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April 20, 2018, 09:23:13 PM

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Author Topic: StarGate SG-1 rp. F looking for someone to play M character  (Read 324 times)

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Offline x3yugimutoux3Topic starter

hey, I'm x3yugimutoux3 and I'm a girl who was wondering if anyone would be interested in a StarGate SG-1 rp? lol my favorite character on the show is definitely Dr.Daniel Jackson, and I already have a plot in mind, but feel free to suggest your own! I'm not a grammar or spelling nazi but I do insist that my partner be literate, and on spelling----I don't necessarily have to have it perfect, but I DO need to understand what you're trying to say. (trust me, the ONLY reason I'm even mentioning it, is because it's become an issue as of late.)


spelling perfect as "prefect" is okay sometimes

spelling something wrong to the point where i don't even know what word it is? that's NOT okay

same with grammar. if i know what you're trying to say, then minor grammar mistakes will only make me roll my eyes a bit. but however if I DON'T KNOW what you're trying to convey, then I WILL confront you about it. I'll do it as politely as I can, but to roleplay, I need to know what you're character is doing or saying.

sorry if I seem a bit nagging about this, but I have had A LOT of roleplay partners who message me or respond to a request of mine, but have no idea what the words 'literate' 'literacy' or 'illiterate''s frustrating. I'm not trying to assume anyone's like that, I just want to make it clear lol

anyway, here's my idea for StarGate SG-1:

Title: Oh Danny-Boy!
Pairing: DanielXOC
Themes involved: conflicted feelings (i'll explain why in a minute), nerdiness, breach of SGC's fraternization regulations (possibly, since my character is military, but Daniel is a civilian who is sorta military...but not officially), and ageplay (if you're not cool with that, then we could discuss tweaking it. i'm just giving you my rough draft of plot ideas that the plot-bunnies gave me hehehe)

with that said, I will describe my character.

Name: Athena "Spartan" O'Neill
Rank: Major
Age: 19
Hair type/length/color: Curly, Long, Black
Eye color: a brilliant blue
Parents: Retired Brigadier General, Jack O'Neill, and honorably discharged Lieutenant Colonel, Samantha Carter (now married name as O'Neill)
Education Status: Graduated Air Force Academy at an early age (15), went through extra military training at West Point, and 6 months of prep training at the SGC training facility.
Personality: A bit rough around the edges, but overall pretty blunt. She is sometimes gung-ho and excitable, but knows when business-like, and professional. Spirited, but also has a passion for history (ancient history to be precise). She is also VERY clumsy when it comes to being outside her work environment. Cheerful most of the time, and loves to make people laugh. Military comes naturally, but she is fascinated by archaeology. She likes older men. Much older in fact, and wants maturity. But she's not the type to expect sex on the first date, or to just look at them as sex objects. She is attracted to silver foxes, yes...but she's looking for a relationship. So therefore, she wants something lasting, but she's picky. She wants a man who is intelligent, and sweet. He doesn't need to be macho, but needs to be kind-hearted. Also, glasses are a big turn-on for her.
Body Type: classic beauty. not a bean-pole, but just the right amount of curves. like Marilyn Monroe type hehehe.
Height: 5'4"
Skin type: very fair-skinned. (has to use a lot of sunscreen on off-world missions lol) burns easily.
Likes: meat-and-potatoes type meals, books (she ADORES reading), romantic comedies, and PBS documentaries enthrall her for some reason. VERY affectionate, but only after she knows it's alright to act that way. Is used-to being given orders, and told what to think, so when she meets Daniel, she addresses him as 'sir'. But as soon as he lets her know (CLEARLY...and has to tell her a few times to get it through her head) that he isn't a superior officer, and that she can just call him Daniel, she warms up quickly. Her favorite music is either classical, or big-band/swing.
Dislikes: peas, onions, licorice, and people with closed-minds, accompanied by open-mouths. she likes a few country songs, but isn't thrilled with the rest...but she avoids gangsta rap entirely, if she can help it.
Phobias/Fears: Spiders, clowns, and loud thunder.

Oh Danny-Boy!: Plot description.

Athena, a 19-year-old military prodigy is assigned to the SGC, and put in the previously short-manned SG-1 (new team other than Daniel and Teal'c). She is instructed by the General to go get acquainted with her new team, but to stop first at her commanding 'officer's door to his office. She is thrilled to see he's a history-loving archaeologist, and is smitten with him at-first-sight. Their friendship starts on the first day, when she comments on an ancient egyptian scroll he's translating. Over time, they're frienship deepens, and Daniel is a bit conflicted to tell her his feelings of attraction. Reason one: He's 47, and she's 19 (but twenty after time-skip of missions and stuff). He's unsure if she'd look at him romantically, and feels old. He knows he's attracted to her, and cares for her more than simple friendship. But since he's unsure, he asks Teal'c and when Teal'c informs him that she indeed views him romantically, he acts on it, and on a study-date over at his place (they've done research and study sessions over at each other's aparments before.), he kisses her timidly, but she responds well. They start dating, and now that problem #1 is eradicated, then another issue comes up. Jack. Daniel and Jack are friends, and that poses the possibility of things getting AWKWARD. Imagine, Athena exctatic that she is in love, and tells her parents. They are eager to meet the 'young man' that has claimed her heart, and surprise-surprise...Daniel walks in with her. Sam would be a bit shocked, but supportive of her daughter's decision, but JACK, on the other hand...wouldn't be so receptive to the idea of his daughter dating a guy who's 26-years older than her, and to top it off, it's Jack's friend and former teammate. Things get awkward real fast.

if you're interested, pm me please. thanks for your time!