Question about System requirements!

Started by Wolfy, July 23, 2010, 09:44:27 PM

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These are the System requirements (Recommended) for FFXIV:

These are the minimum:

Now..this is the desktop I'm going to buy:

Now..I can tell that I'll easily meet the Minimum (I think)...what i want to know is, how close will I be to recommended? O-o...


You'll be fine.


You should be able to play it easily... although probably not on the highest settings, but close. Unless you spend silly money on a pc the chances are playing a game on the highest settings are going to be out of reach for most of us. I have just tried gta 4 on my pc and the game is a real resource hog, however it plays just fine on my pc which is nowhere near the specs of the machine you are looking at. Have fun! :)


Yay!...I was hoping I wouldn't have to spend extra money to play..:D


As long as I can play it, I don't mind if it's not on the highest settings..though I do you think this system will be able to play WoW on max settings? :P I hear it's a big Resource hog on max.


Any computer that costs $1300 better run WoW on max settings, or you're getting ripped off something awful.


Lol..True. o3o

Though, I wonder how big of an Upgrade Cata is going to be..hmm...

But yeah..I heard WoW On Max is a Resource Hog..especially with the new Shadow System in Wrath..*shrugs* o3o


I don't know about that..not played Anyway, good luck Wolfy, have lots of fun!