenced to do certain things or give up something. Such as loved ones, friends, or other important people. This can be secret or later public as it becomes obvious, but either way I need to know.)
Appearance: (this can either be a picture, written down, or a combo of both)

Like I said this is a sample and might change and I would rather start with to much and go down then with to little.

The World:

The world this would be taking place in is a fantasy one with magic, and obviously monsters. In this world monsters are known to exist and some are known to be friendly and others to be violent and rather dangerous. Though most of the information on the human side is by rumors, contact, and by scholars that has been written down in the form of monster books. These are often small descriptions and thoughts at best. The only way humans know things about monsters is by experience, coming across there villages, enslaving them, or in some rare cities living along side them. Monsters on the other hand are fully aware and have been watching humans for a long time and know a lot about them.

The world's technology is medieval with swords, armor, horses, and all the things you would expect. So that means no guns, no steam, and no advances like that. Though there will still be floating castles, large moving machines, and flying ship, but all of that will be done with magic and things of that nature. Though things like that are rare and only certain nations even have them or ideas about them. I am debating whether I want characters to be able to start with it or find it later, like from someone who ran away from one of those nations.

The world is divided up into human kingdoms, empires, nations, and other factions. The monsters do it much the same way, though some monsters live deep in dungeons and dark reaches some living near humans. But in the deep uncharted ends of the world there are supposedly great monster kingdoms, some larger then human empires. For a long time the world seems to be at peace, with human kingdoms only fighting small wars, but nothing large and the monsters staying out of the way of humans in most cases, expect when they are forced to do otherwise.

The world is also quite large and there is still much of it that has not been explored or even discovered by man and even by monster. Everyone in the game will be on the main continent that this game will start on, sadly I don't have a map yet. This is the largest continent on that has been discovered and has the widest variety of life on it from almost every nation and monster family. There are even rumors of floating cities that zoom through the skies above.

There are nobles and peasants with the difference between them depending on the nation and where you are. Some enforce heavy taxes and some are kind to those below them. It is a large world full of good and evil that spreads across all boarders and lands. Though it is a relatively peaceful age something seems to be changing. Some force is moving the world and changing the winds that blow across the land. The winds of change have come and set in motion the gears of fate and the world once again will descend into a new age.

The Main Players:

In the world of humans the main powers are as follows
Empire of Kustrul – They are not that advanced, relying on more of a quantity over quality. They are also very strict on that the nobles are almost like gods and rule over lower men. If you are not one you are merely a thing to be used. As such monsters and even humans are viewed as things to be traded and used for ones one personal reasons. They recently got out a of a civil war that Vantue started and won their independence. They have had problems with peasant revolts before, but in there long history this is the first time the peasants have ever won. The empire enjoys war and this age of peace is weird for them as they have been known for starting wars out of someone dropping a hat, so people think they are planning something. They also have a strange religion that seems worship almost demons in a way and is different from any other nation.
Holy Empire of Ruinbell – They are the holy power and control the church that rules over much of the human world. They don't own much land, but there political power is second to none. They are able to summon massive armies and start wars with a simple wave of a hand. They view threats to the religion as heretics and monsters as tools of demons. They think it is okay to enslave them, but not to be treated as equals amongst humans. Humans after all are God's creation and holier then anything that walks the earth. They are made of nobles that seek power and to squash anything in there way. There cities are impressive, but the difference between rich and poor is massive.
Republic of Tunis – This is mainly a trading republic, with no real nobility to speak of. One rises to power by being successful and valuing people and monsters. They are open and like near the sea and are explores and love monsters. They are in the middle of power as one of the major powers and are often siding with the Holy Empire and Graceland.
Kingdom of Graceland – The second largest land owner in the world next to the Empire of Kustrul. They are loyal to the church though also are open to new ideas. They are a mix of balancing power with respect. They have nobles and a king, but he is a loving one and loves both people and monsters. He can't give monsters full citizenship, but they are not slaves either. The people are friendly and open and pretty advanced. They boast the widest spectrum of people and views.
Tribes of Manshu – These people live in the mountains and foothills boarding the unknown on one side, the Empire on the other, and Graceland on another. They are a mix of the two and have had to fight for there land every time a war has broken out. They ride horses and are more into guerrilla tactics then fighting head on. They view monsters as equals and willing have them in their cities and live along side them.
Independent Nations of Vantue – They are much are loose association of city states that have banded together for protection after recently winning there independence from the Empire of Kustrul. There technology and views are very similar to that of Kustrul with some very big difference. They are mainly made up of peasants, slaves, and outlaws that were oppressed by the empire. So they were involved in a long and bloody civil war and eventually won there freedom and power to rule themselves. They are also a lot more forgiving and willing to live next to monsters. They also have a different religion then the empire.
Magitech Union – They are said to have flying cities and use magic. The are the most mysteries and unknown power in the world, but they can also be incredible powerful. The wars they have been in are short and deadly, they don't care for land so they often leave it destroyed and ruined. They care nothing for the surface and only for their own sky, they are generally incredible smart, and have a huge ego. Though they also live in harmony with monsters and often consider them citizens and equals to humans.

Aside from those there are smaller factions and powers in the world
The Guilds – These are just different guilds that join professions together and serve as a good way to get resources and goods. If you are part of one they are very helpful, but that also means that you were part of it for a long time. They hold some power in the world, and might be considered a small nation, but they own no land and have no masters. They help anyone that can afford to pay for their services.
Outlaw Factions – This is sort of a guild, though it is for thieves, assassins, and other underhanded people. They have black markets, slave trade in both humans and monsters, and almost anything that you want that you don't want known about. They can be found in almost any major town and in any kingdom and even in some monster towns that they use as bases. They are hard to find and are more likely to find you then you are to find them.
Varies Small Towns and Villages – These are just small villages and towns either run by a lord or chief. They are not owned by nations and if they are they are small and almost powerless. They are often rural and just farming or inn villages that are along the roads that one travels. Sometimes on the boarder lands of kingdoms and often see fighting either with other humans or with monsters. They are also near the edges of the unknown.

The monsters have fewer major powers that rule over their world.
Hell – This is not a place, but instead a nation of demons and monsters. They live in the mountains, below the earth, and in places man finds hard to go. They don't like humans and view them as an enemy and thing to be enslaved and put under the rule of monsters. They are violent and have their own faith. Other then that they are surprisingly human like in every regard. They love, hate, and even cry and have a wide view on things. They are ruled by a queen that imposes her will onto other. They have humans as slaves and as a need to make more, but other then that humans don't visit or come to Hell's cities
The Deep Ones – These are the mysterious ones of the world, living off by themselves. They care nothing for monsters or humans one way or another. They keep to themselves and study the world and learn as much as they can. They are old and some think are older then the world itself. Not much other then that is know about them. Though they do not seem to wish harm to others and live off by themselves in a place where man and even monsters can't touch.
The Hallows – The are the monsters that live close to humans and like them. They have their own cities but still want to live in harmony with humans. They are advanced like humans and love to interact with them. They are friendly, though if provoked they can still be violent and will go to war. They are the most common powerful faction that human interact with. They even have trade agreements with some of the human powers.

Are the three major powers with a few other minor ones.
Humanists – This is more of a set of ideas then an actual group. They believe that humans and monsters should be one and live together in harmony with each other and the land. These monsters live on the edge of human cities or in them. Sadly they are often the ones that get captured and enslaved, but still they hold out hope.
Forest Dwellers – These are small villages or settlements that are not part of the larger powers and keep to themselves. These are general villages of the same type of monster as well. They are out of the way, but still close to human civilization.
Mage Ones – These are familiars and ones that are often times seen in the Magitech union. Though they do have cities on earth and live on the world, they spend and live most of there time in another plane. They come out when summoned or when they feel like it.

The Plot:

The world is changing and moving. Something is disturbing the peace that has existed for a long time. Whether by the hands of man or monster something has caused the winds to change. The clock of fate is moving forward and the hands of time move. Something will bring either darkness or light to the land and it will blanket it for the next age. There will be those who try and stop it, but will they be the light or the darkness. Only the hands of fate or time can survive, the other will be destroyed and gone forever. Whether this is good or bad one can not know till the time has past and the decision has been made.

The nations are uneasy and something, will bring them to war. The monsters and humans will fight amongst themselves and others. The prophecy has told of this time and some seem to answer a strange call that calls out to them from a dream and commands them to move. Whether they move for good or bad, or whether they have any choice is something they must figure out. Will they lead the armies of the land to peace or war. The out come is up in the air as the wind blows and the uncertain tide washes over the land.

This is where your character comes in they are one called to act, whether for good or bad is up to them. The line between them is blurred and uncertain and sometimes they cross each other. Will the sides work together or split off to do there own goals. What will happen is yet to be decided, either way this is the time of legend and the time that history will record as the end of an age and the beginning of another.

The Rules:

Of course with a Roleplay as big as the one I am thinking of requires some rules to be in order to work. Most of these are fairly simple and self explanatory and what you would expect. Since right now I am planning on have free form, though that can change depending on what people want and as the game gets going.


1)No God moding
2)Respect the GM's decisions and if there is an assistant GM respect his/hers as well.
3)Keep OOC in the OOC character forum, don't put it in the IC forum.
4)If you have a problem talk it out, we are all adults and should act like them. Try to work it out amongst yourselves first if it doesn't work then ask a GM and we will help you to work out the problem.
5)Don't responded for another character in your post. As in if you are attacking someone don't say you cut them, but instead you aim to do it and give them a chance to dodge or react. After it is no fun to have your character die without you doing anything about it.
6)Now since this is a long term game, at least I hope, posts will be subject to change but I would like to have at least some activity every week.
1.A note onto this is that I know some people get intimidated by leaving and coming back and then having like 3 pages or more of text to read through, and most of the time I see that they are just a series of one liners. Or because they are in a quick conversation or sex act by themselves. Now I have no problem with this, but if there is another character near by or who might be able to effect your actions don't just write them out and skip them. This means give them a chance to respond, now if they don't within a couple of days or some reasonable time then go ahead.
7)if you are going to be gone please post that you will be so we are not hold up on waiting for you.
8)This is not just going to be a sex romp, I am fine with it and enjoy it, but I find stories that focus solely on that die quickly and don't last long.
9)Writing standards - my own writing is not the best and I make errors and typos, so I don't expect you to have prefect grammar and English, I do expect that you have an understanding of English enough as to make it so that everyone can understand what you are typing without much trouble. this means that your English is coherent and at least decent with passable punctuation, capitalization and grammar. The Spellchecker is your friend, so visit with it often. I understand that we all make mistakes and some typos are ok, so don't sweat it to much.
10)I don't like one liners, some times they have uses, but they should be avoided. This is because it hard for the next person to come up with something from just a sentence. So keep to at least a paragraph and more is always welcome.
11)Be active
12)If a player doesn't post for a long amount of time, a GM reserves the right to post in their place.
13)These rules are subject to change with the approval of the GMs

These are just some of the rules I am thinking of, like with other things these are subject to debate and change.

In Summary:

Okay I think that does it for my idea, so I hope I put it in the right place for this kind of thing. Like I said it can change depending on what people want, but before I even thinking of starting I need quite a few people. So if you made it this far I congratulate you and wait for your thoughts, ideas, and interest in this game and story.

Those Who Expressed Interest:
CrazyIvan (of course)
Mystic Mika
Immortal Cherubin

I am taking note of who is interested so I know how many people I will be dealing with and how large of a game I have. Later they will also what you are. This also helps me plan out characters and NPCs and other things.
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This is exactly what i was talking about when I joined elliquiy, please sign me up  ;D

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Well I am glad to have someone on board so early, do you have any thoughts or anything you can think of to add to the game?

Offline Mystic Mika

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Well, to be honest you seem to have the beginnings of your own universe, it seems to make sense and I wouldn't want to interfere. Personally, I would rather play to create a story and let you or whoever runs it guide the story so it becomes more immersive and fun.

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Okay, though I don't mind suggestions. I did kinda of go into a lot detail and put a lot of thought into it. Like I said before I am glad to have a person that likes my idea already  ;D

Offline Immortal Cherubin

Mamma mia that was a lot reading.  ;D

I like the general concept, and so much possibilities, I don't even know what I which character I should use for this, I have to think it through, but for now sign me up.  :-)

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Yeah I know it is long, but I figured rather make it long and have an idea and let people know I am serious then just like a paragraph. I am glad to add another player to the list of people that want to play.

Offline Love And Submission

I love monstergirls. So I'm very intrested this as well.
Though I have a question  , does the king of  Graceland also play the guitar?

Offline darklightning

I'm bookmarking this thread. I'd definitely be interested in playing as a monster girl or two who battles the males of the land.

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Glad I am getting more people interested. I just updated the first post to include those that are interested in playing in the game in some fashion.

DTW - I am debating whether he should or not, but that was not something I was thinking about when I picked the name.

heritage - that is fine, though during the fight if you want to join the group that is fine to.

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Okay I updated the first post again adding to the character sheet. Also people can start to make characters and post them here, so I can see what all we have. A note on to that, for now I would like only one character per person, so I know how many people we have. That might change later, but for now one per person.
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Offline elfguy

I'm not quite sure if I understand it all. Are all females monsters, and each is tied to a master human? Are some of them not tied to anyone? What would the RP focus on, combat between them or do they cooperate for a common goal?

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Well I am thinking that all the main female characters would be monsters, though that can be changed if enough people want it. There are human females in the game, but they would be minor NPCs and behind the scenes things. The monsters don't have to be tied to a master, but if they are the two of them become strong as they work together and share a slight link. Now this link can be like lovers, a truce, or servant and master and who is the servant and who is the master depends on the will of each monster or person. A monster can rule over humans as a human can rule over monsters.

In order to be tied to someone they must either make a contract of sorts or work with them long enough that they just develop one. Now not ever monster forms a contract with a human as it does change them and the human, it carries both pluses and minuses. As for the RP focus, that will mainly be on the story, in which the main characters, player characters and heroes, will be working together. The NPC monsters and humans will be fighting, though that will be a bit later on in the story. As well as the party if I have enough people might go two different ways or they might stick together. As there are two sides and pulling strings fate and time and only one will remain, what that means comes later and is for you to find out as you play.

I hope that answered all the questions if not please tell me.

Offline elfguy

I didn't see it in the link you posted but I could a Tiefling. She is part demon, and part human. She would be fairly strong and skilled with a dagger, using the shadows to her advantage like a rogue would. To sustain her strength she needs semen from men. However, unlike many monsters who dominate men, or force them in some way, the tiefling would be very playful, happy going, and look quite innocent, making the men believe that they are in control and have them want to have sex with her. So she would play a sub in most cases, even though she really could take control anytime she wanted to.

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

The links I provided are merely some examples and well used monster girls. I listed them there for most people to use, though I am also fine with people creating their own of they run it by me first, which you are doing. I will think it over, though so far that looks like a good addition and monster.

Offline Mystic Mika

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Hi, I was looking over those encyclopeadias and wondered what kind of monster girl you would like especially or that you would rather have as an npc. I was looking at Red Oni, were-wolf, elf, or mimic.

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Well for PC monster girls it should be something that can move easily. Doesn't kill a human or suck their soul to live, this is to stop heroes from dying by their own companion. Something intelligent enough to know to go on an adventure, whether willing or not. So elf, Were-wolf, and red oni are all fine monsters to pick. Also a side note, although most of the descriptions in the book relate to sex and things of that nature, as I said in the first post, that is only the little bit that humans know about. You can make them much deeper and not as focused and smarter if you want, after all humans have a very limited understanding of them, for the most part. Only a few of the major powers even care to learn about them and treat them as equals.

Offline Mystic Mika

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Great, that allows for great roleplaying and customization, now to decide between the wolf -girl, an elfl, or a sexy saki drinking ogre  ;D

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

That was my plan and can't wait to see your character and for more people to join in on the fun so we an start.