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Author Topic: Haunted!(All EX, BDSM, Fear, and more!)  (Read 464 times)

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Offline PantheanTopic starter

Haunted!(All EX, BDSM, Fear, and more!)
« on: July 28, 2010, 12:44:04 PM »

-_- Haunted is going to be the last piece of Afterlife Group RP. Hell dealt with demons, and souls that went there became slaves to the demons. In Heaven, souls came and became masters of angels. Haunted is more neutral ground for domination. Yes ghosts may become the masters of mortals on Earth, but those mortals might also have supernatural means to make ghosts and spirits their slaves.

-_- In Haunted, each characters limits are respected, and all pairings and interactions are organized in an out of character page separate from the other threads. If you're up for jumping right in however, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is always available for open group scenes, as well as the libraries, which is an anything goes thread. The way it works is that a new user, or even an older user with a new character, will post in the OOC thread, the River of Styx, that they are in need of a pairing. You can either respond to another pairing request, or post to find a different one. Once you have a pairing, you can make in character posts in threads other than the Waverly Hills Sanatorium and the Libraries, and begin interacting with the character you partnered with in the OOC thread.

-_- Another huge aspect of Haunted is the Shining Hotel Rooms. If requested, each pairing can be given their own room thread. These are considered hotel rooms and are assigned as necessary. The hotel room threads create more private areas in which only the two users who opted for the thread, and anyone they invite can post in. If no one is available to create a hotel room thread, your pairing is free to roleplay as if in a hotel room, in the Shining Hotel.

-_- The easiest way to find which users and characters are opened for new pairings is to go to the libraries. The first four posts in the libraries are used as archives for all the information you will need for the rp. The first post is dedicated to rules, the second to location threads and concepts used in Afterlife group rp. The third thread is an archive of all active characters in the rp, and the fourth is a convenient list of the characters, the users they belong to, and what pairings they are a part of, in addition to which pairings are still opened for new partners.

-_- If you want to create a new character to enter the game, and join those who have already begun, follow the following character sheet. Feel free to post a picture if you want to, and feel free to post any extra information that you feel is necessary. Keep in mind that no-one is permitted to go outside of their partner's orientation and limits without permission from the user before hand. If you wish to change your character info. you can always do so, just as long as you pm me so that I can alter the information in the libraries archives.

note: I prefer that you do not add in any extra coding, such as bold, underline, strikethrough, italics, size or color codes to character sheets, it allows for an easier way to keep more systematic posts in the library archives.

Age: (18+)
Type: (Either some sort of ghost, or a mortal soul. The different haunts and spirits have no true ranking system... but sooner or later, different types will be defined as having different attributes or powers)
Orientation: (Put down what genders your character will be attracted to, e.g. male, female, hermaphrodite, cuntboy,etc.)
Limits: (If you wish, post that you want people to use your O/O's, some people may choose to explore beyond their O/O's here though)
Appearance: (feel free to be as explicitly long or vaguely short as you desire)

-_- If you need any additional information about the concepts of Haunted, refer to the second post in the library, if you learn best by example, refer to the third post. Please make sure you understand the rules, written in the first post of the libraries.

PS: This section's libraries is currently under construction

Below are a list of links to the different locational threads, the libraries, and the OOC thread:

The River of Styx OOC and pairing discussion thread

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Group and Public Stuff/Kinks)

The Shining Hotel (IC, Fear kinks)
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Offline PantheanTopic starter

Re: Haunted!(All EX, BDSM, Fear, and more!)
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2010, 12:48:31 PM »
Name: Brendon
Age: 19
Gender: M
Type: Haunt, undecided
Orientation: female, maybe herm
Limits: scat, double check O/O's
Appearance: about 5'10" tall, wears jeans, a black tee shirt, and black shoes. Short brown hair, eyes completely blackened, his skin appears grey and his blood appears black through his veins.
Bio: undetermined