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Author Topic: Sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares - 5 available plots, 1 new  (Read 986 times)

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1. (F/F): To be written well, but not taken too seriously. When the club that two strippers worked at closed down, they had to find new jobs with limited skill sets. They get paid to go to large private parties, where their job is to make sure the action goes towards naughty. Have a few drinks, kiss on the couch, get naked, have sex on the patio by the pool, and go home the next morning with cash and maybe hangovers. Looking for another female ex-stripper.
2. (M/F): The new Queen has no consort, and wants nothing to do with most of the men who are trying for her hand. A servant or other young man with little money and little name wants to impress her and possibly be selected, but he knows it will be hard, because while she isn't mean, she seems very refined and particular. Will include some light D/s. Looking for the future consort. Not taken, but a vaguely similar story with a different theme has been, and my muse for the original has left. I may re-open it later.
3. (M/F): A celebrated high school athlete and his cheerleader girlfriend have the relationship everyone else in school envies - until they find out she's pregnant, which means she might not be able to graduate, and he has to deal with being a father before he even starts college. They're both seniors, or a senior and junior. Looking for the athlete.
4. (F/F, possible M/F) Truth or Dare game with each of us playing multiple characters - at least two, and no more than three. We can play high school seniors or college students, and it can be all female or a mix. Looking for someone to play the other 2-3 characters. Taken.
5. NEW - (M/F) This one's a little bit ordinary, but it doesn't have to be boring. I'm looking for a player who has a somewhat mundane fantasy. Something occupation-related, such as pro athlete, fighter pilot, 5-star chef, guy who makes a fortune selling garage sale finds on eBay, paintball tester, blogger who makes $100,000 a year through Google ads... whatever you want. Your character gets to do exactly that, and my character is your wife, who may start out working at first but will be home after the birth of their first child. It starts with the summer after high school graduation, when they get married, and and follows them through for as long as we want to. I can take on temporary minor roles for portions of the RP that don't directly involve my primary character, too.


1. (M/F): Dune-based, with original characters, and the only fandom RP currently on my list. The soldiers in service to House Harkonnen are allowed to do almost anything they please, and among their activities is capturing young women from small towns and forcing them to be sex slaves on base. We don't have to play strictly by the book, so if you like the idea but don't know much about the setting, I can give you a five minute crash course on the basic points and that's enough. Looking for a raiding soldier.
2. (M/F): Original sci-fi. The Emperor's daughter is tired of waiting for him to die and tired of him circumventing her attempts to kill him, so she decides to train someone to be the assassin. This training includes loyalty and obedience to the future Empress. Looking for a male sub / future assassin. Taken.
3. (M/F) -  Modern. Sick and tired of how her boyfriend tries to control her and keep tabs on everything she does, she decides to break up with him. He doesn't accept this well at all, so he kidnaps her and keeps her as his own prisoner, out of sight and out of reach of anyone other than the few he chooses to help him get revenge on her. Bondage, NC, possibly extreme. Looking for the batshit ex-boyfriend.

Check out my O/O page for more information on what I like and what I don't. If you have something else you'd like to play that you think would interest me, please let me know.
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Re: Sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares - 4 available plots inside.
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2010, 10:57:52 PM »
Updated with new information. I'm also open to other ideas - please read my O/O's first.

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Re: Sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares - 5 available plots, 1 new
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2010, 03:00:17 AM »
Added a new plot idea.

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Re: Sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares - 4 available plots
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2010, 08:42:32 PM »
Added one and struck one out.

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Re: Sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares - 5 available plots, 1 new
« Reply #4 on: August 23, 2010, 09:23:20 PM »
A new plot has been added.